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It Factor Friday: Miley Cyrus and Marc Jacobs


The newest Marc Jacobs ad campaign featuring Miley

Whatever your thoughts are on Miley Cyrus, you’ve got to admit that the girl’s got “It.”  People who hate her talk about her just as much as her hardcore Smilers, and her outrageous fashion choices are up for debate on a daily basis.   After establishing herself as a huge personality and style star, Miley reminded us that she’s actually got pipes with awesome acoustic performances on late night stages and award shows.  Is there anything she does that doesn’t make headlines?  Nope.



Miley and Marc, at the beginning


Miley wears a set by Marc


At the Met Gala, in Marc


More Marc for Miley

Miley’s designer of choice lately has been Marc Jacobs, who’s a bit of an “It” guy himself.  After leaving Louis Vuitton last year to focus on bringing his A-game to his eponymous line, Marc recognized that Miley could give Marc Jacobs the boost the collection needs.  Cue the collaborative ad campaign, featuring Miley Cyrus decked out in Jacobs’ post-apocalyptic-meets-1800s Spring 2014 clothing.  The result is nothing short of amazing.



Modeling for Marc’s Protect The Skin You’re In campaign


Love them!


Marc matching set


Fuzzy shorts from Marc Jacobs


Marc Gown and a turban

We love that Marc is bringing a new muse into his rotation (his other muses include Sophia Coppola and Giselle Bundchen), and we think Miley’s young spirit is a perfect fit for the fashion house.  It’s clear that these two “It” industry insiders adore each other; we can’t wait to see what happens next!



The campaign- Love!!

Go Ahead, Get Messy This Summer!

Picture 64


Picture 65


Picture 66

Embrace that messy hair!

Summer is the perfect time to get carelessly-chic. All that concert-going, beach hopping, and pool-partying is probably doing wonders for your summer style already with sun-kissed skin, sexy beach hair, and summery party outfits. While it’s easier to throw on a pair of cutoff jean shorts and a cropped top, doing your hair can be the trickiest part about those warm summer nights. What to do with that hair? We say, well, nothing!

This season it’s all about loose lively hair that blows effortlessly in the breeze. You already knew we loved sexy beach hair waves, but the style doesn’t stop there! Giant floral headbands, silk scarves, and unique braids have us gazing at this seasons top trending hairstyles in awe. Sometimes big, crazy, rocker-hair is just what you need to shake out an amped up summer statement, so remember to adorn your hair accordingly!


Picture 69


Picture 72


Picture 70


Throwback Thursday: The Oldest Jet-Setter in the Book!

Hats off to Louis Vuitton! The fashion house was founded in the year 1854 and hasn’t skipped a beat since!

Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s leading international fashion houses and  has been named the world’s most valuable luxury brand 6 consecutive years in a row, with its value at 25.9 billion dollars in 2012. Since the 19th century, the construction of Louis Vuitton goods haven’t changed one bit: Luggage is still made by hand, the wooden frames of each trunk are made of 30-year-old poplar that has been allowed to dry for at least four years. Each trunk has a serial number and can take up to 60 hours to make, while a single suitcase can take as many as 15 hours to complete.  

Without a doubt, the most stylish women in the world have Louis Vuitton in their closet.  The name not only speaks of quality and luxury, but also its ability to withstand the test of time after 159 years, and that quite a cause for celebration! 


Picture 48


Picture 49


Picture 50


Picture 52


Picture 58


Picture 61


Picture 62

One Color, One Bold Statement!

‘When in doubt, wear black’

‘When in doubt, wear red’

We’ve heard these ‘go-to’ style tips somewhere before, but we’re here to set the record straight: when in doubt… It’s quite all right to go all-out in your favorite color.

Picture 10


Lately, we’re seeing more and more appearances of men and women rocking one color from head to toe; it may be the opposite end of the style-spectrum from clashing your busy prints, but you’ll make just as bold of a statement by doing so. Whether you’re dressed to the nines in a powder blue suit for that springtime wedding, or going casual adorned in your smartest street style for the afternoon, monochroming your look is a unique, eye-catching way to switch up your usual presentation.


Picture 13


Although dressing in one solid color is striking enough, it’s the accessories on an outfit like this that will do the talking just as loud as the color itself! Be sure to adorn yourself in pieces that state the vibe you’re going for, and don’t be afraid to try something bold and oversized since the solid color will make your accessories stand out. In an extraordinary and colorful ensemble like this, you’re maintaining the perfect balance by commanding attention without over dressing your outfit!

Picture 9


Picture 3


Picture 4


Picture 5




These Boots Are Made for…Summertime!

Picture 1


Picture 8

Can we all take a moment to stop and appreciate the cutout boot?  Honestly, this has to be fashion brilliance at its smartest in the shoe department, and it practically has its own season after winter and throughout summer. With the breezy feel of sandals and the structure of a boot, it’s the perfect transitional shoe for the transitioning seasons. We’ve found ourselves addicted to almost every attempted style from stilettos, to brogues and even combat boots. We’ve seen them dressed up in skirts of various lengths or going casual-chic paired with skinny pants. This sandal/boot fusion is the slickest way to pull off heavier footwear in these hot summer months ahead, so check out some of our favorite styles and tell us how you wear yours best!

Picture 9

Picture 3

Picture 10


Summer Sunnies


If you wear glasses then we’re considering you one lucky lady. ‘Why’ you might ask?  Think about it, my fashionista… you actually get the privilege of switching up the style and accessories that adorn those dreamy eyes everyday! You’ve probably already done the tedious experimenting on what’s ‘wild’ VS ‘tame’, what’s ‘professional’ VS ‘funky’, and your various favorites are ready to go no matter what your style is for the day.  If your frames only come out in the sunshine and you’re a little unfamiliar with which stylish direction to go venturing out into, allow us to introduce to you some of our favorite sunnies for the season!

We’ve already touched on the newly trending colored lenses for spring, which is a unique diversion from the classic black-out and semi-reflective lenses in previous years.  After investigating our favorite Coachella street-style looks from this years’ show, we fell in love with the big, round, retro-inspired sunnies that kept a steady appearance amongst bohemian beauties and wild-child cliques. We dig the classic Ray Bans for their notoriously smart edge, but if you’re trying to go the extra style-mile, try an equally classic pair with the upper corners peaked a bit. Those edgy cat-inspired frames will add a dash of sexy, femme-fatal to your summertime vibe!







Lounging Under Sun Hats



Picture 32

Ahh summertime! Warm summer breeze slipping through our hair and billowing our sundresses, icy beverage in hand (poolside, of course!) and relaxing under a big floppy hat in the sun… lust for these heavenly days no more! These blissful afternoons are here to stay, and we’ve got to hype up one of our all time beloved summer accessories: the big floppy sun hat.

Its one of the oldest feminine styles in the book and probably the chicest of vintage-wear up to date, due to its proven ability to continuously grow into designer collections season after season. A wardrobe piece like this will top off even your best look with a big bold exclamation, whether you’re rocking your sexiest ‘IT’ dress at an event or simply being an afternoon beach bum! Check out how YSL and some of our favorite street-fashion masters have styled this pretty little summertime staple!







Out With The Old and In With The Chic!

Hand Jewelry



We have a hard time believing its been so long since the statement piece of an outfit adorned a woman’s hand in the springtime, but the last truly edgy piece that comes to mind that graced us from wrist to fingertips, are the gloves ‘everyday women’ would wear with their Sundays finest. Sure, trends like chunky cuffs, layering rings, bracelets, and fingerless gloves have had their 15 minutes of fashion-fame, but what happened to the chic pair of lacey mitts the women of earlier times detailed themselves with? Did we completely forget about a wardrobe piece so elegant and posh over time? Perhaps we did, because lace gloves out for a stroll in afternoon today may look like they need a pair of matching feather kitten-heels to go with them.

That is why we’re delighted to see a more exotic trend finally beginning to take over our pretty, delicate hands again; …hand jewelry!

We’d spot versions of the unfamiliar jewelry piece few and far between in the past, but it seems to be declaring its presence for 2013! This knockout accessory is the chicest ‘2-birds-1-stone’ wardrobe-staple to hit our jewelry box yet. Put a sexy accent on your overall look, and wear this trend to make your look express the ‘went-the-extra-style-mile’ while not saying ‘out-dated’. Sometimes more really is more. Ditch a ring or 2 for the day and put this striking ornament on display where your finest jewelry presents itself.

Picture 18


Picture 16


Picture 17

Accessory Report: Turban Headband


Cara Delevingne




Ashley Olsen



Fashion Editorial Spring’13



Marc by Marc Jacobs SS’13



Marc by Marc Jacobs SS’13



Whether you are having a bad hair day or you just want to make a style statement, the turban headband will be your go-to accessory this season! These festive headpieces come in plenty of colors, prints, and fabrics, and will instantly add a bohemian vibe to your look. Pair with a simple dress or t-shirt and jeans and instantly elevate your look to a whole new level of bohemian-chic. From the Marc Jacobs spring runways to editorials in fashion magazines, the turban is making a major comeback and we are loving it!


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White Hot Celebrity Street Style


Miranda Kerr



Naomi Watts



Candice Swanepoel







Alessandra Ambrosio


Societal standards for colors of clothing by season have been relaxed since the 1960s, and the “no white before Memorial Day and no white after Labor Day” rule no longer applies to the ultimate fashionistas. http://marinamonroe.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gifSpring is in the air, and celebrities are whipping out their bright whites while hitting the streets of L.A. and NYC. Miranda Kerr constantly wins best street style in our book, and we love how she paired this sheer blouse tucked into a perforated white skirt with a Prada bag and black ankle-strap heels. Naomi Watts stuck with Louis Vuitton from head-to-toe (and who can blame her?) with this gorgeous and easy to emulate outfit: a simple white mini under a collared jacket, accessorized with a pastel handbag and classic black pumps. This outfit is perfect for spring, and the pastel handbag adds the perfect feminine touch to the look. Candice Swanepoel rocked white pants with this white sweater and black heels, proving that white pants are no longer forbidden before Memorial Day. As long as you don’t live in a snowy climate, white pants are perfectly acceptable. We love Alessandra Ambrosio’s white and black tuxedo pants, and she incorporates rocker edge into her look perfectly with this black studded clutch and pointed heels. No matter what season it may be, these fashionistas are looking great in their white ensembles! By incorporating darker tones such as black or grey in with your whites, you’ll always be in style no matter what time of the year.


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