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Trend Report: Psychedelic Spring

In one of my favorite scenes of The Devil Wear Prada, Miranda aka Meryl shreds tired suggestions for the spring issue in one deliciously scathing swoop:


As usual, Miranda’s insightful cruelty is on point. Flowers for spring time have been done up and down every which way since the beginning of fashion time. Yet, it’s undeniable that after months of deep winter hues, we’re ready to break out of the black cocoon and pop some brights in our look. So what’s a cool girl in the spring of 2014 to do? My solution: beachy psychedelics, chrome glow, and nouveau tribals to bring the bright without losing your edge.

Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection includes sophisticated psychedelic prints in shades of burgundy and sumatra that will blend flawlessly with your dark winter leathers for an immaculate transition from winter to spring.




LazyOaf, an irreverent UK-based label popular amongst the hipster hordes, combined psychedelic prints with Shinjuku mania for their Spring 2014 Lookbook. You don’t have to be a 90’s kid to flip over the collection’s eye-catching patterns and crafted construction.




UNIF’s Spring Collection blurs dreamy psychedelic, candy coated color, and DGAF attitude for an assortment that is just so, so good. So. damn. good. Let’s break my 3 favorite LSD trip looks piece by piece. Tie dye is far from my cup of tea, but the flattering yet outré dress design is perfect for walking along a Malibu beach, wind whipping in my hair, jasmine incense wafting through the sea breeze… Hey, it could happen! Look #2 is simple psychedelic with that chrome finish that’s all the rage amongst cool girls from Silverlake to Bed-Stuy. Finally, UNIF’s fringed kimono references Liza Minnelli and Lisa Frank for a new apex of loungewear ideal for informal outdoor brunches or glamorous lazy days.



Mara Hoffman’s Spring 2014 is like a sprinkle of peyote to the eyeball. Her psychedelic patterns manage to be both crisp and complex, with heavily saturated colors accenting geometric patterns and lean, languid swirls. It’s a fashion world cliché to refer to clothes as art, but Mara Hoffman’s impeccably cut pieces are pops of post modern mecca to swath over our mere human form.





Skorts hold a special place in our hearts here at stylehaus.  While we are totally over the now-ubiquitous Zara miniskort (you know the one…the piece that every blogger and her mom wore last season), skorts in and of themselves aren’t off-limits.  We actually LOVE the versastility of the hybrid piece: the femininity of a skirt with a comfort that only comes from knowing we won’t be flashing our undies if a breeze comes along.



In fact, a skort is one must-have piece for the Spring season.  If you want in on the look, stylehaus has got you covered!  Stylist Janelle put together two street-style worthy looks with the “It” piece of the moment, all pieces courtesy of stylehaus.






Our yellow and black marble printed shorts have two free-flowing front panels, creating the illusion of a skirt.  The long length is so on-trend right now; remember our post on the popularity of Bermudas?  Janelle matched these edgy shorts with a distressed-looking sweater in black.  The result is an effortlessly cool outfit that Alexander Wang would be proud of.








Looking for something a little less dramatic?  Our neoprene skort with gold zipper detailing might be the skort for you!  We love the asymmetrical hemline, and the light color goes with absolutely everything.  Janelle opted for a blue suede tee shirt, making this look perfect for a Spring night out on the town.

All items (except for Janelle’s gorgeous boots) are available at stylehaus!  Call 323-655-5900 for pricing and sizing details.



While walking through Zara, we were stopped in our tracks by some oddly familiar designs.  Tops, skirts, and dresses reminiscent of the Spring runways were absolutely everywhere- not that we’re complaining.  We’ll never say no to a, ahem, derivative work of a runway piece at an affordable price!  No knock-offs here, though: while Zara’s designs are thisclose to looking like the real thing, they stop short of being blatant rip-offs.

We have a feeling we’ll get tons of, “Is that Celine?” questions.  If asked, we’ll just smile and say, “It’s Zara! Under $100!” with a smile.  Bragging about a great deal is the new black, you know.



If you’re into Celine’s abstract art vibes, look no further than the racks of Zara.  This primary-color painted tee is your best bet; wear it with a black-and-white skirt that recalls Celine’s Spring 2014 opening look for an inspired outfit!



More of a 3.1 Phillip Lim girl?  Zara’s got you covered.  The designers ode to geodes is available for under $60!  Lim paired his version with a yellow leather skirt, but we’re thinking of distressed denim instead.



Prada’s crazy Spring runway show is hard to emulate- Miucca Prada’s pieces were so over-the-top that it’d be risky to recreate.  Zara found a way, though, with some of the simpler dresses that walked the catwalk.  Prada’s sporty shift dresses are some of the most inspiring pieces of the season, and Zara’s offering a pared-down version for about $70.  Add a giant statement necklace to replace Prada’s runway bling, and you’re good to go!




Celebrities modeling for high-fashion brands is nothing new, but something about the latest crop of Spring ad campaigns and their celebrity counterparts feels fresh and exciting.  This season, designers didn’t just tap the biggest faces in the biz for money-making modeling ventures; instead, it seems they focused on really finding the perfect face to fit the brand image.  The result is a season of perfectly inspiring images that we can’t tear our eyes away from.  The 3 best matchups out there?  Lupita Nyong’o for Miu Miu, Rihanna for Balmain, and Lou Doillon for Chloe.



Miu Miu’s quirky Spring collection didn’t obviously lend itself to Lupita’s (insanely cool) style.  The 12 Years A Slave star is a relative newcomer who is still cementing her street cred, and is known for darker material.  Props to the decision-makers at Miu Miu for recognizing Lupita’s style potential early on and tapping her for their campaign!  The bright colors and cartoonish prints of Miu Miu’s 70s-glam collection get a luxe upgrade from Lupita’s glowing skin and attitude-filled eyes.  Although the brand also features Elizabeth Olsen, Bella Heathcote, & Elle Fanning in their Spring adverts, we love Lupita’s pics the best.




In hindsight, Rihanna seems like an obvious choice for the rocker-chic house of Balmain.  While the brand has dabbled in more hardcore looks in the past, Spring’s pastels were decidedly more demure than the usual Balmain fare.  Enter RiRi.  The musician/muse lent her badass vibe to the Chanel-esque jackets with gold chain details, and the rest is history.  Fashion’s baddest fashionista’s will be dying to get their hands on this collection now that’s it’s been imbued with Rihanna’s signature brand of cool.




While Lou Doillon (model, musician, daughter of Jane Birkin) might not be a household name yet, we think her latest campaign for Chloe might change that.  Her quintessentially French good looks and hard-edged beauty are a perfect match for Chloe’s ethereal, street-chic, and 70s-inspired Spring collection.  We can’t stop staring.

Are there any other perfectly-fronted Spring campaigns we missing?  (Not counting Miley for Marc- we covered that one here a few weeks ago!)

It Factor Friday: Holographic Fashion

Designers took metallics a step further for Spring 2014 and presented pieces that were iridescent and holographic.  These pieces, a different color from every angle, are futuristic and fun and we can’t get enough.  The look reminds us of our Lisa Frank folders and stickers in the ‘90s, so how could we not love it?!



Tom Ford SS14


3.1 Phillip Lim SS14



Lanvin SS14


Marc by Marc Jacobs


Cacherel SS14


Christopher Kane SS14


Christopher Kane SS14

Everyone from Tom Ford to Cacherel put their own spin on the holographic trend.  Mr. Ford presented the sexiest version (of course) in the form of a body-con mini glowing like a disco ball.  3.1 Phillip Lim put gave a gritty edge to the look with light distressing and a dark base color; we love that Lim accessoried with futuristic frames too!  Lanvin’s irredescent dresses were vaugley 80s , while Marc Jacobs made the look modern with a silver bomber jacket.   Cacherel  mixed two trends in one: iridescence and matchy-matchy sets.  Our favorite version of the breakout trend, though, came from Christopher Kane.  His delicate dresses looked absolutely otherworldly and elegant, like something an alien queen would wear.




Of course, stylehaus got in on the look too!  We gravitated towards this holographic clutch from MUGLER by Thierry Mugler for it’s simplicity.  Since head-to-to holographic wear is a hard look to pull off IRL, we’ll add the trend to our closets in bits and pieces.  Stylist Bethany paired it with jeans, white pumps, and a black top- sophisticated, playful, and pulled-together!

If you want to indulge in the holographic look, you can scoop up this clutch at stylehaus for $690.  Call 323-655-5900 to order!