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Post Coachella: Detox to Your Pre-Festival Self

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Coachella 2014 has come and gone and although some of us had to live the experience through social media and hamidown stories, we still feel as though we were right there with you. The only thing that separates us non-Coachella goers from the veterans is the aftermath. We do not feel your pain, but we can definitely help you get rid of it. Give your body some much-needed self-love to restore your vitals back to normal.

Beautiful woman applying hair conditionerHair

The sand and wind have damaged your locks and they’re in need of a cleanse.

DIY: Put on your favorite Sex and the City episodes and let it all soak in. Dry, oily or combination, Pure Jojoba has the perfect in-home hair mask guide that is quick, easy and straight to the point.

Salon: It may not be at the salon, but a salon treatment at home is always a great option. Kérastase has a conditioning mask, giving your hair intense nourishment to rid the dryness its dealt with in the California desert.



We hope that you’ve had the chance to wipe off all that make-up by now but a good facial scrub will open those pores and allow them to breathe.

DIY: Homemade face scrubs are simple and use your basic household products. Check out She Knows for easy steps to four different scrubs that will leave your skin feeling fresh and new.

Salon: A deep poor cleansing facial could be more of your thing. Make an appointment with Bella Skin Institute, here in LA, so you can sit back and relax. I don’t know about you, but a regenerating and rejuvenating facial sounds like the perfect ending to a weekend of fun.


Paws & Claws

Even if you had the luxury of being in VIP, your nails are still feeling the aftermath of the sand storms. Maybe the toes were sheltered in ankle boots but if you’re digits are getting the treatment, why not get the whole package, right?

DIY: Before you start to soak, play a movie you’ve seen a thousand times and want to see a thousand times more. A little background noise makes the experience that much more enjoyable and if it’s a chic flick, maybe even a little more girly. Add some flower petals to your water for a touch of beauty and get to work on those nails, lady. Need a spring color? Essie’s hide & go chic is a perfect transition from winter to summer.

Salon: Maybe you just want to let someone pamper you and that’s ok. Head over to the Style Bar at Nordstrom The Grove. Not only is it open seven days a week, but they offer other beautify services as well. Can’t beat a one stop shop!



Vitamin C helps rejuvenate the inner body to fight off any sickness you may get from partying too hard. Your body is not 100% so give it some help with a little TLC and a multivitamin as well.

fluroide detox beverage


Eat clean and green along with some antioxidants, like blueberries, thrown into the mix. Get your immune system back with juicing and healthy snacks.



Release the muscle tension from the hardcore dance parties with yoga and/or pilates. Don’t be shy to get a good sweat in with a cardio session to push out impurities from drinks, food truck food and whatever other not-so-healthy consumptions.



Make a new playlist on Spotify or iTunes to calm down your inner EDM’er and embrace the soothing sounds of artists like Lana Del Ray and Adele.



Grab a new book to lose yourself in. Forget about the desert, as much as possible, and clear your mind to get back to reality. A good book and a glass of red wine is sure to calm your inner party girl.



The most important item after a long weekend of endless nights is rest. Get your eight hours in each night to help your body recoup. Allowing your body enough time to do nothing but repair is the best medicine you can take.

Throwback Thursday: Weekend One of Coachella

If you’re like any other Instagrammer, you’ve seen every Vanessa Hudgens and Alessandra Ambrosio photo possible from last weekend’s Coachella festivities. The fashion and music and, well fashion, had some shocking moments like Vanessa’s new long blonde locks and Kendall Jenner’s giant nose ring. For us, the bull-like jewelry was a little too much but the ladies of Coachella rocked our socks off.

Coachella_Sunset_2010_by_cuzinmank-1via capturexp

Of course it wasn’t always like this and at the very beginning, Coachella 1999 was only a two-day event. Skipping 2000, the festival started back up in 2001 with just one day. The festival quickly grew and in 2002, the festival went back to a two-day format. Soon it would become a three-day event in 2007 and most recently, a second weekend was added in 2012.

coachella-18x24-1999-768x1024via how 2 COACHELLA

Woodstock ’99 riots caused a no on-site camping rule for Coachella till 2002. This, of course, did not stop the festival goers from enjoying the sounds of big artists like Beck, Moby, Tool and more. Thanks to Pearl Jams’ boycott against Ticketmaster in 1993 and 25,000 fans, their performance at Indio’s Empire Polo Club shined some much-needed light on the desert location and soon became Coachella’s birth place.

elle-00-street-style-coachella-opener-hvia ELLE

With no real understanding of how Coachella fashion became Coachella fashion, we all can agree that it’s made a giant statement with its Woodstock inspired vibe and free spirit. If you walk down the Venice boardwalk, you’ll get a pretty good idea of just what to expect this upcoming weekend.

If you haven’t already, get 15 last minute tips and tricks for Coachella here.

15 Last Minute Tips & Tricks to a Perfect Coachella Body

If you’re a die hard Coachella goer, you know all about the Coachella Diet. Last minute juice cleanses, multiple hours of working out and obnoxious detox dieting leave you without the quick results you were hoping for and days of fatigue from malnourishment. This all sounds so boring, as I shake my finger at you, but it’s true. Don’t be silly. You will never get the results you dream of in two days but you can beat the bloat and feel slimmer with a few tips and tricks.

Brazilian+model+Alessandra+Ambrosio+fun+Coachella+QVdFJ07efnql(photo by Zimbio)

With just a few days till Coachella kick off, it’s not too late.

1. Stay away from sugars and salts.

sugar(photo by yassminelnazer)

We all know that sugar and salt keep us from looking sexy in a crop top but it’s the best tip to follow. Love your vanilla latte in the morning? Ask for sugar-free syrup. It’s only for a few days and you’ll be happy you said no to both. Your cutoffs will thank you when you’re jumping up and down to Calvin Harris

2. Drink lots of water.

glasses-water(photo by Skinny Mom)

This sounds like an oxymoron as most people think the more water you drink, the more bloated you get. Sure at first it feels that way but when consistent, even just two days in a row, your body will stop retaining as much and your water weight will vanish.

3. Eat more…more often that is.

small meals(photo by Mr. Shut Up and Train)

Don’t just think one big meal will get you by and make you skinny. Eating small meals every three hours will boost your metabolism, firing up your fat-burner. Who doesn’t want that? This also stops you from binging and eating too much in one sitting. Get Coachella smart and start snacking often.

4. HIIT up your cardio routine.

cardio(photo by GymRa)

HIIT routines, or High-Intensity Interval Training, get your heart rate pumping, metabolism up, and the endurance you’ll need to jam out three days straight. You train for a marathon, right? Why not train for a weekend rock-out sesh? A few days of interval cardio will help burn those extra calories you’re looking to say good-bye to.

5. Get a spray tan.


(photo by Glamour)

All hard work deserves a reward and what better way to show off your body definition then glowing skin. Dark tones show curves and muscles off in the way we want them to so start a California festival weekend off the right way with a sunkissed look.

Not feeling crop top ready, even after all the fitness and health tips? No worries. The beautiful thing about fashion is it can trick the eye and make us feel super sexy, especially when our problem areas are covered. Have no fear, there are too many options in the Coachella fashion world to not feel in style.

1. Show skin somewhere else.

havana top

The stomach definitely gets a lot of attention during the summer but we forget about those other great areas. Show a little peak-a-boo skin in a top like this Havana Paisley top by Clover Canyon. Style it with the matching shorts for an allover look, both available at stylehaus.com.

2. A little side boob never hurt.

Because I'm addicted 2

The side boob top is just as famous as the crop top, if not more. With a bandeau or a triangle bikini, this style covers the belly you may not want to show, but showcases some skin for a sexy Coachella look.

3. Some other fun options- overalls w/ a crop top and jumpsuits!

overalls & jumpsuit(photo by PHASSHION and stylehaus)

Another great way to hide the belly is with overalls. This trend is hot right now and with a crop top, you’ll get some skin action and still feel comfortable in your outfit. Still not hot about the crop top? Pair it with a muscle tee or tank for a more covered look that’s still Coachella fashion inspired. Don’t forget about the jumpsuit. This Bec & Bridge Gourami piece is perfect for a day in the sun, with major side boob and back attention.

4. A flannel around your waist.

tumblr_inline_muv0wu76hF1rgem0o(photo by E! Online)

A flannel has many purposes, including its ability to hide unwanted areas. Not only does it accentuate your curves, it also has the ability to add them for us ladies that don’t have much. A great piece to add to your overalls and crop top during the day, then throw it on for the cooler nights.

5. Boyfriend shorts.

Coachella3(photo by POPSUGAR)

Not all of us can wear tight fitting high waisted shorts. A looser fitting short, like the boyfriend short, is a great option that’s relaxed, comfortable, and completely Coachella worthy. Pair it with a slouchy tank, floppy hat, flat ankle boots and statement arm candy.

You’ve prepped yourself days before on the fitness and health side. Now it’s time for Coachella. What can you eat, drink, and do at Coachella to skip the bloat?

1. Vodka and water with MiO.

0723-mio-water-enhancer-02(photo by NEAROF)

A smart pregame is the perfect way to cut out the sugar and carbs. A vodka water with a little squirt of MiO for flavor leaves you feeling guilt free and still a part of the party. With a pregame that’s sure to not add too many calories, you leave room for the beers you can’t say no to later on.

2. Almonds and KIND bars.

f3b5102965366ff4_almond-tin(photo by fitsugar)

Sure there are healthy options at Coachella but when you just can’t leave your spot on the grass, you won’t be sorry when you’re crossbody bag is filled with almond packs and KIND bars. Both are great when on the go and will survive the heat of the California desert.

3. Pick the lean and green options.

Healthy drink, vegetable juice, studio shot(photo by Lean It Up)

When visiting the Heineken House, skip the savory donut with fig, basil, and goat cheese. No, no, no. With a farmers market, The Terrace, and the Clover Juice Bar at the Camping Counter, you do not have any excuses. So many great guilt free options to choose from that will keep your tastebuds happy and your tummy bloat free.

4. Get your yoga & pilates on.

barefoot-in-the-park-yoga-6-25-09-45(photo by Lovely Healthy)

We know the last thing you’re thinking about is working out at Coachella but for those who want to give it a try, a little zen and strengthening is offered early in the day. No better way to start your day then with a relaxing moment before the party gets crazy again.

5. Get creative.

lat8-20events-20m-20-20131108151945986376-620x349(photo credit The Sydney Morning Herald)

Twister, hula hoop and relay races are just a few options for the competitive type. Sober or not, these outrageous child-like activities will get your heart rate going, keep your spirit young, and help burn the ridiculous amounts of alcohol that will be consumed. If competition is not your thing, shake it just a little harder during the Disclosure set.

Whether you’re a health nut or not, in the end, we all want to look and feel comfortable. The end result is what you make it. Take these tips with you and pass them along. Have fun with health, enjoy fashion, and get your Coachella on.

For more great Coachella pieces, make sure to check out stylehaus here and take 20% off all purchases using the code COACHELLA20 :)

Throwback Thursday: The Days of Woodstock

couple_woodstock_69(photo by Shelly Rusten)

Woodstock was not just a Music & Art Fair, it was a way of being in the world. The 1969 lineup kicked off the three day festival with a bang, including artists such as Blood, Sweat & Tears, Sha Na Na, and Jimi Hendrix. Much like Coachella, Woodstock was an escape into a land full of mingling, dreams, and endless opportunities. After approximately 80 lawsuits and thousands of dollars in debt, we’re sure it didn’t feel that way for the four men who started it all.


With many issues popping up like a last minute location change and demanding refunds, Woodstock would see many issues before finally calling it a free concert. We all know free attracts many and for this first time around, an estimated 500,000 people attended.



When comparing Coachella to Woodstock, we can definitely agree that the similarities are endless from an array of music and food to major fashion statements that are happening. The hippie fashion moment has never died and the California desert has allowed it to live on with too many crop tops, short shorts, and fringed crossbodies to count.


Our Bec & Bridge Celestial knit tank is a perfect addition to a Coachella or Woodstock inspired look. Baring midriff is the festival way to go, so make sure to get yours here at stylehaus.com. Added bonus? It’s on sale!


For more Coachella looks, tips and advice on how to survive the madness, get some good reads in here and here, just in time for the festival weekend.



Is there anything better than a lace dress?  Lace is so versatile.  It can be classic (a la Audrey Hepburn), rocker-chic (like Stevie Nicks), bohemian, sexy…the list goes on.  Our favorite lace piece at the moment is our floor-sweeping sheer lace gown.  Completely see-through, the dress features a high neckline and long sleeves for the perfect mix of sexy and sweet.



The best thing about this dress?  You can layer whatever you want underneath!  Stylist Jessica went with a plain black slip, but there are countless ways to mix it up.  For a racy look, layer a nude slip underneath.  Rocker?  Try a black slip with a leather jacket on top.  Boho girls might want to try a tank and cutoffs, and those who want to try out the high-fashion look should reach for black high-waisted booty shorts and a corset-like bra.



We’re picturing this piece at Coachella, layered over a little bikini top and shorts!  Add a cross-body bag over top, and the look is festival ready.

How would you wear this piece?  If you want to grab it for yourself, it’s $510 at stylehaus (323-655-5900 to order).


Pre-Festival Event at stylehaüs!

stylehaüs is your one-stop shop for any event, and we want to get ready to hit the desert in style! From specialty Stoli cocktails cleverly named, “The Fashionista” and “The Rock & Roller”, to complimentary hair braiding and chalking, the night had everyone excited for the festival. With vintage sunglasses, floral headpieces, bikinis, cutoff shorts and flowy dresses, we are definitely ready to sport our boho-chic best!


**, Marina Monroe, Cameron Silver

Jack Bedirian, Marina Monroe, Cameron Silver


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Come visit our boutique to get some fabulous outfits for Coachella, or contact our stylists at info@stylehaus.com 


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Get Coachella Ready in Style!




We are just two weeks away from one of the largest and most thrilling music festivals in Southern California: Coachella, and it’s quickly approaching! It’s almost time to break out the floppy hats, leather booties, flowy dresses and colorful accessories to channel your inner festival-fashionista. We styled a couple of looks from head-to-toe that would be perfect for the music and dance-filled weekend, so come shop our boutique and have one of our fashion experts style you! Also, check out our Coachella playlist which will surely get you in the festival mood!

Coachella Playlist:

Aesop Rock- None Shall Pass
Band of Horses- A Little Biblical
Sigur Rós- Hoppipolla
Red Hot Chili Peppers- American Ghost Dance
Dillon Francis- Que Que Feat. Maluca
Hot Chip- And I Was A Boy From School
Bingo Players- Cry (Just A Little)-Original Remix
Pretty Lights- Pretty Lights vs. Radiohead vs. Nirvana
Tegan and Sara- Closer
Pryda- Allein
Passion Pit- Love is Greed
Jurassic 5- Concrete Schoolyard
Major Lazer- Jump Up


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What’s New at stylehaüs










Spring is here and we are obsessed with our new spring items at stylehaüs! From edgy graphic tanks to flowy tops (Coachella anyone?) high top sneakers and vintage jewelry, stylehaüs has you covered for all of your fashion needs. Step into spring in style and incorporate some fun, fashionable new pieces into your wardrobe!

For outfit inquiries, contact info@stylehaus.com or come visit our store located next to the concierge desk at The Grove.


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What's New at stylehaüs










Spring is here and we are obsessed with our new spring items at stylehaüs! From edgy graphic tanks to flowy tops (Coachella anyone?) high top sneakers and vintage jewelry, stylehaüs has you covered for all of your fashion needs. Step into spring in style and incorporate some fun, fashionable new pieces into your wardrobe!

For outfit inquiries, contact info@stylehaus.com or come visit our store located next to the concierge desk at The Grove.


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