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There is literally nothing more classic than a white blouse.  A crisp white button down, a drape-y white silk top, a plain white tee- they go with anything and everything, and look great on anyone of any age.  No one has pushed the power of the white blouse more than ‘70s supermodel Lauren Hutton.








Known for her All-American charm and classic, preppy style, Lauren Hutton made a name for herself in the 70s and hasn’t stopped making headlines since.  She’s one of the world’s most revered style icons, and could give us all a lesson in “less is more.”  Her outfits typically included a white blouse, typically worn in a super-simple way: with a denim skirt, a blazer, or blue jeans.  Classic & chic!



Available at stylehaus!

Our newest white blouse reminds us of Lauren Hutton SO much!  The draped, v-neck fit is all Lauren, giving off a sexy-but-secretarial vibe.  The ¾ length sleeves, perfectly cuffed, absolutely make the shirt.  We’d wear this with everything:  a leather skirt, printed pants, cutoffs, you name it.

If you can’t get over the Lauren Hutton look, either, you can grab this blouse for $174 at stylehaus- just call 323-655-5900 to order!


Throwback Thursday: Bruce Springsteen


Best album cover ever


Bruce and Jimmy in Bruce’s classic 70s style

Bruce Springsteen’s recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon (watch it here) got us thinking about his classic style.  He was featured singing a parody of “Born To Run,” released in 1975, and got dressed up in his old-school duds for the occasion (as did Jimmy Fallon):  denim vest to show off his ridiculously toned arms, tight jeans, red bandana, aviators.



The Boss’ best style moments

While we can’t endorse that full mix for 2014, there are so many elements of The Boss’ style that are still inspiring us!  He wore denim like no other, cuffed the sleeves of his button-downs like a pro, and loved a good leather jacket.  He favored simple mixes with a fun twist, like a plain tee with jeans and a bandana or wide-leg pants with a screened tee and a beanie.  All of these outfit ideas feel right at home in 2014.





Even almost 40 years after “Born To Run” came out (wow), Bruce’s style is super relevant.  Jeans and tee never gets old!  To get his look at stylehaus we mixed vintage Levi’s cutoffs with a studded Prada belt ($588) and added a classic white tank ($64).   Stylist Jessica’s American Flag jeans are a nod to the “Born in the USA” singer; adding a blue leather jacket was a no-brainer Bruce move.  The quickest way to get the Springsteen style is to grab your tightest jeans, tuck in a crisp white button down, and roll the sleeves just so.

Once you’re dressed a la Bruce, watch this live version of “Born To Run” and try not to fall in love.


So cool

Throwback Thursday: Marisa Berenson


Today we’re gonna throw it back about 50 years, to the turn of the decade of the 1970s.  Marisa Berenson, a model who rose to fame in the early 60s, had just been hailed as “the girl of the 70s” by Yves Saint Laurent himself.  With fashion literally in her blood (her grandmother was Coco Chanel rival Elsa Schiaparelli- the one responsible for “shocking pink”), Marisa’s olive skin, dark hair, and attention-grabbing personal style propelled her to the top of the fashion industry.


photo 1 (1)

After making it as a model in the 60s, Marisa turned her attention towards the silver screen in the 70s.  A few starring roles helped cement her status as a celebrity and fashion icon.  Andy Warhol even immortalized her in one of his famous silkscreen pop-art paintings!



photo 2

We love Marisa because she seamlessly mixed her favorite trends of the 1960s with the emerging styles of the 70s.  Bright colors, crazy prints, giant earrings, head pieces, and plunging necklines were her calling cards, and she wore a jumpsuit like nobody else.


Marisa Berenson left, Marc Jacobs SS14 right

Marisa Berenson left, Marc Jacobs SS14 right

Recently the runways have paid tribute to Marisa Berenson, most notably at Marc Jacobs’ SS14 presentation.  The wild makeup, big disco hair, and oversize flowers that the models sported were 100% Marisa!

Since the 70s are back in such a big way, of course stylehaus is in on the action!  You can grab Marisa’s iconic look here with a few of our 70s-inspired pieces.



We know she’d love this vintage-inspired floral and crochet dress- she’d probably wear it with an updo and some statement earrings.

Always a fan of jumpsuits, these printed onesies would be right up her alley!  For a more subtle nod to Marisa, grab this earthy, long-sleeved jumpsuit and accessorize with a studded belt.  If you’re ready to go all-out Marisa, this black and white jumpsuit might be for you!  It’s swirl print is totally 60s, but the long pearl tassel necklace ties in some 70s trends.



You can always add the MB look to your outfits in small doses though: this statement necklace, these colorful bangles, and this leather fringed bag will give you just enough 70s sex appeal! All pieces available at stylehaus.

Who would you like to see us throw it back to next Thursday?  Let us know in the comments!