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Weekly Pull: Itty Bitty Bottoms

Is any sensation more deliciously simple than a cool summer breeze whipping against your long(enough), tan(ish), legs? Rocking the free leg walk is Summertime’s sweetest pleasure and the one thought that keeps us going during those frigid winter evenings spent slathered in bulky layers.

June marks the official start of Summer, so this week we paired small bottoms with long tops for a sophisticated and insanely wearable array of lovely looks.

photo 1

VEDA leather overalls, Clover Canyon button up, and Prada pumps.

photo 2

AIKO sweater, Pamela Gonzales shorts, Safi Miran clutch, and Prada pumps.

photo 3

Parade skirt, AS by DF sweater, Safi Miran handbag, and Prada pumps.

xoxo stylehaüs

Decked out in Leather Accents!

courtesy of glamour.com

courtesy of style.com

Leather can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes intimidating. However, black leather is all the rage this fall and here at stylehaüs, we show you how to style leather in a way that can worn by anyone and for every occasion! Our first look is more casual, we’ve paired leather shorts with a sheer top and structured black blazer. Add some edgy flats and simple accessories and you have a great look for work or shopping on the weekend! In our second look we have a black sheath dress with black heels, red alligator clutch and stacked vintage bracelets. A perfect outfit for a date, dinner out or night with the girls! Leather can always be integrated into your outfit (whether its a leather bag, jacket, heel, pant etc.) and works in the day or night!