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5 Trends from NYC Fashion Week: Fall 2015

NYC Fashion Week just kicked off, but it’s never too early to start trend forecasting!

I scanned looks from the hottest designers to debut (thus far) and found five amazing pieces everyone will be wearing come Fall 2015.

Don’t wait for the herd to catch on; jump on these trends now!

1. Tome: Vinyl


Plastic is about to be everything. Models sporting shiny, vinyl miniskirts dazzled onlookers at Tome’s Fall 2015 Fashion Show. Once reserved for cheap flooring and records (RIP), vinyl looks sleek and futuristic paired with leather or lightweight knitwear.

2. Alexander Wang: Silver Buttons


Delicate, glittering silver accents made a striking contrast to Alexander Wang’s black-on-black Fall 2015 Collection. Silver is already making a massive comeback in jewelry, but the rows of silver buttons Wang added to tough biker chic jackets made is clear that silver is the new it embellishment.

3. Rag & Bone: Lacy Camisoles


In the early 2000s, I had an entire drawer of lacy camisole tops that I paired with everything and anything. Rag & Bone brought that middle school staple back to life at Fall 2015 fashion week. Worn over lengthy, gauzy t-shirts and paired with pencil skirts, the silky lace camisoles felt simultaneously fresh and classic. If you’re not ready for the cami version, Rag & Bone also showed a delightful slip dress with similar lace accents.

4. Rodarte: Asymmetrical Leather Minis


Leather + Asymmetry = Razor Sharp Edge. The dynamic duo at Rodarte dazzled the fashion world yet again at New York Fashion Week: 2015. Inspired by avian migration, or  “leaving the city to a more pastoral place,” as Laura Mulleavy put it, the collection conveyed whimsy and strength. Party girls and fashionistas across the globe will delight in the feisty sex appeal of an asymmetrical leather miniskirt.

5. Thom Browne: Netted Veils

thomThom Browne’s mafia-inspired Fall 2015 Collection was a magnificently melancholy triumph for the young designer. Each outfit demonstrated the power of mixing textures while remaining true to the show’s story arc. I was smitten with the ebony netted veils that subtly shielded the models faces. Bold? Yes. But trend setting means taking risks, and veils add nostalgic romance to any outfit.

Prep That Polo

 Pop lock and rock it!


Designers found a fresh and fabulous way to play with the sporty theme trending for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.

Tory Burch, Polo Ralph Lauren, Alexander Wang melded prep with street for a super wearable, fashion forward polo you can wear anywhere, anytime. The biggest do when doing a polo? Bright colors! Striking neon and saturated jewel tones distinguish the polo you want to wear from the polo you wouldn’t be caught dead in.


Models at Tory Burch Spring 2015 wore mustard colored knit polos seared with white stripes, a clear reference to the 70’s chic that everybody’s raving about. Polo Ralph Lauren made my mouth water with bright orange sorbet colored polo shirts topping long, flowy skirts for a striking tangerine silhouette. Alexander Wang popped green polo collars over semi-sheer white knit shirts for a punch of high impact.

Ines de la Fressange

Ines de la Fressange

The best part of next Season’s polo shirt trend? You can- and should- wear it now! Crisp October weather is the ideal time for breaking out that semi-preppy polo shirt.

Givenchy Orchid-Print Piqué Polo Shirt

Givenchy Orchid-Print Piqué Polo Shirt

Plus, polo shirts are crazy versatile. You can pair it with most any pant, tucking it it or let it all hang out. Polo pieces are generally quite light, and therefore ideal for layering under outerwear.

Missoni Rib Polo shirt

Missoni Rib Polo shirt


I’m especially partial to pairing a loose polo with relaxed trousers for a casual yet work appropriate ensemble! A low heel and delicate jewelry will polish of the entire look.

Boss Bomber Jackets

Be gone basic bomber!

Marni, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and  Tracy Reese via Stylecaster

Marni, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Tracy Reese via Stylecaster

1970’s boho may be storming the runways, but one key piece for Fall 2014 comes straight out of the 80’s. I chose to write about bomber jackets this week for three reasons. 

3 Reasons To Wear A Bomber Jacket In Fall 2014

1. Bomber jackets are ridiculously comfortable.

Fearne Cotton, Ciara, & Cara Delevinge via Glamour.

Fearne Cotton, Ciara, & Cara Delevinge via Glamour

Now that Summer is finished, we can finally put away our exposed midriff and devote ourselves to pre-Thanksgiving stomach stretches. During Spring/Summer, I stretch my stomach inwards. But during Fall/Winter, sweet forgiving Fall/Winter, I vigorously challenge my stomach outwards and onwards, working through Eater’s Restaurant Lists with rabid enthusiasm. Bomber jackets are fabulous for disguising a post-eating frenzy bulge.

 2. Bomber jackets look cool in a super chill, I woke up like this way.

Rita Ora, Kristen Stewart, & Nicole Scherzinger via Glamour.

Rita Ora, Kristen Stewart, & Nicole Scherzinger via Glamour.

Effortless style is the epitome of chic. I never want anyone to look at me and think “she’s trying really hard,” even when “trying hard” is an understatement. Bomber jackets make me feel like an off duty model during New York Fashion Week, who are incidentally the biggest fans of bomber jackets. Models know what’s up with the bomber. 

3. Bomber jackets are a fabulous foil for transitional weather.


Chloe Grace Moretz, Georgia May Jagger, & Rihanna via Glamour.

What is transitional weather? The weather you are currently residing in, no matter your longitude and latitude. Light laying is key at this time, and the bombers of 2014 are light enough to layer and roomy enough to accommodate more layers. 


Molly Ringwald sulking stylishly in The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club may have bonded over youthful disillusionment, but they just as easily could have found common ground in the casual yet versatile bomber jacket, which was worn by virtually every mover and shaker to grace the neon screen between 1981-1989.

Zara, Gap, & By Malene Birger

Zara, Gap, & By Malene Birger

Bomber jackets are enjoying a rad renaissance thanks to the plethora of textures, patterns, shapes, and textures being used by designers high and low alike. One near-universal trait of Fall 2014’s bomber is light luxury. These jackets exude easy athleticism, and wear far less heavily than their Pretty In Pink era ancestors. 

Topshop, Monki, & Sandro

Topshop, Monki, & Sandro

Bomber jackets appeared everywhere during Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion week, on runways as different as Dior and Public School. Raf Simons’ cheekily blended retro-redux and dashes of norm-core with delightful curvilinear bomber-jackets in petite jacquard floral, emphasizing that bright bombers suit both men and women.

Public School Spring/Summer 2015 via Annex Magazine

Public School Spring/Summer 2015 via Annex Magazine

At Recent CDFA winner/hipster darling label Public School’s Spring/Summer 2015 Show, printed bomber jackets practically strolled off the runway and into fashionista arms. Not bad for Public School’d very first Women’s Collection. Alexander Wang paired bright, sporty bomber jackets with dress pants in a masterful stroke of mix and match.

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015 via Getty.

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015 via Getty.

Retail analytics company EDITD, which analyzes the biggest Fashion Week Trends based on mentions, dubbed bomber jackets the third biggest trend of Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion week, with 404 mentions. 

Bomber jackets might have an even bigger celebrity following than yoga. Fans include Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger, Rihanna, Chloe Grace Moretz, Ciara, Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Lena Dunham, Fearne Cotton, and Kristen Stewart. 

Bombs awayyyy. 

Rave On For Spring 2015

via Refinery29

via Refinery29

We knew something was up with major blogger Bryan Boy attended Alexander Wang’s ultra hyped Spring 2015 show in EDM inspired attire: a neon-printed tee, stacked kandi bracelets, and a teddy bear pacifier.


Bryanboy vs. ravers. Photos: Imaxtree, Getty Images, via Refinery29 #rave #trend


But that was just the start of this rollicking rave party! Cool kid label MBMJ sent out a collection inspired by ‘80’s ravers, with models strutting to flashing club lights and classic house tracks.

via MTV

via MTV

Jeremy Scott teamed up with Miley Cyrus to create an over-the top spectacle, replete with mixed media decor and artwork made up of what might be found on the floor of any Skrillex show.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 via Marc By Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 via Marc By Marc Jacobs


The Cyrus-designed accessories that Jeremy Scott’s models walked in were strikingly similar to ‘Kandi’, the colorful beaded bracelets that ravers trade with each other at shows as a gesture of friendship.

Sophie Webster Spring 2015, Photo: Imaxtree #rave #trend

Sophie Webster Spring 2015, Photo: Imaxtree #rave #trend

So leave your minimalism in Summer and go forth, go neon, and go hard!


Cathy Horyn’s 5 Fiercest Fashion Feuds


I’m paying homage to the baddest bitch in fashion you don’t know enough about: Cathy Horyn. The New York Time’s brash and brilliant head of fashion journalism struck awe- and not a small amount of rage- of diva designers for 15 years. Cathy stepped down from her post as NYT fashion critic in January, to focus on taking care of her dying partner and writing that long anticipated novel. 


Utterly fearless and brutally insightful, Cathy Horyn’s biting critique and accurate analysis of every major player in the fashion industry earned her a large and loyal readership. Not to mention the grudging respect- and sometimes even surprising friendship- of the powerful designers she judged fearlessly.

Unlike the legions of bloggers and commenters who dare not insult the powers that be (because they have nothing to lose) or occasional gentle rebuke in major publications (who dare not alienate potential advertisers/coveted invitations/rungs on the social-climbing ladder), criticism from Cathy Horyn strikes a nerve.

Or vein.

Or occasionally a spurting jugular. 

If you don’t have time to peruse the 1,123 articles Cathy Horyn penned during her time at The New York Times (and really who does), here’s a breakdown of the biggest scandals and fiercest feuds of Cathy Horyn’s marvelous career.

1. Oscar de la Renta


When Cathy Horyn won the CFDA award for fashion journalism back in 2002, Women’s Wear Daily celebrated the event with an article, “Does The New York Times Hate Fashion?” complete with a quote from Oscar de la Renta who argued that: “Cathy Horyn is not one who loves fashion or enhances fashion in any manner. There are personal commentaries and digs, not only about the designers, but about people who attend the shows, which I consider unnecessary and unprofessional in reviewing a collection… I’ll say it. I’m not a coward.”

The battle reached a boil in September of 2012, when Cathy wrote a scathing review of Oscar’s latest collection, dubbing him the “hot dog” of American fashion. Oscar’s rebuttal was swift and public. A few days later, Horyn opened her WWD to see a full-page ad from De la Renta calling her a “stale 3-day old hamburger.”

In a Harper’s Bazaar Essay published just this month, Cathy Horyn made a surprising revelation: “A lot of people find it surprising that I’m friendly with Oscar de la Renta even though he once took out an ad in Women’s Wear Daily calling me a “hamburger.” (I had sportingly used “hot dog” in my review of his Spring 2013 collection.) This was silly business—it is a silly business—but if there’s one thing I know from covering Oscar for three decades, it’s that he’s intensely competitive. A good fight, even a phony good fight, magnifies power. It also creates a ton of publicity, as Oscar reminded me with a grin when I saw him a few weeks later.”

2. Hedi Slimane


In October of 2012,  Hedi Slimane debuted his highly hyped, ultra anticipated debut for Saint Laurent. Yet NYT’s infamous fashion critic Cathy Horyn was pointedly not invited. Apparently Saint Laurent’s it-kid new Creative Director was still sulking about a piece Horyn wrote 8 YEARS before, in 2004, about Raf Simons. In the piece, Cathy had the gall to dismiss one of Slimane’s pieces (specifically a cut of slim pants) as imitations of Raf Simons pants. 8 years is quite a long time to hold a grudge, but apparently Hedi was determined to serve revenge cold by withholding a coveted invite to his triumphant new St. Laurent show.

Unperturbed, Horyn reviewed the St. Laurent Collection from home, and shockingly decided that she didn’t much care for Hedi Slimane’s new St. Laurent looks anyhow. Horyn’s deliciously dismissive review derided the collection as “a nice but frozen vision of a bohemian chick at the Chateau Marmont. Or in St. Tropez.” In a fit of petulant pique, Slimane lashed out on (what else) Twitter, tweeting that Horyn was a “a schoolyard bully and also a little bit of a stand-up comedian,” and “publicist in disguise.” Horyn’s flippant response? “It’s silly nonsense to me.”

3.  Lady Gaga


In September of 2011, Lady Gaga penned a piece for V Magazine slamming Horyn’s style of criticism and posing the rather pretentious question, “When did the pretense of fashion become more important than its influence on a generation?” Clearly, Gaga takes her meat dresses and see through jump suits very seriously, and considers her increasingly outlandish apparel as art rather than shameless attention seeking.

Not satisfied with writing a magazine article dismissing Horyn’s work, Gaga decided to milk the feud for all it’s worth via a song. Lady Gaga released a single called “Cake Like Lady Gaga,” including lyrics like “Cathy Horyn, your style ain’t dick” and, classier still, a schoolyard taunt aimed at Horyn’s sickly partner, Art Ortenberg, braying “Ortenberg, you can suck my dick.”

4. Tommy Hilfiger


In 2010, Cathy Horyn penned a blistering, snarky, not even pretending to be remotely nice review of Tommy Hilfiger ‘s aesthetic, brand, and most recent collection. She began with an elaborate comparison of Hilfiger’s Spring 2010 to a pruned hedge. “My thoughts kept returning to those obsessively clipped privet hedges on Nantucket and in the Hamptons. They look so artificial — and one must assume they look that way because their owners are made anxiously uncomfortable by the sight of an ungroomed one.” 

Psychological takedowns of banal prep do not happen nearly enough. The gems kept dropping from Cathy Horyn’s mouth as she sneered “For Mr. Hilfiger, the runway may be paved in imitation fieldstone, as it was on Sunday night in the Lincoln Center show space, but it’s still a big Sisyphean ball of khaki. Materially, the output will never exceed the creative input, and so he, Mr. Hilfiger of New York, Nantucket and Mustique, is doomed to repeat himself. Or, more accurately, the Hilfiger design team is.”

5. Alexander Wang


In September of 2010, Horyn did the unthinkable to anyone in fashion not named Cathy Horyn: she dissmissed the young fashion darling du jour. Horyn has some choice words for fashion-world darling Alexander Wang, saying that Alexander Wang is “not a great designer, though he probably would be happy to accept any laurels that people want to toss him, but he is clearly a shrewd guy.” And the analysis went downhill from there. Some choice barbs:

“Even the most talented, surprising postmodernist designer can seem to have his feet planted in concrete compared to the weightlessness of Alexander Wang”

 “Mr. Wang doesn’t really have courage in the traditional sense of trying something new and difficult, but he does have China. Nearly all of his clothing is now produced there”

“But don’t fret for the 26-year-old Mr. Wang: the combined whiplash of globalization and the Internet all but guarantees that these clothes will look new to someone”

And, my favorite opening ever of a runway review:

“Fashion doesn’t have much of a past now that everything is instant, and don’t expect clothes to look coherent or a designer to have a consistent style. Of course, this new condition in fashion may strike you as messy, shallow, dependent on borrowed ideas and visually boring, but don’t worry: like nausea, this feeling will pass.”

Tight Knit

Knits so good your Grandma can’t deal

 From left: Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Missoni, Calvin Klein and Hermès.

From left: Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Missoni, Calvin Klein and Hermès.

Summer might be in full force, but style slows for no Season.

The Fall/Winter 2014 Collections recently debuted, and fashionistas are already scrambling to integrate key details into their warm weather wardrobe. One particularly wearable textile making appearances on many a runway? Knits.

Fall 2014: Helmet Lang; Edun; Public School

Fall 2014: Helmet Lang; Edun; Public School

From the Row, where Olsen twins continued their brave pioneering of old lady chic with luxe (if highly over the top) knitwear, to Alexander Wang’s neon take on mod knit mini dresses to Stella McCartney’s sophisticated head to toe knit suit, knits have never held less kitsch or more chic.

Vogue reports:

The polar vortex may have subconsciously worked to make knits the story of New York Fashion Week, from ribbed leggings and sweater tanks at Marc Jacobs and Edun to all-in-ones at Michael Kors, and, at the Row, a bear suit of sorts: essentially, all the clothes you’ve always wished you could venture out of the house in, but never dared to try. There were dressed-up knits, too, like Calvin Klein Collections’s elegant mohair skirts and tops and the handspun details on Rodarte’s dresses. Layered looks went next-level with sweaters of multiple lengths and varied silhouettes piled on, topped with a very, very, very long scarf—all techniques that the lingering cold temperatures offer plenty of time to incorporate in wardrobes now.

Fall 2014: Iceberg; Viktor and Rolf; Tory Burch

Fall 2014: Iceberg; Viktor and Rolf; Tory Burch

The last result you might expect from layering knit upon knit might be a lithe, lean, and sleek silhouette, but the Fall 2014 shows blew our respective hive minds with piled on knits that accentuated, not disguised, our feminine curves.

Fall 2014: Derek Lam; The Row; Dion Lee

Fall 2014: Derek Lam; The Row; Dion Lee

Look for long & spacious knits in neutral shades, in particular Fall’s subtly sexy it-hue: soft grey. In order to attain that coveted look of long and lean, it’s imperative to select a form-fitting and light weight knit.

Repeat after me: bulk is bad, bulk is bad, bulk is bad. 

Check out 5 sleek knits from stylehaüs:

1. Astars


Deep Blue Drape Cardigan, $105

2. Marna Ro


Multi Thread Orange-lined Knit, $171

3. AS by DF


Pale Cream Moto Sweater, $225

4. Otis and Maclain


Edie Sweater, $128

5. AS by DF


Sofia Cardigan, $245

How The West Will Be Won


Portlandia told you to put a bird on it. I’m telling you to put a fringe on it.

From Chanel to Alexander Wang to Tracy Reese, western motifs flooded Spring and Fall 2014 Runways. Eye catching pieces worthy of even the Wildest West included leather handbags lined in suede fringe, heavy denim, oversize cowboy hats, rugged leathers, and even the occasional bolero. City Slickers will delight in melding modern bohemia, tribal touches, and John Wayne for a gloriously wearable incantation of our romanticized nostalgia of the West of days yore.”Pair festive fringe with leather and denim, hand-embroidered cotton with beaded jewelry, and gingham with woven straw accessories,” Vogue advises “and leave the hokey getups for the rodeo.”

Nothing says ‘urban cowboy’ like fringed accessories, and the tattered accents roamed virtually every Western inspired Collection.I’m just feelin’ the fringe this season,” Designer Tracy Reese said backstage of her Fall 2014 show, where models walked the Tracy Reese runway in fringed, handkerchief-inspired shawls.“This is basically what we would want to pack in our suitcases were we taking a trip to Texas”, describes Cushnie of Cushnie et Ochs, “It was city slickers. It wasn’t overly Western, but very much sort of this urban fantasy of Western life. Our urban fantasy of what it would be like to go to Texas.”

Tibi and Charlotte Ronson channeled Cowboy’s And Indians with exaggeratedly oversized cowboy hats, a cheeky tribute to the broad brimmed panama/floppy hats currently en vogue with hipster fashionistas. Stuart Verves was all about the fringed suede purse and the ever sensational Mara Hoffman designed fringed ponchos festooned with one of her signature bright prints. Tommy Hilfiger‘s Fall 2014 collection featured an outdoorsy beige shirt dress embroidered with red arrows and accented with camel colored suede.


Real life differs wildly from the Runway, so Glamour offered these 3 fantastic Do’s and Don’ts for wearing Western:

  1. DO belt it
    “Cinching a blanket cape with a belt makes the look wearable instead of overpowering,” advises Gunlocke Fenton. “Plus, it’s more girly than gaucho if you show off your waist.”
  2. DO tie one on Replace your usual necklace with a little black ribbon or bow for a feminine take on the bolo. “It’s a simple way to update your classic white button-down,” says Gunlocke Fenton. “Shirting is everywhere now and this feels fresh.
  3. DON’T go overboard “A Stetson hat, a longer skirt, or a fringed bag are all great ways to dip your toe in the trend,” Gunlocke Fenton says. “But wear just one or two pieces at a time. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a costume.”

The stylehaüs stylists took 5 Western-inspired Runway looks and created wearable, Street Style ready outfits for each ensemble.


Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 5.54.02 PM

 Chanel mixes together modern bohemia with the days of the west with this get up. The soft materials and embellishment make the look versatile for any type of woman.

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 1.26.21 PM

Dannijo Clea Earrings $295, Madison Martin Margiela Embellished Top $730 net-a-porter.com, Topshop Sheer Overlay Skirt $80, Toga Pulla Embellished Loafer $549

2. All Denim All Day


Prada 2015 Spring/Summer Runway breathed new life into classic denim dresses with clever accents and a rough & tumble aura.

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 12.50.38 PM

 Rag and Bone Fedora Hat $195, M&F Western Crystal belt $85, Prada Studded Denim Clutch $590, H&M shirt $15, Topshop Moto Stripe Denim Dress $80, Saint Laurent Western Style boots $1295, Boyfriend Jeans $52 Frontrowshop.com

3. Kill Bill 

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 1.40.45 PM

                                                                                  Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2015 collection has invented their own unique style that is effortlessly cool; The western x Indie Rock. Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 4.03.43 PM   Nastygal Crop Leather Jacket $88, Lucky Brand Frozen Blue Stone Ring $25, Lovely Bird “San Miguel” Fedora $128, Forever21 western cuff $3.80, Toga Pulla Western Suede Ankle Boot $275, Talitha Kaftan Dress $577, Black Drop Feather Earring $8.90 Jcpenney.com, Boho chain necklace $27 2020ave.com, River Island Cara ripped jean $70.

4. Paris, Texas

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 6.33.53 PM

Tibis’ 2014/15 western inspired collection is structured and sophisticated. Breathtakingly Beautiful.

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 7.08.32 PM

Topshop Dusted Coat $158, Forever21 Tassel Scarf $9.80, Green Fedora Hat $60 davidjones.com.au, Vince Camuto Crossbody Bag $298, Topshop Cuff Joggers $76, MissSelfridge Fluffy Jumper $53, Jil Sander Loafer $800 thecorner.com

5. Lady Anne Oakley


 Alexander Wang’s Spring 2014 look takes the rigid cowboy to a softer side using light colors and sheer materials.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.46.12 PM

Bottega Veneta High Waisted Trousers $450, Burberry Prorsum Silk Organza Top $530, Kate Moss for Topshop Paisley Scarf $85, Chinese Laundry Shoes $40, Heidi Klein Havana Cowboy Hat $198


Sweatshirts: An On and Off Duty Trend

The sweatshirt…an all American staple that has become a worldwide fashion statement in the most comfortable way possible. With a collared button down, under a leather jacket, or strictly on its own, we can all agree that a crew neck sweatshirt is a piece we all need in our wardrobe for those days of not knowing what to wear. The look says “I want to be comfortable yet put together and fashion forward”.


From Balenciaga and Givenchy to Alexander Wang and 3.1 Phillip Lim, the runway was swarming with sweatshirts that everyone had to have. The Givenchy Bambi sweatshirt is a celebrity fashion yes and it’s versatility has been endless, paired with a long sheer dress on the red carpet even. If Bambi can do it, then so can this Clover Canyon “Smokin’ Granny” sweatshirt-like sweater.


With the in-between weather of spring, mixing winter and summer pieces creates new looks like this Avelon Hatchet Mesh Tank under the “Smokin’ Granny”. This outfit is great for running errands and lunch with friends but switches to night by removing the sweater and adding heels. Having a few go-to sweatshirts makes layering easy and effortlessly chic.


Liking what you see? Of course you do. Get both of these tops at stylehaüs as well as other great sweatshirts and sweaters here!



We think it’s safe to say that everyone though Alexander Wang’s latest runway show was amazing.  Most of the collection verged on utilitarian, eschewing “prettiness” for practicality- like those water-bottle-and-carabiner-accessorized purses and the long vests featuring giant pockets where curves should be.  The collection aimed to inspire fashion’s tough, edgy girls with its hard lines and (seemingly) scratchy wool fabrics, but Wang couldn’t resist giving his fans at least a few pretty pieces. The brightly colored laser-cut leathers that closed Alexader Wang Fall 2014 were nothing short of gorgeous!




Bright colors- blue, purple, yellow- glowed against classic black leather, laser-cut into peek-a-boo paisley patterns.  The concept showed up on coats, boots, and skirts- but our favorite interpretation was the laser-cut leather shorts suits.  Um, yes please!




at stylehaus!

Lucky for us, we don’t have to wait for Wang to hit retail stores to cop the cool look.  A laser-cut leather shorts suit JUST arrived at stylehaus!  Cut in bright yellow, one of the big colors for both Spring and Fall 2014, this set is on-trend in a big way.  We’re dying to wear these two together, but how badass would the bomber jacket look with cropped skinny jeans and statement heels??

If you want to get the Alexander Wang look ahead of time, just call to order!  The shorts ($480) and jacket ($980) are both available in limited quantities at stylehaus.


Runway to Red Carpet

Zoe Kravitz in Alexander Wang

Zoe Kravitz in Alexander Wang


Olesya Rulin in Osman

Olesya Rulin in Osman Yousefzada


Alex Chung in Carven

Alex Chung in Carven


Ever wonder where designer runway duds end up? On our favorite celebrities, of course! Celebrities were out in full force in NYC dressed to the nines and we love the looks they interpreted from runway designers. Zoe Kravitz looked every much like a rockstar’s daughter as she was center stage at the Zoe Kravitz For Swarovski Crystal launch party wearing a look by her go-to designer Alexander Wang. Kravitz rocked a black leather crewneck leather dress separated by sheer panels and gladiator sandals from his spring 2013 collection, and we think she looks great! Olesya Rulin wore a clean, simple look by Britain’s hottest fashion designer right now, Osman Yousefzada. Rulin looked feminine and stylish in these rose colored pleated pants and white blouse and while she opted to leave out the gold print from the runway, she incorporated the metallic tone into her shoes, clutch, and earrings to finish her look off.  Alexa Chung looks classy and chic in this Carven spring 2013 tailored jacket with a heart-shaped cut-out midsection, and we love how she styled it with a matching A-line skirt and a simple white shirt.

Of all these celebrity and runway looks, which do you prefer?


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