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Sweatshirts: An On and Off Duty Trend

The sweatshirt…an all American staple that has become a worldwide fashion statement in the most comfortable way possible. With a collared button down, under a leather jacket, or strictly on its own, we can all agree that a crew neck sweatshirt is a piece we all need in our wardrobe for those days of not knowing what to wear. The look says “I want to be comfortable yet put together and fashion forward”.


From Balenciaga and Givenchy to Alexander Wang and 3.1 Phillip Lim, the runway was swarming with sweatshirts that everyone had to have. The Givenchy Bambi sweatshirt is a celebrity fashion yes and it’s versatility has been endless, paired with a long sheer dress on the red carpet even. If Bambi can do it, then so can this Clover Canyon “Smokin’ Granny” sweatshirt-like sweater.


With the in-between weather of spring, mixing winter and summer pieces creates new looks like this Avelon Hatchet Mesh Tank under the “Smokin’ Granny”. This outfit is great for running errands and lunch with friends but switches to night by removing the sweater and adding heels. Having a few go-to sweatshirts makes layering easy and effortlessly chic.


Liking what you see? Of course you do. Get both of these tops at stylehaüs as well as other great sweatshirts and sweaters here!

Trend Report: Three in One


Here at stylehaus we pride ourselves on having a great selection of both trendy pieces and classics, and we usually like to mix the two.  Sometimes we can’t resist piling on the trends, though- there are too many fun pieces here to limit ourselves to just one per outfit!  So we set out to find a way to layer a bunch of trendy items in one chic, pulled-together look and stylist Janelle hit the nail on the head.  Her outfit here mixes a graphic sweatshirt (huge) with a crazy statement necklace (even bigger) and pink pants (yes please)– and it works.



Graphic sweatshirts have been the “It” item of the past few seasons; it’s kinda crazy how designers are still coming up with funny/quirky things to emblazon on the front of our sweats.  The latest graphic sweatshirt at stylehaus is our beloved “Smokin Granny” sweater, an ode to the cigar-rolling ladies of Havana.  Since this top has so many colors in it- pink, blue, green, orange, brown- finding a pair of pants to match wasn’t hard.




Janelle reached for the perfect pair of baby-pink pants.  Since the shade of pink here is so soft, the combination of crazy sweatshirt + colorful pants actually works really well!  If you remember our “It Factor” post on pink a few weeks ago, you’ll know that pink was the color for fall/winter.  The newest runway collections have shown that our fave girly hue will be around & on-trend for a few more seasons, so now’s the time to invest!  We only have one pair of pink pants left at stylehaus…call 323-655-5900 to grab them first!



On top of all of it, Janelle layered a funky statement necklace.  The extra layer added a “je ne sais quoi” to the outfit- it helped make the mix look carefree and easy.  Plus, it’s always nice to add a bright pop of color!

All of these pieces (except for Janelle’s sick white pumps) are available in-store!  Come pop by some time and we’ll help you pick out the best trends to wear together.