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Crushing on Cara: Cara Delevingne


There’s no doubt that Cara Delevinge is at the top of her game and we have floor seats. With just under five million Instagram followers, this blonde hair green-eyed London socialite graces our presence on the runway and covers of every major fashion magazine. Gorgeous high fashion model by day, hipster grunge social butterfly by night, Cara hangs with the likes of big A-listers like Rihanna, Miley and Kate Moss. 2011 started off big with a feature in Burberry’s spring/summer 2011 campaign. Talk about setting the bar high.

the Formulavia the Formula
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The many faces of Cara have hit social media in one big swoop. I mean that tongue of hers. It’s almost as famous as Miley’s. Quirky eye rolls and devil horn hands are just a few of Cara’s go-to looks for last minute photog moments. Can’t blame her for having fun and staying goofy in a world full of high fashion. The girl is only 21 ya know!

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Not only has this 5’9″ beauty strutted the runway for Oscar de la Renta, Jason Wu, Dolce & Gabbana, and Fendi, but she’s also landed a few acting gigs, including a part in the not-yet-released thriller The Face of an Angel. Did you know she also sings and plays the drums? Yea…she’s a multi-talented female who we follow to see what’s next.

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We don’t know how it happens, but every season a handful of designers happen to magically think up the same ideas.  Realistically, we know that each design team’s “trend forecaster” analyzes what will be popular for the coming seasons, and helps designers push out those pieces on the runway- but we’re still amazed by it!  For Fall 2014, a bunch of trends emerged- neon accents, fur sleeves, faux croptops, gloves- but one of our favorites was bird embroidery, seen everywhere from Cavalli to Valentino.  The look is a little retro and a lot romantic, and we want in on it ASAP.



Alberta Ferretti Fall 2014


Giles Fall 2014

Alberta Ferretti’s bird embroidery accented a moody-toned wool dress while flying over a skirted scene of greenery.  The look at Giles was a pop-art take on the same concept, with birds of neon orange and teal blue popping against solid backgrounds.



Just Cavalli Fall 2014


Valentino Fall 2014

Just Cavalli made the trend more majestic with a jacket that featured two phoenixes as jacket lapels, while Valentino’s take had all the glamour and romance of Old Hollywood.  Can’t you just see that flocked frock on the red carpet?



Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014

Dolce & Gabbana’s creation not only featured birds, but cartoon flowers, branches, and bugs as well!



No need to wait for Fall 2014 to get in on this It Factor trend- the look is accessible right now!  Pixie Market is the place to go for affordable, trendy pieces:  their orange skirt is totally Giles (and only $34), while their crop top and black dress are a tad more wearable.   French Connection’s maxi dress recalls the romance of the runway for only $80, and Equipment’s embellished blouse ensures you’ll sparkle in the look.

Which one will you get?  We’re eyeing up the orange skirt, for sure.




There is literally nothing more classic than a white blouse.  A crisp white button down, a drape-y white silk top, a plain white tee- they go with anything and everything, and look great on anyone of any age.  No one has pushed the power of the white blouse more than ‘70s supermodel Lauren Hutton.








Known for her All-American charm and classic, preppy style, Lauren Hutton made a name for herself in the 70s and hasn’t stopped making headlines since.  She’s one of the world’s most revered style icons, and could give us all a lesson in “less is more.”  Her outfits typically included a white blouse, typically worn in a super-simple way: with a denim skirt, a blazer, or blue jeans.  Classic & chic!



Available at stylehaus!

Our newest white blouse reminds us of Lauren Hutton SO much!  The draped, v-neck fit is all Lauren, giving off a sexy-but-secretarial vibe.  The ¾ length sleeves, perfectly cuffed, absolutely make the shirt.  We’d wear this with everything:  a leather skirt, printed pants, cutoffs, you name it.

If you can’t get over the Lauren Hutton look, either, you can grab this blouse for $174 at stylehaus- just call 323-655-5900 to order!



Fashion Month is officially over.  After scoping the offerings from New York, London, Milan, and Paris designers, we see a few big bag trends on the horizon for Fall 2014.  The size of your bag (mostly smaller), the shape of your bag (structured) and even the way you hold your bag (forget about the strap!) is about to change!  Here are the biggest bag trends of Fall 2014:


Small trunk bags



Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014

Louis Vuitton’s Petit Malle, or small trunk, is perfection.  We love how Nicolas Ghesquiere updated the standby LV logo bags by resizing the most enduring icon of Louis Vuitton’s legacy: the steam trunck.  The result is super cute, ladylike, and modern, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one (in our dreams- can you image the waitlist?).  Dolce & Gabanna showed similarly shaped bags with their collection, including one case embellished with bugs and sparkly flowers.  We’ll take one of each, please.





Moschino Fall 2014


Chanel Fall 2014

Quirky, “ironic” bags were big this season, with Moschino and Chanel showing some of the best options.  Jeremy Scott’s inaugural collection for Moschino was polarizing to say the least (did you love it or hate it?), but we’re totally on board.  His “Happy Meal” bag is high on our Fall wishlist, and we can’t get over the “Soda” bag, either.  Karl Lagerfeld took things up a notch at Chanel with his “Chanel Shopping Center” concept.  A classic quilted Chanel 2.55 wrapped up like a slab of ground beef is particularly amusing, but we’re really feel the “Lait de Coco” milk purse- amazing!!





Alexander Wang Fall 2014

Alexader Wang was one of the first shows of Fashion Month, and he really set the bar high.  His utilitarian, multi-purpose purses were perhaps some of the best pieces in the collection, and we can see them being among the next crop of “It” bags.  Carabineers attached water bottles and utility carry-alls to one main shoulder strap- the perfect bag to carry through the Zombie Apocolypse.


Scrap the Strap



Celine, Gucci, and Chloe Fall 2014

Designers decided to scrap the straps on their bags this season!  Celine’s version fits nicely on your arm, but requires a firm grip on bottom.  Gucci’s models scooped up tophandle bags and wore them up to the elbow.  Chloe’s extra-large clutch was hoisted up under the models’ armpits, and looks big enough to fit everything you’d ever need.


What were your favorite bags of the season?



Valentino Spring 2014 Couture

If the designers at Valentino have anything to do with it, butterflies will be a huge trend for Spring and Fall.  Valentino’s runways were positively fluttering with butterfly wings for Spring 2014 Couture and Fall 2014!  However they involved the winged creatures- prints, 3D appliqués, or embroidered patches- the design duo behind Valentino made sure that there was no mistaking what would be the next big trend.  Here at stylehaus, our hears are aflutter for this look!



Valentino Fall 2014

While, of course, Valentino’s runway creations are a little too precious for real life, there is a way to incorporate the pretty little things into an outfit without coming off princess-y.  Our butterfly printed tank is just the thing!  In a classic palate of black and white, butterflies actually look pretty badass.





We love this tank worn with our white leather jacket, which is actually lined with butterfly-printed fabric!  If you want to try the trend, either of these pieces will satisfy your craving. Get them at stylehaus- 323-655-5900 to order.

Are you into this look?  How will you wear it?




Gloves, 1920s

These days, you rarely see someone sporting gloves for fashion’s sake.  To keep warm, sure; for Halloween, absolutely.  But wearing gloves simply to enhance an outfit?  Pretty much unheard of!



Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope

All that is about to change, though.  We credit Olivia Pope (and her costume designer, Lyn Paolo) for the major comeback moment that gloves are experiencing right now!  Paolo, admittedly “obsessed by” gloves, single-handedly brought the accessory back into style through the vehicle of Scandal’s Olivia Pope.  Designers are clearly watching: gloves popped up on an incredible number of runways this season!



Gloves through the years

Gloves, worn for necessity up until the 20th century, became a symbol of wealth & class through the 1920s and 1930s.  Sunburned hands showed that you belonged to the working class; thus, gloves became an inadvertent status symbol.  Many shapes & sizes were fashionable over the years:  short gloves were seen in many a 1920s silent film, and the 1930s saw a rise in leather kid gloves.  Long, slouchy gloves dominated the 40s; while long, slim gloves were the peak of chic in the 50s (think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s).  Jackie O wore gloves like no one else in the 1960s, and after that gloves slowly lost their steam.  A few appearances in the 80s- Madonna and Michael Jackson- petered out to almost nothing until Scandal came around.



AF Vandevorst, Acne, Chanel Fall 2014


Dior Fall 2014

Fashion designers are embracing the new trend wholeheartedly, as evidenced by the strong showing of gloves for Fashion Month Fall 2014.  AF Vandevorst showed a modern pair, Acne was edgy with leather-on-leather, and Chanel put a sporty spin on long pink gloves.  Dior’s gloves were a total throwback to 50s/60s elegance, with pairs up-to-the-elbow and beyond worn with vests and short-sleeve coats.



Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014


John Galliano Fall 2014


Lanvin Fall 2014

Dolce & Gabbana threw it back a little farther with their chainmail-inspired gloves!  Galliano’s version was long, scrunched, and layered; Lanvin’s was long and slim.



Rodarte Fall 2014

Rodarte showed gloved looks that were geek-chic, complete with berets, scarves, and horn-rimmed glasses.



Rochas Fall 2014


Rochas Fall 2014


Our FAVORITE glove looks, though, were from Rochas.  Brightly colored gloves were the focal point of almost every Rochas runway look, ranging from pale yellow to neon orange to bright teal.  Worn with oversize coats in various pastel shades and floral prints, the vibe was vintage with a modern twist.  Rochas even threw in a few fringed gloves, a little reminiscent of a glamorous Edward Scissorhands.

One one question remains: which gloves will Olivia Pope wear first?


Paris Fashion Week is well underway, and we’re excited about the collections we’ve seen so far.  Most runway shows have nailed that effortlessly sexy vibe that the French are known for, whether it’s through tailored separates, oversized knits, or skin-tight leather.  Some of our favorite looks have more to do with proportions than pieces, which actually makes them super-easy to recreate right now!  Here are our top 3 looks from Paris Fashion Week and how to get them RIGHT NOW:


1.  Dior



Dior’s show, which felt more Spring than Fall, was full of gorgeous colors, layered outerwear, and new proportions.  Our favorite look consisted of a long yellow vest worn over a plain white dress- so easy, yet totally fresh & exciting.  To get the look now, we’d wear this long white vest from Haute Hippie with a plain yellow tank dress from American Apparel.  Throw on some ankle-strap heels, like these from Forever 21, and you’re done!  Tres Dior.


2.  Jay Ahr



This was the first time we’ve paid attention to designer Jay Ahr, and we’ve got to say that we loved his show!  The look that really struck us was this black and white number- the striped skirt, white fur jacket, and chic little booties are such a fierce combo.  Luckily, we were able to find some amazing pieces to recreate this vibe.  A Rachel Zoe striped skirt pairs perfectly with an affordable faux-fur jacket, and any black ankle booties will do.  See?  Easy!


3.  Isabel Marant



Isabel Marant has made her name synonymous with “quintessential French style”, and her latest collection stayed true to that maxim.  The designer pairs overtly-sexy pieces with covered-up classics for a mix that’s understated and badass, and this look from Fall 2014 is our favorite.  Zara’s asymmetrically cut black leather skirt will help you nail the Paris vibe, and their oversized black sweater is a no-brainer.  We loved Isabel’s mesh “scarf” necklace, but this Allen Schwartz necklace is almost as cool.  Add some studded Steve Madden boots, and you’ve got a mix like Marant!


What’s your favorite look from Paris Fashion Week so far?




Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2014 presentation was our favorite of the season.  The designers merged fairytale influences with 13th-century sensibilities for a collection that transported us to a place where fantasy and reality meet.  The popularity of shows like Game of Thrones and Once Upon a Time were clear inspirations for the real-life-meets-fairytale vibe that Dolce & Gabbana captured with this collection.

Little Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood, and Maid Marian made romanticized appearances, alongside influences from real-life knights in armor.  Dolce & Gabbana, always celebrating women and the womanly form, turned knighthood on its head, though, and used traditional headgear of high-ranking 13th century men as a means to elevate the women of today.  Beaded and sequined headpieces and gloves recalling chainmail armor accented some of the most gorgeous dresses of the season!



Of the 70-something-look collection, many pieces stood out as future “It” looks.  The red fur hooded coats and capes were unbelievably cool, calling to mind a triumphant Red Riding Hood.  Cute fox appliqué detailing brought a sweet touch to an otherwise sexy statement!



The fairytale theme stayed strong through a string of key-printed pieces, where short swing dresses and long gowns alike were covered in ancient lock-and-key prints.  The print gave off an air of romance- the key to our hearts.



Colorful gowns featuring ribbon corseting and full sleeves made peasant dresses luxurious.  The cut was old-school, but sheer fabrics brought these looks into the modern world.



Hooded capes and gowns represented the womanly nobility of the 13-15th-centuries, where hooded hats were de rigueur.  Bright, printed silks and voluminous skirts paired with fur-trimmed hoods would be at home in a historical fiction piece- we can’t wait to see how the street style set of today wears these pieces!



Our favorite looks, however, were the ones that included chainmail-esque accessories- so  badass, a la Joan of Arc.  Repurposing a cornerstone of knighthood to be worn by a woman would have been such a scandal during the 14th/15thcentury; seeing a Dolce & Gabbana’s voluptuous women rocking the look today is empowering and exciting!

We loved that the romanticism of fairytale influences mingled with hardcore trappings of knighthood, making it clear that today’s woman is romantic & tough, sweet but dangerous (when she needs to be); a force to be reckoned with.  Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014 proves that women are running the show nowadays :)



In this week’s Marina Monday post, Marina shares her favorite new beauty looks of the season.

I’ve been loving a lot of the new collections coming out of Fashion Month- Alexander Wang and Matthew Williamson have been my favorites so far.  Aside from tons of clothing inspiration, fashion month is giving me a new outlook on beauty too!  Two shows in particular stood out to me: Giles and Gucci.



The Giles show was a fun mixture of 60s throwback and modern/moody.  While I loved the clothing parading down the runway, it was the eye makeup that really got me.  Dark black eyeshadow (my favorite) covered the lid, while bright blue eyeshadow lined the bottom rim.  This is such a fun take on my usual all-over-black eyeshadow routine, and I think I might have to try it.  The Giles blue is a little intense for me, so I’ll test the look with a dark navy on bottom.



Gucci also got in on the 60s theme, and the makeup matched the clothes.  The eyeliner shown was a new take on the classic cat-eye; upper lids and lower rims were lined with black eyeliner, but the lines never touched in the outer corners.  The result was fresh-faced and eye-catching!  Since I normally line both my upper and lower rims anyway, I might try to switch things up in the near future by imitating the Gucci girls.

What’s been your favorite beauty moment of Fall 2014?




If you ask us, Michael Kors’ Fall 2014 collection was nothing short of perfection.  The floaty skirts, the suede fringe, the elongated proportions, the wide leather belts- total, complete perfection.  We want to wear these looks right now & ‘til the end of time!  Classic with modern appeal, vintage-inspired with current-day tweaks, and daytime casual but sexy enough for afterhours were the recurring themes.  These 8 looks were the best of the best:



The opening look gave us a taste of all the beauty that was to come.  A long, sheer, printed skirt kept the “70s prairie girl” vibe from his Spring show alive, while a long knit sweater hinted at new proportions.  Mid-calf is bound to be the length of the season, as evidenced by MK’s long wool coat.  Mixing textures was a huge part of the collection as well, and Kors mastered the mix in Look 1:  a leather belt, suede fringe purse, and luxurious fur scarf.  Yes, please.



The texture play continued throughout the show, even expanding to include casual denim worn against super-soft fur.  We want to be wearing this outfit RIGHT NOW- it’s such a wonderful progression from what’s been popular to what’s about to be big.  The cropped, wide fit of the denim is sure to be the “it” fit for Fall- and those clogs?  Only Kors could make clogs cool.



Fringe didn’t come in just suede for this presentation; Kors presented fun fringed scarves as well.  This look nailed the cozy-cool vibe:  a low cut cardigan dress is simultaneously comfy and feminine.  Even though a giant scarf and knee-high boots made it so that hardly any skin is showing, this model is somehow the sexiest woman we’ve ever seen.  Get in our closets, now, cardi-dress!



Working with that idea of covered-up sex appeal, Kors presented the fringed skirt.  An updated twist on a 70s staple, Kors executed the cut in luxe suede, and paired it back to an oversized cable-knit sweater.  The ombre on this piece kills us.  So good.



Two words: FUR.  CAPE.  ‘Nuff said.



In addition to the wide, low-slung belts that opened the show, Kors showed some looks with thin, waist-cinching belts to balance out more masculine cuts.  This long blazer is something you could find in your boyfriend’s closet, but Kors made it romantic & pretty by tossing it over a sheer prairie skirt and cutting an hourglass figure with a waist-cinching belt.



After the long blazer came the long vest, the piece that’s going to be on every fashionista’s Fall wish list for sure.  While this could easily slip into manly territory, Kors styled the menswear vest with see-through lace, the most classicly feminine thing he could think of.  The turtleneck underneath makes the sexy lace more intriguing; who is this girl who’s not ashamed to wear a sheer skirt but is keeping everything else under wraps?  Come Fall 2014, it’ll be us!



While the majority of these looks are daytime numbers, Kors didn’t forget to give his girls something to go out in.  This tiered lace minidress is everything!  While it’s sheer on the runway, we’d wear it over a nude slip.   The floaty layers of the skirt contrasted prettily with the fringed bag; imagine all that movement on the dance floor!  Like we said, perfection.

What do you think?  Are we TOO obsessed with Michael Kors??