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Top 10 Andy Warhol Quotes


Andy Warhol would have been 86 yesterday, and the pop art savant waxed pithy wisdom and irreverent insight at every turn. Here’s Andy’s 10 best witticisms to inspire you through the most tedious Thursday.

1. Andy Warhol on Hollywood


2. Andy Warhol on getting what you want


3. Andy Warhol on the superficial


4.  Andy Warhol on the benefits of boredomAndy4

5. Andy Warhol on fame and future


6. Andy Warhol on good things


7. Andy Warhol on going out


8. Andy Warhol on falling apart


9. Andy Warhol on changing things


10. Andy Warhol on getting away with art


Our 5 Favorite Yves St. Laurent Quotes


The legendary French fashion house may now be known as simply St. Laurent, but founder Yves was a fount of elegant wisdom.

Here are our five favorites phrases.

1. Yves St Laurent On Confidence


2. Yves St Laurent On Importance


3. Yves St Laurent On Elegance0f7a81fcba7b1db659b8991bebd94aa6

4. Yves St. Laurent On Dressing6486a3ef98b01c4baae747f9d8d46e4d

5. Yves St. Laurent On The Power Of Makeup



10 Best Karl Lagerfeld Quotes

Karl Lagerfeld is more than an icon, he’s a genius, and a hilarious savant at that. No one can really anticipate what Karl Lagerfeld will say next but we can wait with baited breathe for his next bout of stylish wit.

Here are my 10 favorite Karl Lagerfeld quotes! 

1. Karl Lagerfeld on Attitude

karl 2

2. Karl Lagerfeld on strange beauty 

karl 1

3. Karl Lagerfeld on survival

karl 9

4. Karl Lagerfeld on language

karl 3

5. Karl Lagerfeld on tacky

karl 7

6. Karl Lagerfeld on Elegance

karl 8

7. Karl Lagerfeld on soul

karl 10

8. Karl Lagerfeld on faking it

karl 6

9. Karl Lagerfeld on change

karl 4

10. Karl Lagerfeld on being down to earth

karl 5

Anna Wintour’s 5 Funniest Quotes

It’s finally Friday and you could use a pick me up. Here are 5 hilarious one liners from fashion’s reigning queen bee: Anna Wintour.

Whether you’re off to a romantic date or hipster hot spot, take these morsels of amazing Anna and use them as major attitude inspiration. You are everything. You are Anna. You are off!

1. Anna Wintour on friendly competition


2. Anna Wintour on knowledge


3. Anna Wintour on the importance of others


4. Anna Wintour on sunglasses

Picture 004

5. Anna Wintour on public perception


Anna forever-

 xxo Stylehaüs.