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5 Crazy Creative New Ways To Carry Your Purse

It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you hold it…


Want to know a secret?

It’s not the bag that matters. Ok J/k no the bag totally matters, but also important is how you carry your purse. Street style starlets and it-girls alike know that carrying your purse in an unexpected and seemingly unintentional way elevates your look from standard to superior. For inspiration I turned to three superior fashion bloggers who are masters: The Blonde Salad, The Haute Pursuit, and Song Of Style

Here are five bold new ways to carry your bag like a modern muse.

1. The Leash

If you’ve ever been to Disney land, you’re familiar with the horrifying yet hilarious sight of grubby, shifty-eyed spawn trotting about on leashes held by weary parents. Nothing says “I don’t want to lose you, but you might want to lose me,” like a leash. When employing ‘the leash’ technique, think of your purse as a child; only better. Purses don’t pick their nose, throw tantrums, or rip open your lady bits, and compared to a college education, a new Prada is downright FRUGAL.

via the haute pursuit

Unlike raising non-horrible children, which is apparently very difficult, maintaining a non-horrible purse is as easy as proper storage and regular cleaning. Actually now that I think about it, several children I’ve recently encountered could greatly benefit from proper storage (not under my feet) and regular cleaning (not in the public restroom).

If you’re contemplating motherhood or even pet adoption, why not polish your transportation skills stylishly by employing ‘The Leash’ technique of unorthodox purse carrying.

via songofstyle

Using a cross body bag, gather the straps in your hand like a coiled whip for your imaginary naughty children. Hold it just far enough to the front or side so it’s close but not so close as to smack your legs while walking. Then simply a. take a picture and b. saunter off, swinging your purse/child about jauntily and feigning regret when it hits an actual child careless enough to block your path.

Marina Monroe

Marina Monroe

The Leash is fantastic for pictures because it a. shows off a cross body bag from the front b. employs your hand and c. keeps at least one arm from smashing hideously against your side. When photographing with The Leash, hold your purse forward center, cross your ankles, and delicately point one toe.

If you DO accidentally(ish) whack a child while walking with The Leash, defuse any tearful tots or irritable mothers by loudly chastising your purse/child. “BAD BALENCIAGA BAD BAD BAD BACK TO THE CLOSET YOU GO,” you’ll say, confusing the child and confounding the mother just long enough to scamper off.

2. The Heartbeat

There is a famous and incredibly depressing study about motherhood conducted on baby monkeys some years ago. Taken from their mothers, the young primates are given only a towel wrapped figure to nurse. Without their mother’s physical and emotional affection, the adorable baby monkeys slowly withered away, clutching desperately at the wooden figure. Depressing as fuck, yes. I share this horrifying scientific anecdote with you because in order to fully utilize The Heartbeat, you should evoke the intense clutching of an emotionally deprived baby monkey.

via the haute pursuit

Imagine your purse is a baby monkey (or baby human if you’re boring) that has never experienced love. Your purse can be a crossbody, satchel, whatever as long as it’s not too small and has a strap or at very least a handle. You love your purse baby monkey so deeply that you’re coddling it to your bosom protectively. It can hear your heart beat. You can smell it’s sumptuous leather. The Heartbeat is deeply intimate; nothing comes between you two. Except maybe the wheel and/or a drink. Your baby monkey bag will understand that sometimes mommy needs a cocktail, as it is far more understanding and well-behaved than an actual baby of any species.

via The Blonde Salad

The Heartbeat works wonderfully on the ever flexible cross body bag, particularly the newer style of crossbody bags that fall higher and more centered than their less domesticated ancestors. For a more dramatic and equally chic (or even more chic if it’s a great bag) utilization of The Heartbeat, cuddle an enormous it-bag to your breast like an obese baby monkey or Britney Spears’ offspring circa 2007.

via the blonde salad

via the blonde salad

Sidenote: the wild, desperate look in 2007 Britney Spears’ eyes is disturbingly similar to the wild, desperate look in the eyes of those motherless baby monkeys.

3. The Runaway

Have you ever wanted to run far, far away? Of course you have. People are ghastly.

via The Haute Pursuit

Runaways of popular fiction are often marked by an over-the-shoulder pouch made of a napkin tied about a stick. While sticks and napkins are still not chic and today’s runaways are instead marked by signs of abuse, holding your purse tossed over one shoulder is now considered the height of sophistication. Progress!

via the haute pursuit

Any purse with a strap can be used for The Runaway. Ideally, you want a strap long enough to hit between shoulder-blade and ass. If the strap is too short, your lovely Lanvin will viciously slap the nape of your neck as you come to the unpleasant realization that your stride is less ‘delicate glide’ and more ‘ungainly trot’. bindle Too long a strap and that gorgeous Givenchy will start smacking your ass like Rick Ross at Jumbo’s Clown Room.

4. The Target

Remember when Cher Horowitz faced down a mugger after that Cranberries-loving tool crassly abandoned her in the Valley?

via betcheslovethis

Cher may have lost her shoes and sullied her Alaïa, but kept her sense of style.  Today, that scene is an infamous moment in fashion legend and continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. The defensive, wary way that Cher grasps her purse is a fabulous example of The Target. Cher Horowitz really was way before her time. A visionary. A prophet.

via the haute pursuit

The Target is distinctive because a. it almost exclusively applies to clutches, b. the clutch is held against your upper abdomen, below your boobs and slightly to the side. As if you’re shielding that fragile Fendi from being snatched by a scoundrel. Or you’re a 7th grade girl self-consciously carrying her binder from Algebra to English.  Like a victim, really.

via the haute pursuit

Carrying your cIutch like a victim may seem counterintuitive to looking cool, but trends often make no sense whatsoever so just go with it. Clutches, unimaginatively named after the way women are intended to clutch them, never made much sense to begin with. Clutches fly in the face of opposable thumbs and are the #1 way drunk girls to lose their iPhones. All hail the end of clutching. Stretch your fingers with pride and hold your bag like it’s 1AM in Compton.

5. The Boulder

The Boulder is essentially The Victim’s dramatic foil or, more simply, opposite.

via song of style

The Boulder involves carrying a purse like a clutch: one-handed, arm cupping, handles or strap flapping pointedly as if to say “Oh you still use these? How quaint.” While The Victim is a defensive pose, The Boulder is an aggressive pose. You’re not only flouting convention, you’re storming the convention castle while carrying a Bottega Veneta like a boulder. A boulder you might chuck at someone wearing Crocs at any minute, just for the hell of it, because you’re hard like that.

via thehautepursuit

The Boulder works during day or night, depending on where you are and what you’re wearing. If you’re underdressed I’d suggest NOT employing The Boulder because it’ll look accidental, like you wandered in accidentally and are now trying to fit in by pretending your purse is a clutch. The Boulder should say ‘I don’t give a damn’ not ‘Let’s play make-believe’.

via The Blonde Salad

If you’re correctly dressed The Boulder looks like a distinctive mark of personal style. When faced with the prospect of being overdressed, The Boulder is actually a genius trick to salvage the situation. Simply substitute that dainty Marni clutch with your chunky Chloe satchel to balance stuffy formality with a dash of stylish irreverence.

Little Fashion: Style Comes in All Sizes

As we obsessed over photos of little fashionistas, we came across the Instagram account Fashion Kids. From there it was a black hole of mini gladiator sandals, beanies, sneakers and sunnies. To think fashion inspiration is coming from a well dressed three or five-year old is unbelievable but you know what….believe it! We think it’s safe to say that Suri Cruz started this whole kids of fashion trend and we fully support it. They may not be celebrity children, but they deserve the spotlight. Moms, you have done well and we salute you with this “mini” fashion tribute.



Genesis and her little California style is keeping us on our A-game with beanie after beanie. If you’re not familiar, us Cali girls tend to rock this trend year round and this peanut sized hipster knows what style is all about.



It’s obvious that four-year old Gavin has some mini swagger with his denim on denim look but we are obsessing over the hair. Need we say more? Not really. He speaks for himself on YouTube.



Three years old never looked so adorable, especially when it’s menswear inspired. Side zip skinny khakis and Converse inspired kicks caught our eye on this fashion trend of girls rocking it just like the boys. Three year old Michelle shows us grown ladies how it’s done.



Mario and his suspenders. Ugh…you are a site to see little man. Is it us or does he have a David Beckham/European style going on? Three years old has treated you well. We can’t wait to see year four. Check him out on Twitter @YanisMario.



Ev knows street style and there is no question about it. An oversized camo vest shows off a little bit of rocker and we are completely convinced. Little lady, you wear it well.



A five-year old who loves beau hudson? Umm yes please. Little Liam is a boy with style and we are feelin’ the “Bruno Mars if he wore aviators” vibe he has going on.



Haileigh is taking over the world at four years old and with this look and a killer top knot, we can see how she’s doing just that. This little fashionista knows when to keep it sleek and when to let her hair down.


We have a little bit of an obsession with scouring street style sites, and during Fashion Month we absolutely overdosed on the good stuff.  Seeing so many images in a short time frame is (of course) inspiring, but also a little confusing: there’s a crazy amount of outfit ideas bouncing around in our heads and it’s hard to decide which inspirations to pull from sometimes!  To help sort out our favorite street style snaps, we’ve dedicated ourselves to pinpointing our favorite pics and nailing the look.  Luckily, with stylehaus’ merch at our disposal, it’s pretty easy!  Exhibit A: Joanna Hillman in a black, blue, and fringed look.



Hillman was the epitome of effortless chic at Paris Fashion Week in a simple mix of black and blue.  Here, it’s the little details that make all the difference: the oversized fit of the blazer, the minimal gold chokers, the fringed purse.  Love!



A look like this is easy to emulate with a few key pieces, like a great pair of black pants and a boyfriend blazer.   We immediately thought of our fave stretch skinny jeans and threw them on with a high-necked black blouse.  On top, we layered our “Ex-Boyfriend” blazer in blue- 50% off!

The finishing touches were our newest gold necklace- we LOVE the minimal shapes- and our trusty fringed bucket bag.  If you want to get this look too, all pieces are available at stylehaus.



The recent street style during Fashion Month has made it clear that if there’s one thing your wardrobe needs right now, it’s a turtleneck.



Turtlenecks were long relegated to conservative older women and Steve Jobs, but last year we saw a spike in turtlenecks at the Fall shows.  The trend continued through spring with shorter, sleeveless turtlenecks; and the latest round of runway shows and street style snaps prove that the look is here to stay!




Who would’ve thought a turtleneck could be so versatile?  Wear one under Spring’s strapless dresses until the weather gets warm enough to wear a dress on its own- extra point for layering a blazer on top!  Or, use a tight turtleneck to lend some coverage to a crop top-and-high-waisted-skirt set like Yasmin Sewell.  Olivia Palermo wears the trend well underneath a tough leather jacket and a leather skirt- the coziness of her turtleneck sweater softens up the look and brings attention to her beautiful face!

Convinced yet?  If you don’t have a turtleneck in your closet already, get movin’!


It may have been a result of the cold weather in NYC, but we noticed a definite street style trend pop up during NYFW: the graphic sweatshirt.  Of course, graphic sweaters and tees have been a big trend for a while now, but the NYFW version was a little different that what we’re used to.  Fashionistas donned hoodies purchased from their favorite food stops (Hooters), movies (Ghostbusters), and streetwear brands (Adidas).  You might be wondering why such casual wear was snapped by street-style photogs; it’s because every graphic sweatshirt was matched with something a little more luxe.  Take note!



Model Hanne Gaby Odiele stepped out in a Hooters sweatshirt- which would normally have no spot on a street-style roundup.  However, she expertly mixed the casual basic with high-fashion staples, like her long, black fur coat and chic little orange purse.  Orange has been a huge color on the latest runways (Narsico Rodriguez, Clover Canyon), and Hanne made it her own by pairing her trendy purse back to the “trashy” Hooters logo.  Chic and cheeky!



The same method is what made this lady’s “Adidas” sweatshirt work.  Worn under a fur coat, the sporty screened print takes on a whole new vibe; it’s loungewear mixed with luxury, comfort mixed with couture.  Her quirky sneaks take the look to new levels of cool.



A “Rodarte” hoodie isn’t exactly sloppy streetwear- it’s from one of the most high-end fashion houses, after all.  Still, this model knew she had to counteract the casual vibe of a hoodie (no matter how high-fashion) with something sleek.  Her tailored trousers and long suede coat elevate the laid-back piece, making it totally appropriate for NYFW.



We’ve gotta give props to the street styler who dared to wear this Ghostbusters sweatshirt.  Who knew this 80s-tastic movie would be so at home at Fashion Week 2014??  When paired with a feminine, pleated wool skirt and an on-trend bomber jacket, the sweatshirt becomes modern and girly.  We kinda want to steal this look, ASAP.
What do you think- would you ever grab a graphic sweatshirt in lieu of your usual winter wear?



There’s one particular trend emerging at New York Fashion Week that we’re overly excited about: fur sleeves.  We’ve been there, done that with fur coats, fur scarves, even fur gloves- but fur sleeves?  The concept feels fresh & familiar all at once.   So many runways showcased wool jackets & sweaters with texture-blocking in the form of fur!



DKNY showed a wearable version perfect for NYC winter weather.  A water-resistant black parka got a luxe update from a fur-trimmed hood and fur sleeves from the elbow down.  Worn over a classic black suit, the look was the perfect evolution of classic New York standbys.



Not only did Jason Wu texture-block, he colorblocked as well!  Wu’s fur-sleeved coat featured shiny blue material (so big for Fall) contrasted with black fur panels at the arms.  This coat would be right at home in a high-end ski resort, right?



We LOVED the exaggerated fur sleeves at Milly!  The Milly show featured a black-and-white zip up jacket with a fur skirt AND fur sleeves.  The long fur extended past the fingertips, giving off a wild-woman vibe.  This might be our favorite of the bunch.



Sally LaPointe’s fur-sleeved turtleneck sweater felt like so on-trend; a natural progression of the oversize-turtleneck-sweater trend that’s been so big lately.  In fact, we’re pretty sure the Man Repeller Leandra Medine scooped up this sweater right off the runway- she was spotted in something eerily similar the next day!



Sally LaPointe?

What do you think of the fur sleeves trend?  Yay or nay?


New York Fashion Week is going strong, and this season’s crop of street stylers are doing their best to pull out all the style stops, despite the Polar Vortex.  From big furry coats to loads of layers, the emerging cold weather trends are positively inspirational!  Our fave street-style look to hit the blogs, though, is PINK!  A big trend for SS14, it’s safe to say the pink will still be an It color come Fall.  Here’s how the best of the best rock the soft hue:

1.  With basics



Model Karolina Kurkova exited the shows in the pink blazer, collar popped.  Perfection!  She layered her pink piece over basic separates- a white button down, black pullover, and distressed boyfriend jeans.  Simple but still over-the-top stylish.

2.  Head-to-toe



This pretty lady is rocking rose head-to-toe!  What makes this work is that she mixes up her shades: her a pale pink skirt, slightly darker hoodie, ombred coat, rose-petal purse, and black-contrasted oxfords all clash a little, which is good.  A pop of black (by way of her tights) ensures that this look is anything but overly-sweet!

3.  With pants



Pink coats are all over the place and pink sweaters are everywhere, too- so the most out-of-the-box way to wear pink is with pants.  This lady’s wide-leg pair is super on-trend, especially when worn with a knee-length coat.  The oversized, menswearish proportions balance out the feminine hue.

4.  Layered up



Don’t just count on your coat to make a statement- this style star made sure her pink coat was only one aspect of a well-thought-out outfit.  Her pale turtleneck topped with a graphic tunic, layered over leather pants and printed shoes would’ve been a hit by itself- but the pink coat adds another layer of intrigue!

5.  With a matching hat



Don’t limit yourself to one pink piece.  If you love the color, go all out!  Match a rose-colored coat to a knit beanie for a hip spin on the trend.  Take a cue from this street styler and pair your pink with white- so classic and fresh!

6.  With powder blue



One of our favorite color pairings is blush pink with powder blue.  Something about the mixture of soft pastel tones just works!  The easiest way to get the look?  Grab a pink coat and throw on a blue beanie.  Extra points for belting your coat!

How will you wear pink this season?



In today’s Marina Monday post Marina shares the chicest alternative to heels: flat riding boots!


I’ve been getting a little burnt out on heels lately.  When I’m having a super-busy week and running around from meeting to meeting, heels just aren’t an option.  Instead, I turn to my favorite flat shoe: the riding boot!


Marina Monroe Fashion

A riding boot is a classic alternative to heels that’s always in style.   Whether I wear mine with jeans, leggings, or even a day dress, I always feel just as pulled-together as I would if I were wearing heels.



The latest addition to my collection is this fab pair from Loeffler Randall (clearly I didn’t stop at just boots…hehe)!  The ever-so-slight wedge heel gives them a ladylike edge, and I’m obsessed with the reddish-brown color.  Right now I’m wearing them over my skinny jeans, but I can’t wait to pair them with light denim cutoffs when the weather gets warmer!  You can grab a pair here.





Want some more riding boot outfits?  Try them with jeans and a button down/pull over sweater combo, with a pleated knee-length skirt and a fitted blazer, with a mini skirt and oversized cable-knit sweater, or with leggings and a menswear button down.  See?  They’re perfect with pretty much anything!


We always see street style shots from New York, Paris, Milan, etc—but where are the LA street style photographers??  Googling “LA street style” leaves a lot to be desired, so we decided to snap some of our own street style shots here at the Grove!  We contribute these pics every week to The Grove App & the instagram account @spottedatthegrove- make sure you download/follow for the latest in LA street style!IMG_6942_result



Street Style: Men’s Fashion Week

Men’s Fashion Week just wrapped up (only 3 more weeks ‘til NYFW!), and while we weren’t too concerned with catching the collections, we LOVED pouring over the street-style shots from before and after the shows.  Our favorite street style stars- Anna Dello Russo, Mira Duma, et al- all came out for the shows and were sporting some of Spring’s biggest looks.  Serious style inspiration, right this way —–>



Prada SS14 on ADR


More Prada SS14

We finally got to glimpse the newest Prada pieces out in the wild!  Of course street style goddess Anna Dello Russo was rocking one of Miuccia’s printed fur coats.  We love the look in a classic cotton overcoat, too- we can’t wait to see more of this collection mixed-and-matched by editors.




This Fashion Week was all about the coat, since temperatures tended to dip below freezing.  We saw tons of neutral toppers with bright yellow accents.  This color combo is perfect for getting us through the rest of the a gloomy winter until spring comes around!



We even got some fresh new ideas for transitional dressing!  Once it starts to warm up a little more, we’ll ditch our pants for cutoffs and thigh-high boots like this fashionista.   A coat tossed over our shoulders just-so will finish off the in-between-seasons outfit perfectly!




When all else fails, mix neutrals.  Camel and gray are a fresh pair, and navy and gray are super on-trend when worn together.  A unique hat is a must-have, too!