Rogue Rubber



Rubberized heels are all the rage.

Blame the inexplicable resurgence of blocky Birkenstocks and chunky Designer sandals that seem a dead ringer for your Mom’s Tevas: what was once categorized as the ultimate footwear faux pas is now the epitome of cool. Hipster alt-fashion has made a significant impact on high fashion, and the rad rubber worn by models at some of Fall 2014’s most fabulous shows are just a natural progression. The rubberized heels everyone you want to look like will be wearing next Season are a strangely appealing hybrid between the ‘ugly sandal’ trend and ‘cool kicks’ so popular amongst street style bloggers and the rappers they listen to.



Like the sneaker wedge pioneered by Isabel Marant pioneered and subsequently copied by virtually everyone, rubberized shoes are a sportier way to wear heels while still saying “I’m not trying as hard as you”. Thick, sneaker-like soles with a matt, neoprene shellac stomped down the Runways at Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenzo, DKNY, and Coach. Styles at Prada and Tommy Hilfiger paired accentuated rubber bases with chunky straps and dramatic details such as colorblocking and jewels.

Move over, sneaker wedge; there’s a new shoe sheriff in town.

And it’s made of rubber.

Here’s five fantastic shoes guaranteed inspire your need to rock that rubba. 

1. Rubberized Prada 

prada rubber

2. Dior Does Rubber 

dior rubber

3. Kenzo Neoprene Rubber Wedges

kenzo neoprene wedges $185

4. Nasty Gal Rubber Glam Rock

rise above platform $78

5. Preppy Rubber From Victor & Rolf

viktor & rolf $458

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