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stylehaüs is members only and not open to the public. Membership is $1000 per year and granted on a referral basis, or prospective members can fill out an application online. Applications are reviewed by the stylehaüs team each quarter, and only a limited number of memberships allocated each term.

The only way stylehaüs can consistently offer personal and exclusive products and services is to filter out those who willing and able to ensure fashion-forward as an integral part of their brand identity. Personal styling services are an expensive offering, with most stylists charging $200/hr up to $2500 a day, whereas stylehaüs offers you an on-call styling concierge service and partner. Our members are the tastemakers of the fashion scene and part of an elite group that require the utmost service, and view stylehaüs as their most valuable asset in looking their best. If you would like to give stylehaüs a test run, please click “try us out” on the header bar above to register for a day pass.

PLEASE NOTE: Should your application for membership be approved, you will be contacted directly by a member of stylehaüs who will take your payment information and give you your membership ID #, showroom address, and your personal stylehaüs concierge phone #. You will receive a welcome packet within two weeks of acceptance with your membership.