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Monroe Mantras: Top 10 Marilyn Monroe Quotes

Marilyn Monroe. Need we say more? Her famous curves and old Hollywood demeanor has us drooling over her and her sense of fashion, self, and life. Here are my favorite quotes from the fabulous woman herself. 

1. Marilyn on Shoes


2. Marilyn on clothes


3. Marilyn on smiling


4. Marilyn on keeping it classy


5. Marilyn on stars


6. Marilyn on two faced people

mar 9

7. Marilyn on fear


8. Marilyn on lovers

mar 5

9. Marilyn on imperfection


10. Marilyn on herself


15 Best Of The Notorious Naked Dress

When Rihanna accepted a CFDA Award wearing nipple bearing sheer dress and matching do rag, Americans took a renewed interest in the always controversial and occasionally chic Naked Dress. Save the judgement for someone who cares: Naked Dresses have a solid foundation in the history of American fashion.

Here are 15 Best of the Notorious Naked Dress

1. Nipples and Crystals

naked 1

Rihanna in a nude sheer gown encrusted with crystals made by Adam Selman at the CFDA Awards.

2. That’s So Carrie

naked 2

Carrie Bradshaw in her infamous “naked” dress during one of her first episodes of Sex and the City.

3. Cut To Butt

naked 3

 Jaimie Alexander in Azzaro at the Thor Premiere.

4. No Pants No Problem

naked 4

Kesha in Givenchy at the Billboard Awards

5. Thighs Of Glory

naked 5

 Victoria Secret model Anne V at the 2012 Golden Globes with boyfriend (at the time) Adam Levine wearing an Anthony Varcarello dress.

6. Triple X Tina

naked 6

Christina Aguilera back in the day

7. Smutty Smurf

naked 7

Katy Perry at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards wearing Jovani.

8. Catch Of The Day

naked 8

Miley Cyrus wearing a Marc Jacobs fishnet dress at the 2013 Met Ball

9. Flash Of Lady Flower

naked 9

Lady Gaga at her 28th Birthday bash wearing a nude body suit covered in roses and sheer enough to still show off her G-String.

10. Bey Booty

naked 10

Beyonce at the Met Gala in a Givenchy Haute Couture Gown rocking the purple feathers. Flawless.

11. Blonde Ambition

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Celebrity Sightings

Iggy Azalea at the 2013 MTV Video Awards.

12. Up The Amazon

42nd Annual Grammy Awards - Pressroom

J LO at the 2000 aGrammy Awards wearing Versace.

13. Sheer Cher

60th Annual Academy Awards

Cher at the 1988 Oscars in a Mackie Creation.

14. Bombshell Birthday Suit

naked 14

Marilyn Monroe’s infamous White House performance for JFK’s birthday in 1962.

15. Bottoms Up Boobs Out

9/10/98 Universal City, Ca Marilyn Manson with Rose McGowan ("Scream") at the MTV awards..

There’s the sexy “naked dress” (see above) and there’s Rose McGowen’s dress for the 1998 MTV Awards.

10 Chicest Geminis Of All Time

June is all about the multifaceted Gemini, a star sign known for rapid wit and flexible fashion.


To honor the glitzy (if unpredictable) birthday twins, we’ve rounded up the 10 of the most fashionable Gemini celebs.


Since Geminis are double-sided the first two spots are occupied by the trendiest twins alive and former rivals who would have been surprised to find a common ground in astrology.


1. Mary Kate & Ashley


Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen have completed their transformation from child stars to fashion royalty.


No one does it like the Olsens, and by ‘it’ I mean ‘everything’.


2. Biggie & Tupac


You can’t talk about Pac without mentioning Big; the two rival rappers defined an aura and live on in impact and notoriety.


RIP you brilliant and tragic trail blazers.


3. Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe is a woman who needs no introduction or explanation.


The ultimate Gemini, Marilyn enchanted anyone and everyone with her charm, grace, and voracious appetite for life in all it’s splendor.


4. Kanye West


Call Kanye what you like (the rest of us certainly do), Yeezy got unmistakable style; no other rapper has embraced high fashion with Kanye West’s enthusiasm or honed sensibility for luxury goods.

kanye2 Kanye recently solidified his style cred by appearing on the cover of Vogue with his gorgeous if similarly controversial wife Kim Kardashian.


5. Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is accepted by many as the most beautiful woman in the world.


A typically complex Gemini, Angelina Jolie has evolved before our eyes from rebel without a cause to superstar with many causes.


6. Johnny Depp


Like Angelina Jolie and other Geminis of his caliber, Johnny Depp favors roles that involve total transformation.


Refusing to be defined by classic good looks, Johnny Depp uses his Gemini flexibility and charisma to take on the personality of wild and utterly original character. Only a Gemini like Johnny could do Jack Sparrow, Sweeney Todd, and Edward Scissor Hands with equal aplomb.


7. Lucy Hale


Lucy Hale might be the youngest of our chic Geminis, but she’s already a force to be reckoned with. Her edgy yet feminine style and ingenue aura pull millions to ABC Family’s hit show Pretty Little Liars.


In a very Gemini move, Lucy recently surprised and delighted fans by dropping a country music album that represents a major departure from your typical teen starlet career trajectory.


8. Prince


Prince began as a musical and fashion pioneer and rules on as a living legend.


Prince is pop’s greatest shapeshifter, first defining 80’s raunchy sexuality and then changing his look before audiences could even contemplate getting bored with him. Prince epitomizes Gemini style transformation done right and done often.


9. Kate Upton


From Beach Bunny to Red Carpet Glamour Goddess, Kate Upton is a trend setting it girl with a commanding presence.


Like many a Gemini, Kate Upton has cross cultural appeal. No other swimsuit model has been embraced by bros, fashionistas, and feminists alike as a style star to watch.


10. JFK


There are political men, there are stylish men, and there is JFK.


Whether he was kicking back on a boat, seducing fellow Gemini Marilyn Monroe, or ruling the free world, Kennedy’s style choices were always on point.jfk2

That’s our stylehaüs roundup of The 10 Chicest Geminis of All Time. Happy June! 

Lounging Under Sun Hats



Picture 32

Ahh summertime! Warm summer breeze slipping through our hair and billowing our sundresses, icy beverage in hand (poolside, of course!) and relaxing under a big floppy hat in the sun… lust for these heavenly days no more! These blissful afternoons are here to stay, and we’ve got to hype up one of our all time beloved summer accessories: the big floppy sun hat.

Its one of the oldest feminine styles in the book and probably the chicest of vintage-wear up to date, due to its proven ability to continuously grow into designer collections season after season. A wardrobe piece like this will top off even your best look with a big bold exclamation, whether you’re rocking your sexiest ‘IT’ dress at an event or simply being an afternoon beach bum! Check out how YSL and some of our favorite street-fashion masters have styled this pretty little summertime staple!