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There is literally nothing more classic than a white blouse.  A crisp white button down, a drape-y white silk top, a plain white tee- they go with anything and everything, and look great on anyone of any age.  No one has pushed the power of the white blouse more than ‘70s supermodel Lauren Hutton.








Known for her All-American charm and classic, preppy style, Lauren Hutton made a name for herself in the 70s and hasn’t stopped making headlines since.  She’s one of the world’s most revered style icons, and could give us all a lesson in “less is more.”  Her outfits typically included a white blouse, typically worn in a super-simple way: with a denim skirt, a blazer, or blue jeans.  Classic & chic!



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Our newest white blouse reminds us of Lauren Hutton SO much!  The draped, v-neck fit is all Lauren, giving off a sexy-but-secretarial vibe.  The ¾ length sleeves, perfectly cuffed, absolutely make the shirt.  We’d wear this with everything:  a leather skirt, printed pants, cutoffs, you name it.

If you can’t get over the Lauren Hutton look, either, you can grab this blouse for $174 at stylehaus- just call 323-655-5900 to order!


Culture Club: James Goldstein


James Goldstein posing with a model wearing our JG tee shirt!

There’s one particular tee shirt that we carry at stylehaus that always prompts a reaction:  our James Goldstein graphic tee.  People look at it and either say, “Who’s that guy?” or “OMG I need this tee!” So…do you know who James Goldstein is?


James Goldstein, Fashion Cowboy


James Goldstein, in all of his snakeskin, cowboy-hatted glory, has made a name for himself as a fashion fixture.  You’ll catch him at almost every runway show- Gaultier, Cavalli, and Gucci are his favorites- but no one quite knows why he’s there.  He’s not a buyer, an editor, or a writer; he’s simply a hardcore fashion fan.



James Goldstein at our poolside fashion show last year

Marina Monroe with James Goldstein!

Marina Monroe with James Goldstein!

After moving to LA from Milwaukee at 18, James got involved in investments and amassed an incredible fortune.  An affair with Jayne Mansfield and friendships with John Galliano and Maxfield’s owner Tommy Pearse put James on the socialite map, and he started getting invitations to fashion shows.  Nowadays, he doesn’t even bother with invitations, though- he just shows up to whatever show he wants to see and they let him in.  He even came to our stylehaus fashion show last year!



James won’t disclose his age, but we’re guessing he’s 70+.  His tanned skin and long gray hair are permanent accessories, and his daily uniform usually consists of a suit made of some exotic skin, a deep v tee shirt, a bandana artfully tied around his neck, boots, and an exotic-skinned cowboy hat.  This formula ensures that you can always pick out James in a crowd!



Fashion isn’t his only interest though; his business card famously says “Fashion. Architecture. Basketball.”  He’s a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and has been designing and rebuilding his own home for years.   James Goldstein is also known as “The Number 1 Basketball Fan,” holding season tickets for the Lakers and following the team to pretty much every away game each season.




Our James Goldstein tee shirt is a nod to both his iconic style and his mysterious story.  James Goldstein started with nothing but loads of personal style and managed to become a fashion-world fixture.  If he can do it, so can we!

Want to grab this tee for yourself?  It’s $89 at stylehaus; call 323-655-5900 to order!


Throwback Thursday: Edie Sedgwick


Edie Sedgwick…the It Girl of the 60s, Andy Warhol’s muse, the reason girls think it’s OK to wear leggings as pants.  Unfortunately, Edie Sedgwick was only person in the world who could pull that look off and look stylish- though that hasn’t stopped us from trying to emulate her!


Pre-Pixie cut Edie

Pre-Pixie cut Edie

She came from the ultimate American family: her great-great-great grandfather signed the Declaration of Independence, but her American roots reach all the way back to 1635, when her seventh-great grandfather was the 1st Major General of one of the first settled colonies.  Edie got sick of being seeped in all that tradition though, and set out to make a totally unique name for herself in the early 60s.


Her signature makeup & mole; hanging with Andy Warhol

Her signature makeup & mole; hanging with Andy Warhol

In 1965 Edie met Andy Warhol and became his muse- she was an actress in many of his avant-garde films.  She was rumored to be dating Bob Dylan, and is widely thought to be the inspiration behind his hit song “Just Like A Woman”.  She quickly became one of the most famous socialites of the decade, although that took its toll: Edie was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and managed to spend her entire inheritance in just 6 months.  Her wardrobe during this time was positively inspirational, though!

A shot of Edie from Vogue

A shot of Edie from Vogue

Her famous fashion looks- no pants!

Her famous fashion looks- no pants!

Edie’s  short bottle-blond haircut, mod eye-makeup, and thick eyebrows have become iconic.  She was even known to draw on a mole a la Marilyn Monroe everyday!  Edie wasn’t fond of pants, and dared to wear black opaque tights or black hotpants in lieu of proper bottoms.  Graphic stripes, giant chandelier earrings, and big fur or feathered coats were staples in Sedwick’s wardrobe, and to this day these items scream “Edie!”






Since the Swingin’ 60s are back in full swing for Spring 2014, the signature Edie look is easy to recreate.  Our disco-ball statement earrings are 100% Sedgwick, and we know Edie would die over our perfect black leggings.  Paired with a striped top and black and white blazer, they’re right on trend.  Edie loved chunky sweaters, too- our neon knit mixes modern-day trendiness with 60s flair!

If you want to get Sedgwick’s style, minus the no-pants thing, try our green shift dress!  The cut is all 60s, but it offers a little more modestly that Edie’s traditional fare.  Want more Edie inspiration?  Check out the movie Factory Girl, starring Sienna Miller (with a cameo appearance by Mary Kate Olsen, for all you fangirls out there).

All items available at stylehaus- call 323-655-5900 to order!