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Marina Recap: World Cup & Wedding Whirl


Hopped off the plane from LAX with a dream and a leather jacket… and snatched a couple winks of sleep before waking up at the crack of dawn (9AM) before zooming straight to Stylehaüs! My business is my baby (sorry Ben) so no matter how much fun I’m having on a trip, returning home is a welcome relief. With all the exciting changes and projects looming in the upcoming months, there’s little time to loaf around. And I’m ok with that. Here are some highlights of last week’s whirlwind of friends and family!

Work Hard Play Hard Need Nap

photo (1)

After landing in NYC late the night before, I worked a full but super productive day at stylehaüs, then made it to xiv for my good friend Dean May’s birthday.


It was a classic Summer white party and I had an amazing time grooving in the DJ booth with Paul Oakenfold, a great artist and one of Ben’s good friends.

photo (2)

The spot was packed with gorgeous Hollywood types and everyone got super into sets from Oakenfold and the EC Twins.


I wore: a Cosabella bra, David Lerner white cotton tank top, white Superfine jeans, and Nike wedges.

I’ve got the blues… The leather jacket blues.


All #summer really means for us at @stylehausla is lighter colored leather

I wore: Topshop jeans, Rag & Bone booties, and two jackets from stylehaus. The blue and white floral print on the left is VEDA, and blue knitted leather jacket on the right is by Price Upon Request.

Blue Hat At Bar Marmont


Ben and I grabbed dinner and drinks at the ever-glam Bar Marmont for some much needed mushy couple time.

Hot Dog Before Julio


Ben and I watched the World Cup in style at our friend’s new place in the Hills. As much as I love tequila, I was loving those hot dogs more.

I wore: Benjamin J beige tank top, Topshop black jeans, and trusty Converse. 



Not to be superstitious, but I swear my photos are lucky. The shot was taken literally seconds before USA scored a crucial goal. How cute are Ben and his friend in their matching pink button ups? I was calling them the Pink Gents all day.

View From The Top


When I say a house is amazing, that house is freakin phenomenal. Here I am accompanied by Sarah making the most of a beautiful view before Sunset. Her white crochet dress is to die for.

PhotoBooth For Life


Photobooths are like amazing toys for adults. Like grown up legos. If we’re hanging out and I see a photobooth available, you know we’ll be taking some weird and wonderful pictures.

Stanford Stadium


After a wonderful week, Ben and I took a quick trip to Stanford for his sister’s wedding. In a stroke of brilliance that my bridezilla self may or may not slightly envy, his sister held her rehearsal dinner at Stanford Stadium, where she met her husband. I can’t even compete. But I’ll try.

I wore: Balenciaga suspender harem pants, Christian Dior Jazz shoes, Pierre Hardy purse, and vintage striped top. 

The Family Stone/Kusin


My future in-laws are a damn good-looking crowd. How dapper is Ben? The only one not thrilled is that baby, who looks ready for a nap .

A Day In The Life Of Marina Monroe

Recently I was featured on Ditlo.com, a phenomenal website that gives readers an intimate look into a day in the life of important people, places, and things from around the world.


Marina Monroe for Ditlo Photographer: Marco Franchina

Read on for my responses, then pop over to Ditlo.com to check out the full profile!


What are you most proud of professionally?

I’m proud of being the boss. Whether I’m styling a client, running my boutique, or launching a line, it’s always me calling the shots. I’ve always had vision, but life has taught me that in order to see any vision become real, you have to take control. Never apologize for knowing what you want and making it happen. I don’t!

What are you most proud of personally?

The relationship between Ben, my fiancé, and I. We’re two of a kind: focused, creative, and always willing to laugh at ourselves or just life. The laughter part comes in really important during planning a New York wedding while living in Los Angeles. Ben challenges and inspires me like no one ever has, and I like to think I do the same for him. We really value each other.

Upcoming Projects: Launching my new clothing line Haus and getting married to Ben during NYC Fashion Week! It’s going to be fantastic. I’m exhausted just thinking about wedding plans.

Charities: Food on Foot – I love this charity because not only do they feed the homeless, but they help people get back into the workforce and regular routine- find them jobs and pay for their apartments after they prove to be responsible working daily for Food on Foot picking up garbage for months (getting paid only in food gift cards) and getting drug tested weekly.


Marina Monroe for Ditlo Photographer: Marco Franchina


If you could wake up in any city in the world, which would it be?

London. London captured my heart from the very first visit and never fully let go. Londoners have a calm, distinct way of going about their lives- with dignity, decorum, and that wonderful and eternal British ‘stiff upper lip’. Unless they’ve had a few too many, but then again even Churchill was known to get a bit wobbly after one too many highballs.

Dogs or cats?

Cats glare at me, then make me sneeze. I think cats can sense my allergy and are intentionally messing with me. Not cool, cats. Not cool. Dogs are smarter and sweeter anyway.

If you could see the DITLO of anyone in the history of the universe, who would it be and why?

Andy Warhol, because he saw the world so differently. Andy Warhol was a man with a vision, and his rare ability to show that vision with the world was a hallmark of brilliance. I think humanity is defined by our capacity for vision. Warhol once said “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” When I’m feeling un-inspired or just plain tired, I remember those words, and keep barrelling forward. We all wish certain things were different, but most things can be different if you can only find the strength to make them so.

How spicy would you like your buffalo wings? (Scale of 1-10)

Don’t judge me but 1. I like to taste my buffalo wings (and ranch – I’m a big fan of ranch) and it’s very hard to taste anything when you’re chugging water and cringing.

Favorite movie when you were a kid? It’s still the same: Clueless.

I can quote that entire movie. Cher is my spirit animal now and forever. When I was a kid, I’d fantasize about having a gigantic closet full of fabulous outfits just like Cher. And now I do! I like to think that if Cher grew up, she’d be a stylist too.

Who are your personal heroes?

My mother. I know that’s so typical, but it’s the unvarnished truth. Strong mothers make strong daughters who grow up to say “My mother is my hero”. She lives in New York and I live in LA, but we still talk every day. A lot of the time I’ll talk to her in English and she’ll respond in Russian, so it’s kind of like having our own private language.

Who are your favorite villains?

Ursula from The Little Mermaid for several reasons. First of all, ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’ has got to be one of Disney’s best. Sometimes when I spot someone looking like a total fashion victim, I’ll find myself humming “Poor unfortunate SOULSSSS, in pain, in need…” In particular when I spot someone wearing Crocs.

How did you sleep?

Once I fall asleep, I sleep like a baby. The tricky part is putting my iPhone/laptop/take out down long enough to fall asleep. Every day is filled to the brim with work (and play) so unless I’m utterly exhausted, I tend to stay up late having wild and occasionally fantastic work ideas. Give me Chinese takeout, yoga pants, and a bottle of Pinot Grigio and I can stay up (almost) all night.

Where is your favorite place to sleep/favorite bed ever?

My fiancé and I have the comfiest bed ever and it’s honestly my happy place. My bed is my fort. Now I’m dying to get in bed. Who would you like/hate to share a bed with for a night? I’d like to share a bed with my best girl friends, pre-teen sleepover style! Whose voice do you hear first in the morning? Ben. I’m not a morning person at ALL so Ben is the only one brave enough to pull my cranky butt out of bed. Everyone else: wake me at your own risk. Or maybe just don’t wake me.

Who would you like/hate to share a bed with for a night?

I’d like to share a bed with my best girl friends, pre-teen sleepover style!

Whose voice do you hear first in the morning?

Ben (my fiancé).


Marina Monroe for Ditlo Photographer: Marco Franchina

Coffee or Tea? What’s your favorite brand? At home or at your favorite spot?

Coffee over tea. When it comes to caffeine, I keep it classic: one large coffee with nonfat milk and one sugar. Good coffee doesn’t need a ton of flavors or sweeteners, and I only drink good coffee. My favorite coffee spot is Urth Cafe, where I treat myself to the Spanish Latte if I’m feeling in a fancy coffee mood.

Tell us about your relationship with bacon.

Bacon and I have an incredibly personal, sensual relationship. Ben often fumes with jealousy over my undying bacon lust. Everyone loves bacon because bacon is delicious and makes everything else more delicious. Like brussel sprouts or peas. Add bacon and BOOM it’s a party. A bacon party. I can get lost in the Reddit pages on bacon, and if you’ve never gotten lost in the Reddit pages on bacon then I feel a little sorry for you.

What do you wear when you work?

Suit, tie? Every day is different! As a stylist, I have a lot of freedom- it’ll range from leather pants and a silk tank to a crazy printed dress and tights. If I had a uniform, it would be leather heavy. Leather jackets, leather purses, leather shorts, leather pants, all of my favorite things are made of leather. Anyways, I try to mix it up at work. Sometimes, like today, I’ll be low key in leather boots (omg more leather), leggings, and a comfy cotton tee. But most days I’m a little more glam in bold colors and stilettos. My secret is always having a back up pair of flats for when I feel a heel-driven tantrum brewing.

How do you hit the road? Car, bike, subway?

Hello, it’s LA! I drive everywhere. Californians are allergic to walking, it’s just fundamentally against our nature. Plus once you get used to the cool comfort of your very own car, it’s impossible to return to cramped, sweaty, sketchy public transport. Or, God forbid, a bicycle.

Who inspires you most from your field/profession?

Diane von Furstenberg. She stayed true to herself when building her brand and defined how women should dress.

Do you prefer knocking off early or burning the midnight oil?

Burning the midnight oil.

What are the perks of your job?

I’m surrounded by clothes every day- it feeds my shopping addiction!

Have you ever killed/grown your own food?

No. Look at my picture. I’m not going to pluck a chicken or grow my own vegetables, that sounds hellish. But infinitely rewarding, I’m sure.

Where you discovered by chance or did you work your way up the ladder? 

Chance?! Please. Aside from child models, no successful member of the fashion industry got here by chance. Fashion might be pretty from the outside, but from the inside it’s brutally competitive and mentally exhausting. I adore it. I’ve been working my way up the ladder for over a decade now and have zero intention of stopping anytime soon.

Tell us about someone you owe your career to?

There’s no one person. No woman is an island (why yes I did nick that from Hugh Grant what of it) and I am no exception. My success would be impossible without the loyal, kind, clever folk who tolerate my presence with such affection. In particular my friends, clients, family, fiancé, and all the wonderful people at The Grove that I work with have been a source of unwavering support and inspiration. I’m a terribly lucky girl.

How many “real” friends do you have on Facebook?

All of my friends on Facebook are real. I don’t add randoms, I’m too legit for that nonsense. I keep it real on every level- even social media (or at least I try my best.)

Are you Mac or PC?

Mac. A Mac will last forever and look good doing it. I’m a loyal person and loyal customer, so when I find something truly superior- like Ben or my Macbook- I stay faithful.

Imagine you are in a rock band, which brands or items would you demand on your backstage tour rider?

Cheetos, Diet Coke, Dry Shampoo, Strawberry Lip Balm, smoky eyeshadow.

If you could put on your own Woodstock, who would be invited to play?

Lykke Li, Aerosmith, Britney Spears (always and forever), Pharrell Williams, The Killers, Jay-Z, Drake, Prince, RL Grime, Flosstradamus- trap is my latest obsession.

Where do you go to waste time on the internet?

Reddit, Fashionista.com, Gofugyourself.com, Style.com, The Sartorialist.com, postsecret.com, netaporter.com. People are always surprised to hear me talk about Reddit, but it’s true! So next time you’re trolling Reddit, remember: that user you’re insulting might be me. So be nice boys.

How much can you bench press?

Nothing, I’ve never tried. I have the upper body strength of a T-Rex.

Can you touch your toes?

Yes, thank you yoga!

When was the last time you picked up a pen?

Today while signing checks and doodling through a phone call to my wedding planners. Doodling is a great stress reliever.

Do you believe in soul mates? Have you found yours?

Yes, my fiancé Ben! We’re wonderfully compatible. It’s such a pleasure to find someone who loves you for exactly who you are, and who you love for exactly who you are. That’s my idea of a soul mate.

How long does it take you to get ready?

Depends on where I’m going, but I can usually be out the door in a half hour if I need to. But if I don’t need to, you might as well get settled in.

What is the name of your favorite watering hole?

The Pikey! The Pikey is a fantastic bar/restaurant tucked off Sunset Boulevard and filled with my friends and neighbors. It’s within walking distance of our apartment, perfect for tottering home after too many Moscow Mules. What is your usual order? Half a dozen oysters on the half shell. They taste like really, really fresh oysters. Their vinegar chicken is also beyond delicious – i heart chicken.

What is your hangover cure?

Sleep, black coffee, Celine shades, reality TV.

Are you at home on the red carpet?

Yes, I am. Over the years I’ve learned to be truly comfortable in my own skin, so I find red carpet attention flattering- not nerve-wracking.

What do you like to read? Books? Magazines? Blogs?

Magazines- Vogue, Nylon, Foam, Love, Paper, Please!, The Cut. Blogs: Longform, Gawker, Style.com, Books: Anything by Chuck Palahniuk or Tom Robbins. I guess you could say that when it comes to literature, I’m a little dark.

Where do you feel most at peace?

Ceaseless scrolling through online shopping retailers until I fall asleep with my cart full, blissfully dreaming of the orders that have yet to arrive.

Do you sleep soundly or toss and turn?

I sleep soundly, especially when there’s a St Laurent handbag or Walter Steiger booties en route to my doorstep.

Do you sleepwalk? Sleeptalk?

Not that I know of, but maybe Ben is keeping my unconscious sleepwalking/talking a secret so he can surreptitiously learn all my secrets.

Do you meditate? Would you like to share your mantra?

Meditation requires slowing down, and I like to go fast. My mantra might be “What’s next?”


Marina Monroe for Ditlo Photographer: Marco Franchina

Kalmanovich Gets Gangster For Spring/Summer 2014

Julia Kalmanovich

Julia Kalmanovich

I’m captivated by Kalmanovich, a modern Russian label defined by infusing romance with bold structure to an utterly unique and cutting edge effect. So captivated that at this very moment, I’m wearing a daring yet simple shirt from the Spring/Summer Collection: a rich cotton tee featuring a high, rounded neck that highlight my collar bones and emblazoned with a fabulously dark pistol pattern seen throughout the Spring collection. I feel like an incredibly chic member of the Russian mob and suddenly have the urge to chug vodka and quote Tolstoy. It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness… But I digress.

Julia Kalmanovich, a wide eyed ingenue of only 30, grew up surrounded by high romance and fanciful fashion. Julia’s mother designed costumes for a small yet highly respected Moscow theater and the young prodigy was entranced by Russian design and whimsical theatrics. Even now, as a successful International designer, Julia Kalmanovich cites Russian ballet, traditional theater, and her mother’s classical look as important artistic influences. Like many children of creative types, Julia initially didn’t want to enter a career in fashion. Instead Julia focused on cultivating her mind, eventually obtaining a Master’s degree in finance. Fortunately for me (and you), Julia realized that her true gifts did not lie in calculation or acquisition, but in the design of dreamy frocks. She immediately apprenticed herself to infamous costume designer Slava Zaitsev, known by style insiders as ‘the Patriarch of Russian fashion’. From Zaitsev, Julia learned the complexities of fantastical dressmaking and rubbed shoulders with Moscow’s fashion elite.

After absorbing Russia’s aesthetic tradition and Moscow’s cutting edge street style, Julia Kalmanovich had a vision of her very own: an eponymous ready-to-wear line that would combine elements of whimsical costumiere, gritty street style, and oligarch opulence.

Inspired by this new direction, Julia struck out on her own; first opening a couture studio and then launching her first collection at Ural Fashion Week in 2006 as part of a collective of young Russian designers. Lucky for Julia, the Moscow fashion scene was at that very moment blossoming into an internationally respected fashion capital. The young designer was perfectly poised for success and succeed she did. The 29-year-old designer debuted her first collection in 2009 at Russian Fashion Week to critical and commercial success. In the five years since Julia stormed Russia’s fashion world, Kalmanovich has released 5 successful collections and expanded to New York City.

I’m crazy excited to be carrying some of Kalmanovich’s latest at Stylehaüs! Right now we have these pieces in stock now:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You’ll love your Kalmanovich as much as I love mine:



In today’s Marina Monday post, Marina shares the best way to add fringe to a look: with a bag!


Fringe is absolutely everywhere lately!  We saw the trend pop up at the Spring 2014 shows, and every Fashion Week since- Pre Fall 2014, Spring Couture 2014, Fall 2014- has featured the trend in spades.  I’m loving this look, and lucky for me I have my pick of fringed pieces at stylehaus.

Fringed bags are the best way to add this look to your current closet.  Cobra Society, an NY based brand, has the best fringed bags ever.  We stock a few of them at stylehaus, and I can’t get enough.  They lend the perfect amount of boho beauty to any look!



fringe-trend-2014For an over-the-top dose of fringe, I’m into their “Moses Pouchette”.  It’s a small bucket bag featuring long, studded leather strands and a cross-body strap.  This piece feels authentically bohemian, and super-luxurious.



fringe-trend-2014The Reide Crossbody bag is another Cobra Society must-have, and it comes in blue or yellow.  I’m feeling the blue, since cobalt is my fave color and this purse will match everything I have!  I’m totally going to bring this guy to Coachella with me this year.  The long fringe detailing fits the festival vibe, and the “brass knuckle” strap means no one will mess with me :)


fringe-trend-2014For traveling, the Cobra Society’s Tangier tote is a must.  It’s big enough to fit everything you need for a weekend away, and the handwoven Moroccan Kilim detailing on the sides is so gorgeous.  My favorite part is the tiniest tassel on the front lock- a baby dose of the season’s biggest trend!

If you’re as obsessed with fringe as I am, you have to come check these pieces out at stylehaus.





Tokyo was cold, especially for a girl who’s used to the LA sunshine!  My wardrobe wasn’t exactly appropriate for the weather, so I had to do some spur-of-the-moment shopping (which I totally didn’t mind) while I was away.  This outfit was the result!



In Turkey (where I stayed before Tokyo), I encountered the same problem so I scooped up this cute printed sweater.  I love the random print- cartoon dogs, candies, and flowers- but I knew I needed to toughen it up a bit.  I paired it with a full leather outfit to counteract its “cutesy” vibe.





My leather pants from Helmut Lang were perfect for the weather, since they look sleek but actually pack a lot of warmth.  Over my sweater I layered a jacket from The Eternal, which I love because of its textured panels.  I had to buy a hat on Harajuku Street to combat the cold, so I picked the now-classic “Comme Des F***down” beanie.  My fave Balenciaga boots added some edge!

Have you ever bought spur-of-the-moment to keep warm that you ended up loving?








In today’s Marina Monday feature, Marina shares the next big thing in headgear: beanies.



I was a flat brim fan for a while, but now I’ve fallen back in love with the beanie.  When I was in Tokyo, a beanie was the best way to stay warm and still look stylish; I wore one almost every day!  I’m not alone either; more and more fashionistas are turning towards the beanie.  It’s everywhere lately, from the runways to street style shots and on fashion blogs.



The Public School runway show this week was one of my favorites; I’m so glad they’re doing womenswear now!  I loved the tall, bulky beanies they showed with jumpsuits and leather jackets.  I’m definitely going to be rocking this vibe for the rest of winter.



The Alexander Wang P6 beanie has been making the rounds, too.  Wang created the beanie as a nod to the Principle 6 campaign, which encourages those at the Olympics in Russia to stand up for LGBT rights in a peaceful way.  I think we’ll be seeing these beanies out and about in the fashion world long after the Olympics are over!



The best thing about beanies?  There are so many shapes to choose from!  I like mine pretty tall, but slouchy beanies also look great.  What kind of beanie do you wear?




In today’s Marina Monday post, Marina shows us why hunter green is the color to watch for the new season:


I love hunter green, and for Pre Fall 2014 designers did, too.  The color is being hailed as “the new oxblood” (Lucky Magazine); I couldn’t agree more!  Hunter green is a new neutral that’s easily mixed and matched, like navy, dove grey, and oxblood.



My hunter green Celine!

My beloved Celine bag is paneled with hunter green, and it’s hard for me to come up with an outfit that it doesn’t go with.  I’m excited that the shade seems to be the “It” color for fall (or at least pre-fall); here are my favorite hunter looks from the Pre Fall 2014 lookbooks.





I love that Dior kept hunter touches to a minimum and used the color as an accent against more basic tones.  Hunter green works surprisingly well with oxblood and blue!  I’m dying to try this combo.  The turtleneck/necklaces at Dior were genius, and I’m craving the hunter green version.  Paired with jewels and a black dress, the look is spot-on.


Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton used hunter green heavily in their Pre Fall 2014 collection.  The pieces, designed by the in-house team (who’s excited for Nicholas Ghesquiere’s debut for Fall?!), are luxurious but functional.  Wide-leg leather pants and a no-nonsense cape in the hot hue are on my must-have list for Fall!





Burberry presented a really wearable collection of gorgeous separates, many of which were shown in my new fave color.  I NEED these metallic hunter pants in my life- how chic would they be with a leather shift top??  I’m also digging the hunter green fur that Burberry paired with ballgowns and skinny trousers alike.  You know I love a fuzzy fur coat; maybe a green version will be my next purchase!

What do you think?  Is hunter green the new oxblood?



In today’s Marina Monday post Marina shares the chicest alternative to heels: flat riding boots!


I’ve been getting a little burnt out on heels lately.  When I’m having a super-busy week and running around from meeting to meeting, heels just aren’t an option.  Instead, I turn to my favorite flat shoe: the riding boot!


Marina Monroe Fashion

A riding boot is a classic alternative to heels that’s always in style.   Whether I wear mine with jeans, leggings, or even a day dress, I always feel just as pulled-together as I would if I were wearing heels.



The latest addition to my collection is this fab pair from Loeffler Randall (clearly I didn’t stop at just boots…hehe)!  The ever-so-slight wedge heel gives them a ladylike edge, and I’m obsessed with the reddish-brown color.  Right now I’m wearing them over my skinny jeans, but I can’t wait to pair them with light denim cutoffs when the weather gets warmer!  You can grab a pair here.





Want some more riding boot outfits?  Try them with jeans and a button down/pull over sweater combo, with a pleated knee-length skirt and a fitted blazer, with a mini skirt and oversized cable-knit sweater, or with leggings and a menswear button down.  See?  They’re perfect with pretty much anything!


In today’s Marina Monday post, Marina shares one of her favorite leather jacket brands, AS by DF.


One of my favorite brands that we stock at stylehaus is AS by DF, the upscale sister brand of Alpine Stars.  Designed by Denise Focil, the label focuses on sleek, refined separates for the global traveler and offers gorgeous leathers, the perfect cozy sweaters, and wardrobe staples that are anything but basic.  Every season I have to add at least one AS by DF leather jacket to my collection, and this season it was this luxurious forest green version!



The mix of colors on this jacket- green body, black sleeves, gold hardware- reminded me of my favorite colorblocked Celine Trapeze bag!  This deep green feels almost like a neutral that I can throw on over anything, but it looks especially sleek & chic with an all-black outfit.   I chose an AS by DF lace top to wear underneath (also available at stylehaus!) and added my trusty leather leggings to the mix.



Some simple gold rings from Kami Lerner and shades from Karen Walker completed the “girl on the go” vibe!

I love this mix because I feel like I could go anywhere in it:  the airport, out for drinks, a business meeting, or shopping for a client.  Leather simultaneously says “laid-back” and “luxury”, especially AS by DF leather :)




Marina Monday: Walter Steiger



In today’s Marina Monday post, Marina shares her favorite shoe designer and her top picks from the current collection:



Walter Steiger is one of my favorite labels right now.  I can’t get enough of the fashion house’s famously curved high heels- whenever I’m attending a big event or even if I just want to wear something totally different, I reach for my Walter Steiger shoes.  They’re simple but eye-catching, unique but understated, and my go-to “splurge” item.  Celebrity fans include Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts, and Victoria Beckham- is there anyone who doesn’t love these shoes??



I wear my black Walter Steiger booties all the time and I grabbed a new pair (on sale!) at Barney’s not too long ago, but I’m already thinking about what pair I’m going to add to my collection next.  Right now I’m really feeling these “Venom” boots- the buckle detail is so bondange-chic.  The “Victor” boot in distressed gold is a must-have, for sure.  They’ll add some opulence to skinnies and a leather jacket!  The “Viscount” wedge is a great everyday bootie, and the “Valentina” stiletto might be my new go-to for fancy occasions.

I can’t choose!  Which pair would you get?