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All White Everything

white1It’s not what kind of white you wear that matters, it’s how you wear it.

That “no white after labor day” proverb has never been less relevant than it will be in Spring 2015, when all white ensembles will roam the street style catwalk like chic predators. I’ve heard various rules for wearing all white over the years, none of which are worth repeating.


The designers at Issey Miyake and Christian Dior certainly weren’t paying heed to proverbs when they send models out in all white ensembles that involved mixed textures, heavy layering, geometric cuts, and combining various shades of the seemingly stark hue for a staggering deep palate.


White is often thought of as a “light” shade, but Spring 2015 will bring all white outfits of super sturdy fabric and heavy construction.

Fellow fans of the all white trend include Phillip Lim, Thakoon, Derek Lam, Carolina Herrera, Ralph Rucci, Prabal Gurung, Victoria Beckham and BCBG Max Azria, who all showed head to toe white looks for the Spring/Summer 2015 Season in New York and Paris.


Free Spirits and Flower Children

Free Spirits and Flower Children: Runway Inspired Boho Chic


The term “boho chic” has developed over the years in Southern California and has turned into somewhat of an obsession. Boho chic does not consist of just one item of clothing. It is an embodiment from your head, to your toes, to your soul. You can easily obtain the regular boho look by putting flowers in your hair that you just picked up from the side walk, and wearing an oversized lace dress and sandals, but to achieve boho chic, we turn to the runway. 

1. Anna Sui

boho 1

The perfect way to work that flower crown. You don’t always have to wear flowers though on top of those perfectly messy waves. Basically anything that comes from the ground will work! Grass, wheat, leaves, etc. Get creative.

2. DSquared2 

boho 2

The madness of color that somehow all works together. an awesome leather jacket with crazy embellishment paired with that oversized dress you wanted to wear from the start is the best way to turn your boho look into boho chic.

3. Altuzarra

boho 3

The crazier the embellishments the better. Bells, sequins, coins, fringe, you name it, it can go on a dress.

4. Valentino

boho 4

5. Emilio Pucci

boho 5

It’s more than just “warm” in So Cal, it’s a scorcher! And you want to wear the least amount of clothing as possible. A lace bralette and tribal patterned skirt screams boho but by adding the essential jewels and intense eye liner, you’ve officially gone chic.


Paris Fashion Week is well underway, and we’re excited about the collections we’ve seen so far.  Most runway shows have nailed that effortlessly sexy vibe that the French are known for, whether it’s through tailored separates, oversized knits, or skin-tight leather.  Some of our favorite looks have more to do with proportions than pieces, which actually makes them super-easy to recreate right now!  Here are our top 3 looks from Paris Fashion Week and how to get them RIGHT NOW:


1.  Dior



Dior’s show, which felt more Spring than Fall, was full of gorgeous colors, layered outerwear, and new proportions.  Our favorite look consisted of a long yellow vest worn over a plain white dress- so easy, yet totally fresh & exciting.  To get the look now, we’d wear this long white vest from Haute Hippie with a plain yellow tank dress from American Apparel.  Throw on some ankle-strap heels, like these from Forever 21, and you’re done!  Tres Dior.


2.  Jay Ahr



This was the first time we’ve paid attention to designer Jay Ahr, and we’ve got to say that we loved his show!  The look that really struck us was this black and white number- the striped skirt, white fur jacket, and chic little booties are such a fierce combo.  Luckily, we were able to find some amazing pieces to recreate this vibe.  A Rachel Zoe striped skirt pairs perfectly with an affordable faux-fur jacket, and any black ankle booties will do.  See?  Easy!


3.  Isabel Marant



Isabel Marant has made her name synonymous with “quintessential French style”, and her latest collection stayed true to that maxim.  The designer pairs overtly-sexy pieces with covered-up classics for a mix that’s understated and badass, and this look from Fall 2014 is our favorite.  Zara’s asymmetrically cut black leather skirt will help you nail the Paris vibe, and their oversized black sweater is a no-brainer.  We loved Isabel’s mesh “scarf” necklace, but this Allen Schwartz necklace is almost as cool.  Add some studded Steve Madden boots, and you’ve got a mix like Marant!


What’s your favorite look from Paris Fashion Week so far?




Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2014 presentation was our favorite of the season.  The designers merged fairytale influences with 13th-century sensibilities for a collection that transported us to a place where fantasy and reality meet.  The popularity of shows like Game of Thrones and Once Upon a Time were clear inspirations for the real-life-meets-fairytale vibe that Dolce & Gabbana captured with this collection.

Little Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood, and Maid Marian made romanticized appearances, alongside influences from real-life knights in armor.  Dolce & Gabbana, always celebrating women and the womanly form, turned knighthood on its head, though, and used traditional headgear of high-ranking 13th century men as a means to elevate the women of today.  Beaded and sequined headpieces and gloves recalling chainmail armor accented some of the most gorgeous dresses of the season!



Of the 70-something-look collection, many pieces stood out as future “It” looks.  The red fur hooded coats and capes were unbelievably cool, calling to mind a triumphant Red Riding Hood.  Cute fox appliqué detailing brought a sweet touch to an otherwise sexy statement!



The fairytale theme stayed strong through a string of key-printed pieces, where short swing dresses and long gowns alike were covered in ancient lock-and-key prints.  The print gave off an air of romance- the key to our hearts.



Colorful gowns featuring ribbon corseting and full sleeves made peasant dresses luxurious.  The cut was old-school, but sheer fabrics brought these looks into the modern world.



Hooded capes and gowns represented the womanly nobility of the 13-15th-centuries, where hooded hats were de rigueur.  Bright, printed silks and voluminous skirts paired with fur-trimmed hoods would be at home in a historical fiction piece- we can’t wait to see how the street style set of today wears these pieces!



Our favorite looks, however, were the ones that included chainmail-esque accessories- so  badass, a la Joan of Arc.  Repurposing a cornerstone of knighthood to be worn by a woman would have been such a scandal during the 14th/15thcentury; seeing a Dolce & Gabbana’s voluptuous women rocking the look today is empowering and exciting!

We loved that the romanticism of fairytale influences mingled with hardcore trappings of knighthood, making it clear that today’s woman is romantic & tough, sweet but dangerous (when she needs to be); a force to be reckoned with.  Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014 proves that women are running the show nowadays :)



Yellow is poised to become one of Fall 2014’s most popular colors.  Virtually every designer is including at least one primrose piece in each collection, and the biggest street style stars are continually reaching for the sunny color to get them noticed!  There’s something special about the way that yellow is being shown this season, though, and it’s clear that many designers have turned to one unexpected style icon for inspiration: Charlie Brown.



Alexander Wang Fall 2014

Yup, it’s true.  Our first indication that CB had hit the big time was at Alexander Wang’s Brooklyn debut.  He sent a yellow and gray zig-zag print shirt dress down the runway that felt oddly familiar.  Even though the rest of the collection was gorgeous- laser cut leathers, pops of neon, crazy bags- we couldn’t get this dress out of our heads!


Bottega Veneta Fall 2014


Bottega Veneta Fall 2014

Clearly, other designers felt the same way.  We next saw the look at Bottega Veneta, where a gray turtleneck was paired with a yellow skirt featuring a subtle zigzag pattern at the waist.  Total Charlie Brown!  The next Bottega look featured panels of black, white, and yellow in Charlie’s signature zig.



Prada Fall 2014

Prada got in on the action, too, with a very Charlie Brown-esque sweatervest.  Chevron stripes in sunshine yellow sang against a dark black background.  We love how Miuccia styled the look of course, but we’d wear this piece with a pair of edgy leather bermunda shorts.




Max Mara Fall 2014


Emilio Pucci Fall 2014

Max Mara didn’t go all-out Charlie Brown, but a few looks were very reminiscent of the Peanuts character.  A silk yellow button down topped with a gray blazer/vest called to mind our cartoon friend.  Emilio Pucci, not leaning on CB’s signature colors, emulated his zigzag stripes on a sexy LBD.



Fay Fall 2014


Fay Fall 2014

Charlie Brown wasn’t the only Peanuts character to inspired the runway, though- Woodstock made a few appearances as well!  Snoopy’s cute little friend popped up all over the Fay collection.  A gray sweater dotted with yellow Woodstocks and tucked into a yellow skirt was total perfection.

What do you think of this unexpected style icon?  We’re in love!



If you ask us, Michael Kors’ Fall 2014 collection was nothing short of perfection.  The floaty skirts, the suede fringe, the elongated proportions, the wide leather belts- total, complete perfection.  We want to wear these looks right now & ‘til the end of time!  Classic with modern appeal, vintage-inspired with current-day tweaks, and daytime casual but sexy enough for afterhours were the recurring themes.  These 8 looks were the best of the best:



The opening look gave us a taste of all the beauty that was to come.  A long, sheer, printed skirt kept the “70s prairie girl” vibe from his Spring show alive, while a long knit sweater hinted at new proportions.  Mid-calf is bound to be the length of the season, as evidenced by MK’s long wool coat.  Mixing textures was a huge part of the collection as well, and Kors mastered the mix in Look 1:  a leather belt, suede fringe purse, and luxurious fur scarf.  Yes, please.



The texture play continued throughout the show, even expanding to include casual denim worn against super-soft fur.  We want to be wearing this outfit RIGHT NOW- it’s such a wonderful progression from what’s been popular to what’s about to be big.  The cropped, wide fit of the denim is sure to be the “it” fit for Fall- and those clogs?  Only Kors could make clogs cool.



Fringe didn’t come in just suede for this presentation; Kors presented fun fringed scarves as well.  This look nailed the cozy-cool vibe:  a low cut cardigan dress is simultaneously comfy and feminine.  Even though a giant scarf and knee-high boots made it so that hardly any skin is showing, this model is somehow the sexiest woman we’ve ever seen.  Get in our closets, now, cardi-dress!



Working with that idea of covered-up sex appeal, Kors presented the fringed skirt.  An updated twist on a 70s staple, Kors executed the cut in luxe suede, and paired it back to an oversized cable-knit sweater.  The ombre on this piece kills us.  So good.



Two words: FUR.  CAPE.  ‘Nuff said.



In addition to the wide, low-slung belts that opened the show, Kors showed some looks with thin, waist-cinching belts to balance out more masculine cuts.  This long blazer is something you could find in your boyfriend’s closet, but Kors made it romantic & pretty by tossing it over a sheer prairie skirt and cutting an hourglass figure with a waist-cinching belt.



After the long blazer came the long vest, the piece that’s going to be on every fashionista’s Fall wish list for sure.  While this could easily slip into manly territory, Kors styled the menswear vest with see-through lace, the most classicly feminine thing he could think of.  The turtleneck underneath makes the sexy lace more intriguing; who is this girl who’s not ashamed to wear a sheer skirt but is keeping everything else under wraps?  Come Fall 2014, it’ll be us!



While the majority of these looks are daytime numbers, Kors didn’t forget to give his girls something to go out in.  This tiered lace minidress is everything!  While it’s sheer on the runway, we’d wear it over a nude slip.   The floaty layers of the skirt contrasted prettily with the fringed bag; imagine all that movement on the dance floor!  Like we said, perfection.

What do you think?  Are we TOO obsessed with Michael Kors??




We think it’s safe to say that everyone though Alexander Wang’s latest runway show was amazing.  Most of the collection verged on utilitarian, eschewing “prettiness” for practicality- like those water-bottle-and-carabiner-accessorized purses and the long vests featuring giant pockets where curves should be.  The collection aimed to inspire fashion’s tough, edgy girls with its hard lines and (seemingly) scratchy wool fabrics, but Wang couldn’t resist giving his fans at least a few pretty pieces. The brightly colored laser-cut leathers that closed Alexader Wang Fall 2014 were nothing short of gorgeous!




Bright colors- blue, purple, yellow- glowed against classic black leather, laser-cut into peek-a-boo paisley patterns.  The concept showed up on coats, boots, and skirts- but our favorite interpretation was the laser-cut leather shorts suits.  Um, yes please!




at stylehaus!

Lucky for us, we don’t have to wait for Wang to hit retail stores to cop the cool look.  A laser-cut leather shorts suit JUST arrived at stylehaus!  Cut in bright yellow, one of the big colors for both Spring and Fall 2014, this set is on-trend in a big way.  We’re dying to wear these two together, but how badass would the bomber jacket look with cropped skinny jeans and statement heels??

If you want to get the Alexander Wang look ahead of time, just call to order!  The shorts ($480) and jacket ($980) are both available in limited quantities at stylehaus.



There’s one particular trend emerging at New York Fashion Week that we’re overly excited about: fur sleeves.  We’ve been there, done that with fur coats, fur scarves, even fur gloves- but fur sleeves?  The concept feels fresh & familiar all at once.   So many runways showcased wool jackets & sweaters with texture-blocking in the form of fur!



DKNY showed a wearable version perfect for NYC winter weather.  A water-resistant black parka got a luxe update from a fur-trimmed hood and fur sleeves from the elbow down.  Worn over a classic black suit, the look was the perfect evolution of classic New York standbys.



Not only did Jason Wu texture-block, he colorblocked as well!  Wu’s fur-sleeved coat featured shiny blue material (so big for Fall) contrasted with black fur panels at the arms.  This coat would be right at home in a high-end ski resort, right?



We LOVED the exaggerated fur sleeves at Milly!  The Milly show featured a black-and-white zip up jacket with a fur skirt AND fur sleeves.  The long fur extended past the fingertips, giving off a wild-woman vibe.  This might be our favorite of the bunch.



Sally LaPointe’s fur-sleeved turtleneck sweater felt like so on-trend; a natural progression of the oversize-turtleneck-sweater trend that’s been so big lately.  In fact, we’re pretty sure the Man Repeller Leandra Medine scooped up this sweater right off the runway- she was spotted in something eerily similar the next day!



Sally LaPointe?

What do you think of the fur sleeves trend?  Yay or nay?



Our favorite show of the season (so far) was, surprisingly, Tibi.  We say “surprisingly” because the contemporary label has never really been a fashion heavy hitter- but this past collection was a whole different story.  Tibi’s Fall 2014 collection was high-fashion but wearable, NYC-friendly but also appropriate in the countryside.  The colors, layering, and accessories were all spot-on; we really can’t get enough.



The best part about the collection?  It’s wearable right now.   With some styling tricks and current-season pieces, we managed to recreate the fresh-off-the-runway looks right here at stylehaus!




The big color of the show was powder blue, which is everywhere nowadays.  We recently received the most amazing baby-blue skinny jeans at stylehaus ($375) and knew they’d be perfect for nailing the Tibi look.  Since this collection was all about oversized layers, stylist Janelle topped the jeans with a black high-low dress ($205) and her own long gray vest.  A black hat was a must (the one pictured here is from Forever 21- go get it!).  We LOVE the fun layers here!





Unexpected layers were a huge part of the Tibi show, with skirts worn over slim pants being the best example of this.  It was easy to get the look with stylehaus pieces!  The same blue jeans worked well with a black leather skirt ($365).  Since wearing a skirt over pants is a lot of look, we kept the top portion simple with a classic gray knit ($64).  And, of course, a black hat a la Tibi.




Another way Tibi played with proportion was through classic silhouettes, like short shorts paired with an oversized sweater.  Although shorts don’t really scream “Fall”, Tibi made it work by styling short hemlines with knee-high boots.  Stylist Janelle paired our stylehaus leather shorts ($695) with a sheer black hoodie ($189), and accessorized with her own boots.  This look is simultaneously high-fashion and low-maintenance- the perfect combo for laid-back Angelenos.


If you’re loving the Tibi collection as much as we are, come grab the look at stylehaus!  All piece pictured (except Janelle’s vest & boots) are available for purchase at stylehaus.  Come in or call 323-655-5900 to order!



In today’s Marina Monday post, Marina shows us why hunter green is the color to watch for the new season:


I love hunter green, and for Pre Fall 2014 designers did, too.  The color is being hailed as “the new oxblood” (Lucky Magazine); I couldn’t agree more!  Hunter green is a new neutral that’s easily mixed and matched, like navy, dove grey, and oxblood.



My hunter green Celine!

My beloved Celine bag is paneled with hunter green, and it’s hard for me to come up with an outfit that it doesn’t go with.  I’m excited that the shade seems to be the “It” color for fall (or at least pre-fall); here are my favorite hunter looks from the Pre Fall 2014 lookbooks.





I love that Dior kept hunter touches to a minimum and used the color as an accent against more basic tones.  Hunter green works surprisingly well with oxblood and blue!  I’m dying to try this combo.  The turtleneck/necklaces at Dior were genius, and I’m craving the hunter green version.  Paired with jewels and a black dress, the look is spot-on.


Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton used hunter green heavily in their Pre Fall 2014 collection.  The pieces, designed by the in-house team (who’s excited for Nicholas Ghesquiere’s debut for Fall?!), are luxurious but functional.  Wide-leg leather pants and a no-nonsense cape in the hot hue are on my must-have list for Fall!





Burberry presented a really wearable collection of gorgeous separates, many of which were shown in my new fave color.  I NEED these metallic hunter pants in my life- how chic would they be with a leather shift top??  I’m also digging the hunter green fur that Burberry paired with ballgowns and skinny trousers alike.  You know I love a fuzzy fur coat; maybe a green version will be my next purchase!

What do you think?  Is hunter green the new oxblood?