The 10 Coolest Quotes Of Christian Dior


J’adore Dior!

And you will two after reading these fabulous insights from the big bad Grandfather of bold & ultra feminine silhouettes. Dior’s first Collection, Correlle, translates into “Circle of Flower Petals”; which is exactly what Dior’s delicious gowns resembled. Ladies went wild for Dior’s stunning designs, which made the wearer resemble a breathing bloom and went down in history as the ‘New Look’.

Hilariously, the notoriously understated Coco Chanel was so horrified by Dior’s elaborate and admittedly constraining creations that she came out of retirement just to him down. A dreamy and delightful man who died young, and quite suddenly, Christian Dior often waxed poetic about life’s little pleasures, joy, and beauty.

Here are Christian Dior’s 10 best quotes.

1. Christian Dior On Perfume


2. Christian Dior on Secrets




3. Christian Dior On Dreams



4. Christian Dior On Elegance



5. Christian Dior On What Will Prevail



6. Christian Dior On Fundamentals



7. Christian Dior On Color



8. Christian Dior On The Divine



9. Christian Dior On Understanding




10. Christian Dior On The UnforgivableDior1

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