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Statement Leather: Lauren Stucky Fall 2014

Lauren Stucky, a hot young LA designer our clients adore, just dropped off the Lauren Stucky Fall/Winter 2014 Collection at stylehaüs! The carefully curated collection contains Stucky’s signature sexy leather statement pieces, sophisticated patterns, and ladylike structure. Check out the fabulous pieces, only at stylehaus! 


stuck4 stuck3 lauren2 laurenstucky1

Lounge In Luxury

Last month’s Spring 2015 fashion week is likely to set the styles we’ll be sporting by mid-Winter. I’m happy to announce that for once, labels are designing high-end garments with comfort in mind.


Runways were packed with long, lean looks that read like the marriage of loungewear and black tie. Stand out looks included Rag & Bone’s loose leather tunic and trousers and Calvin Klein’s spacious matching tank top/long skirt sets.

Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2015

Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2015

Marc Jacobs sent out models in massive floor length skirts topped by a navy zip up hoodie that made an interesting mix of accessible streetwear and creative couture creation.

DKNY Spring/Summer 2015

DKNY Spring/Summer 2015

DKNY and The Row sent out models in all white, two piece ensembles that looked casually modern and faintly futuristic.

The Row Spring/Summer 2015

The Row Spring/Summer 2015


Models at Stella McCartney strutted in deliciously delicate, ultra luxe pieces straight from your dream pajama party.

Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2015

Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2015

If you’re not on the runway, I’d suggest pairing loose bottoms with a matching (or simply complementary) fitted top. All white is my favorite color scheme for this look, but if you’re not down with wearing so much of such a stark hue, go for your favorite neutral.


Prabal Gurung, Nonoo, BCBG Maz Azria Spring/Summer 2015

If you do dare, head to toe white was one of Spring 2015 Fashion Week’s biggest hues and you’re likely to start spotting a crazy amount of starlets and street style bloggers rocking all white everything.

X Stylehaüs Supra Society X


Calling all shoe lovers! We’re drooling over these fresh and fabulous Fall Supras.

Our latest street-style inspired selection of stylehaus footwear includes fierce leather fringe, glam grunge (glunge) glitter high tops, gorgeous gold filigree.

Here’s the latest in stylehaus x supra and stylist created inspiration images to set your imagination aflame!

1. Side Zip Gold Kick Back Kicks

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 3.07.22 PM

gold supras

download (2)

2. Fierce Leather Fringe Frenzy 

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 3.07.11 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.03.44 PM


3. Glunge Girl 101

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 3.07.42 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.06.49 PM

download (1)

Our 5 Favorite Yves St. Laurent Quotes


The legendary French fashion house may now be known as simply St. Laurent, but founder Yves was a fount of elegant wisdom.

Here are our five favorites phrases.

1. Yves St Laurent On Confidence


2. Yves St Laurent On Importance


3. Yves St Laurent On Elegance0f7a81fcba7b1db659b8991bebd94aa6

4. Yves St. Laurent On Dressing6486a3ef98b01c4baae747f9d8d46e4d

5. Yves St. Laurent On The Power Of Makeup



Some buy Vogue for the pretty pictures: Our Favorite Campaigns of Fall 2014

A great edition of Time has to have minimal advertising– I mean who wants to have to flip through endless advertisements for Activia? On the contrary, a  great edition of Vogue (or Elle or Harper’s or whatever) contains the best, most ravishing advertisements one can find- the season’s latest fashion campaigns. These campaigns can be so chic, so sexy, so sophisticated that sometimes, we can’t help but skip through the articles and “only look at the pretty pictures.” Middle school style. 

Here are our favorite campaigns (reading distractions) of the season. 


Jeremy Scott takes aver Moschino with a bang– or more appropriately, a burp. The young designer debuts as the new Moschino Creative Director with a McDonald’s inspired collection. The runway collection has been described by some critics as “trashy” and “over the top.” Other critics, on the other hand, enjoyed the playful collection by the young designer and described the collection as “delicious.” 

Because of how the collection was shown on the runway and the critics’ sometimes harsh reviews, we expected Moschino to put out an ad campaign just as “over the top” and “delicious” but instead, what we got was an elegant ad campaign with some of New York’s most sophisticated. 


Celebrated photographer Steven Meisel captured models Karen Elson, Raquel Zimmerman, Saskia De Brauw and Caroline Murphy in what seems to be a formal, high brow get together. But if you look closely, you can see the cheese  on Saskia’s dress and the other playful, clever details inspired by the world’s most well-known fast food chain. 


And what’s more Elegant than Queen Linda? The “M” on the quilted shoulder bag does not stand for “McDonalds” when the Chameleon Queen carries it.

It can stand for money, madame, magnificent or maybe even Moschino. 


Calvin Klein

There’s not much to say about the Fall 2014 Clavin Klein ad campaign promotion the hashtag #mycalvins. There’s little to say but lots to feel. Little words, lots of lust. Little speaking, lots of moans. hbz-best-ads-ck-01-lg

Photographer Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott reminds us why we pinned photos like these on out bedroom walls in the 90’s. (Kate Moss and Marky Mark, anyone?). Model Lara Stone is modernized in this ad mostly by the (strategically placed) hashtag. 


hbz-best-ads-ck-03-lgLara is joined by Anerican model Matt Terry. 

Of course the Calvin Klein girl has a boyfriend. Or maybe they’re just friends. With lots of benefits we all wanna partake in. 



Party supergirl Cara Delevigne, turns her head away from the London party scene for just a little to enjoy all that the beautiful English countryside has to offer. 


article-2676382-1F4CA37700000578-508_640x784Cara sports traditional English designs like plaid and argyle– all in the details.
hbz-best-ads-MLBRY_AW14_CARA_KHAKI_DPS_300dpi-lgPhotographer Tim Walker captures Cara in traditional English staples like rainboots and plaid, all with the London cool nobody can take away from Cara. 


Honorable Mentions


hbz-lanvin-ads-lead-smPhotographer: Tim Walker

Models: Edie and Olympia Campbell


Alexander McQueen 

hbz-best-ads-mcqueen-lgPhotographer: Steven Klein

Model: Edie Campbell


Rag & Bone

hbz-rag-and-bone-winona-ryder-lgPhotographer: Glen Luchford

Model: Winona Ryder



hbz-best-ads-chanel-embed-lgPhotographer: Karl Lagerfeld

Model: Cara Delevigne (yes, her again. She books a lot.)


10 Best Karl Lagerfeld Quotes

Karl Lagerfeld is more than an icon, he’s a genius, and a hilarious savant at that. No one can really anticipate what Karl Lagerfeld will say next but we can wait with baited breathe for his next bout of stylish wit.

Here are my 10 favorite Karl Lagerfeld quotes! 

1. Karl Lagerfeld on Attitude

karl 2

2. Karl Lagerfeld on strange beauty 

karl 1

3. Karl Lagerfeld on survival

karl 9

4. Karl Lagerfeld on language

karl 3

5. Karl Lagerfeld on tacky

karl 7

6. Karl Lagerfeld on Elegance

karl 8

7. Karl Lagerfeld on soul

karl 10

8. Karl Lagerfeld on faking it

karl 6

9. Karl Lagerfeld on change

karl 4

10. Karl Lagerfeld on being down to earth

karl 5

Top 10 Alexander McQueen Quotes

mcqueen background

Alexander McQueen’s 10 cleverest, wittiest, and most inspiring quotes.

1. Alexander McQueen On Time


2. Alexander McQueen On Female Empowerment


3. Alexander McQueen On Doing The Right Thing


4. Alexander McQueen On Escapism


5. Alexander McQueen Front To Back


6. Alexander McQueen On Potatoes 


7. Alexander McQueen On Cardboard


8. Alexander McQueen On Rules


9. Alexander McQueen On Ugly Beauty


10. Alexander McQueen On Passion


Kalmanovich Gets Gangster For Spring/Summer 2014

Julia Kalmanovich

Julia Kalmanovich

I’m captivated by Kalmanovich, a modern Russian label defined by infusing romance with bold structure to an utterly unique and cutting edge effect. So captivated that at this very moment, I’m wearing a daring yet simple shirt from the Spring/Summer Collection: a rich cotton tee featuring a high, rounded neck that highlight my collar bones and emblazoned with a fabulously dark pistol pattern seen throughout the Spring collection. I feel like an incredibly chic member of the Russian mob and suddenly have the urge to chug vodka and quote Tolstoy. It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness… But I digress.

Julia Kalmanovich, a wide eyed ingenue of only 30, grew up surrounded by high romance and fanciful fashion. Julia’s mother designed costumes for a small yet highly respected Moscow theater and the young prodigy was entranced by Russian design and whimsical theatrics. Even now, as a successful International designer, Julia Kalmanovich cites Russian ballet, traditional theater, and her mother’s classical look as important artistic influences. Like many children of creative types, Julia initially didn’t want to enter a career in fashion. Instead Julia focused on cultivating her mind, eventually obtaining a Master’s degree in finance. Fortunately for me (and you), Julia realized that her true gifts did not lie in calculation or acquisition, but in the design of dreamy frocks. She immediately apprenticed herself to infamous costume designer Slava Zaitsev, known by style insiders as ‘the Patriarch of Russian fashion’. From Zaitsev, Julia learned the complexities of fantastical dressmaking and rubbed shoulders with Moscow’s fashion elite.

After absorbing Russia’s aesthetic tradition and Moscow’s cutting edge street style, Julia Kalmanovich had a vision of her very own: an eponymous ready-to-wear line that would combine elements of whimsical costumiere, gritty street style, and oligarch opulence.

Inspired by this new direction, Julia struck out on her own; first opening a couture studio and then launching her first collection at Ural Fashion Week in 2006 as part of a collective of young Russian designers. Lucky for Julia, the Moscow fashion scene was at that very moment blossoming into an internationally respected fashion capital. The young designer was perfectly poised for success and succeed she did. The 29-year-old designer debuted her first collection in 2009 at Russian Fashion Week to critical and commercial success. In the five years since Julia stormed Russia’s fashion world, Kalmanovich has released 5 successful collections and expanded to New York City.

I’m crazy excited to be carrying some of Kalmanovich’s latest at Stylehaüs! Right now we have these pieces in stock now:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You’ll love your Kalmanovich as much as I love mine:



We don’t know how it happens, but every season a handful of designers happen to magically think up the same ideas.  Realistically, we know that each design team’s “trend forecaster” analyzes what will be popular for the coming seasons, and helps designers push out those pieces on the runway- but we’re still amazed by it!  For Fall 2014, a bunch of trends emerged- neon accents, fur sleeves, faux croptops, gloves- but one of our favorites was bird embroidery, seen everywhere from Cavalli to Valentino.  The look is a little retro and a lot romantic, and we want in on it ASAP.



Alberta Ferretti Fall 2014


Giles Fall 2014

Alberta Ferretti’s bird embroidery accented a moody-toned wool dress while flying over a skirted scene of greenery.  The look at Giles was a pop-art take on the same concept, with birds of neon orange and teal blue popping against solid backgrounds.



Just Cavalli Fall 2014


Valentino Fall 2014

Just Cavalli made the trend more majestic with a jacket that featured two phoenixes as jacket lapels, while Valentino’s take had all the glamour and romance of Old Hollywood.  Can’t you just see that flocked frock on the red carpet?



Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014

Dolce & Gabbana’s creation not only featured birds, but cartoon flowers, branches, and bugs as well!



No need to wait for Fall 2014 to get in on this It Factor trend- the look is accessible right now!  Pixie Market is the place to go for affordable, trendy pieces:  their orange skirt is totally Giles (and only $34), while their crop top and black dress are a tad more wearable.   French Connection’s maxi dress recalls the romance of the runway for only $80, and Equipment’s embellished blouse ensures you’ll sparkle in the look.

Which one will you get?  We’re eyeing up the orange skirt, for sure.