what is stylehaüs

stylehaüs is the first membership based upscale clothing boutique and style experience. stylehaüs combines a physical showroom stocked with the latest and one-of-a-kind fashions from all over the world with a full service styling team.

In a world where retail has become both predictable and impersonal, stylehaüs is breaking the mold by providing a select group of fashion conscious shoppers, and those who take pride in their presentation, a full-service partner designed to accommodate all of their styling needs. Unlike traditional retail models, stylehaüs allows members to purchase clothes a season ahead, from lines tested by stylehaüs staffers for fit and quality. This offering is accompanied by 24/7 fashion concierge support.  stylehaüs offers an exclusive showroom style boutique that combines bleeding-edge trends in fashion with a customized and private shopping experience, curated by the sharpest team of stylists and tastemakers in the business.

stylehaüs marks a new era in fashion where trends don’t set the style, but the customer’s style – guided by dedicated luxury experts – will set the trends.

stylehaüs was co-founded in 2011 by Marina Monroe and Lion Shirdan.