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Triple Tip Thursday

Haute hipster hats, royal blue hues, and neoprene prints are everything to us.

This week anyway. 

1. Hipster Haute Hat


Panama Hats and Fedoras in dusky neutral hues are 2014’s must have headwear.

Panama Hats and Fedoras continue to dominate street style and editorial spreads for a reason: they’re modern, flexible, flattering, and add a juicy dose of boho rock and roll to any ensemble. While the traditional iterations of both style involve straw, this Season woven headwear is being eschewing for fierce fabrics in deep, almost somber tones such as chocolate and ebony. The best versions are made distinct by a touch of metal work or sophisticated applique, like a gunmetal buckle or grosgrain band.

Effortless is attitude is what these pieces are all about, with a structured base lending maturity and broad (but never floppy) edges whispering “I woke up cool”. If you’re just getting started on this trend, make your life easier by veering towards classic black. It’s not only the easiest, it’s the trendiest; Yang Li, Kenneth Cole Collection, Alexis Mabille, Tibi and Dion Lee sent models strutting in broad black hats for their Fall 2014 shows. You can scoop one up at many Grove boutiques and fantastic hat carts.

2. Royal Blue


Royal blue is raging on.

When the colors of next season’s collections became clear, it was obvious that blue had a strong runway presence. From cerulean, cyan and cobalt to navy, sapphire and periwinkle, blue is undisputedly about to blow up and all over our collective wardrobes. Yet my favorite shade of blue for the upcoming months has a majestic effect: royal blue.

Bolder than navy but less flashy than sapphire, royal blue occupies the gorgeous territory between bright and neutral. In particular, my inspiration came from Tibi’s Fall Campaign in which deep but bright shades of royal blue popped from the page and into my imagination. Stand out and stand tall in royal blue coating on crepe dresses, button-down tops, pointed-toe pumps, and of course a fabulous coat.


3. Neoprene Dream


Space Age Super Fabric is everywhere, praise the modern age.

Neoprene is a spongy and slimming material made from synthetic rubber and seen more and more in fashion from high street to side streets. The wonderfully useful fabric is used on everything from T-shirts to wedding dresses because of it’s utterly unique qualities, particularly the way it holds a solid, structured shape without suffocating or strangling. In fact, for all it’s form fitting abilities, neoprene manages to feel both breezy and light.

Oh, and did I mention that neoprene doesn’t wrinkle? And washes easily? If neoprene sounds too good to be true, pinch yourself, and then go shopping because neoprene wondrous abilities are very true and very here. Neoprene looks good on everybody and wears as an ideal reflect of today’s tech-forward, androgynous, casual American culture.