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Fall 2014 Trend Guide

It seems like this season, we are celebrating and at this party, the hors d’oeuvres include color, comfort and music.

Fall 2014 Trend Guide

1. Get Cozy in Color

Fur, baby, fur! In a world where leather isn’t so frowned upon, we need to move on past the whole fur is mean thing. As Karl Lagerfeld says, “stressing over fur as a topic of issue is just childish.” I almost think fur is a requirement for fall, I think the leaves change colors when they sense the cozy plush being pulled from winter closets (or in Carrie Bradshaw’s case- the oven) everywhere. Fur doesn’t have to be so classic- it could be modern and fun and colorful.



m-041414_Fall_2014_Trend_Report_shearling_slide_05Alexander Wang



2. Vibrating Edges

Two colors “vibrate” because they are opposite hues on the color wheel.  Both colors are equal in value, equal in intensity, but opposite in hue. This combination will result in this badass, ironically edgy. 



barbara casasolaBarbara Casasola

3. Let’s Knit Together

Knit took over everything this season. Fall 2014 will forever be known as the season of knit. I mean, why not? There’s a certain sense of beauty and seemingly unattainable elegance when knit is styled perfectly. Whether it’s a daringly form-fitting dress from Lanvin to an androgynous head to toe knit ensemble from Haider Ackerman or something simple but pristine like a nice, whimsical sweater from Nina Ricci.



haider ackerman Haider Ackerman

nina ricciNina Ricci


4. Let our Ensemble Dance

Fashion takes over Electronic Dance Music. Or is it that EDM takes over fashion? Fashion and music have always been BFF’s. I mean have you heard of Lady Gaga and Kanye? But this season, it doesn’t seem like music is wearing fashion, it is that fashion is wearing music.

dries van notenDries Van Noten

Acne StudiosAcne



Fashion is a celebration, so celebrate. 

Joan Rivers Forever: Our 10 Favorite Quotes From A Fashion Legend

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 11.23.35 AM 

Joan Rivers has been a part of our lives in many ways. For some, she was simply a crude comedian. For others, like me, Joan Rivers was a fiercely outspoken and often outstandingly accurate fashion guru.

We recently had the opportunity to meet Joan Rivers and were honored to pay tribute to the woman, legend, and pioneer.

Here are 10 of my favorite quotes from the legend herself. 

1.  Joan Rivers On STDs & Stylej5

2. Joan Rivers On Cleaning


3.  Joan Rivers On Advice


4. Joan Rivers On The Seriousness Of Fashion


5. Joan Rivers On Forever


6. Joan Rivers On The Joke Of The Century


7. Joan Rivers On Saying What You Think


8. Joan Rivers On Memories


9. Joan Rivers On Calming Down


10. Joan Rivers On Getting Better


She will be greatly missed.

Little Fashion: Style Comes in All Sizes

As we obsessed over photos of little fashionistas, we came across the Instagram account Fashion Kids. From there it was a black hole of mini gladiator sandals, beanies, sneakers and sunnies. To think fashion inspiration is coming from a well dressed three or five-year old is unbelievable but you know what….believe it! We think it’s safe to say that Suri Cruz started this whole kids of fashion trend and we fully support it. They may not be celebrity children, but they deserve the spotlight. Moms, you have done well and we salute you with this “mini” fashion tribute.



Genesis and her little California style is keeping us on our A-game with beanie after beanie. If you’re not familiar, us Cali girls tend to rock this trend year round and this peanut sized hipster knows what style is all about.



It’s obvious that four-year old Gavin has some mini swagger with his denim on denim look but we are obsessing over the hair. Need we say more? Not really. He speaks for himself on YouTube.



Three years old never looked so adorable, especially when it’s menswear inspired. Side zip skinny khakis and Converse inspired kicks caught our eye on this fashion trend of girls rocking it just like the boys. Three year old Michelle shows us grown ladies how it’s done.



Mario and his suspenders. Ugh…you are a site to see little man. Is it us or does he have a David Beckham/European style going on? Three years old has treated you well. We can’t wait to see year four. Check him out on Twitter @YanisMario.



Ev knows street style and there is no question about it. An oversized camo vest shows off a little bit of rocker and we are completely convinced. Little lady, you wear it well.



A five-year old who loves beau hudson? Umm yes please. Little Liam is a boy with style and we are feelin’ the “Bruno Mars if he wore aviators” vibe he has going on.



Haileigh is taking over the world at four years old and with this look and a killer top knot, we can see how she’s doing just that. This little fashionista knows when to keep it sleek and when to let her hair down.

A New Hue: The Colors You’re Dyeing to Wear

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 11.59.06 AMvia @nicolerichie

We’ve seen the many colors of the rainbow on celebrities like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, but more and more hues of Crayola are hitting the streets and runway. A-listers and fashion bloggers a like, fashion has opened up to a world full of color that literally goes from head to toe. Purple, green, pink, blue, silver, yellow…you get the idea. There is no limit with this hair trend that has instantly blown up and we are feelin’ it.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 12.05.30 PMvia @feralcreature

For the dark-haired ladies, the process is a little more involved. Maybe some bleach then color but for the blondies you have it easy. If permanent color is more your style we suggest going to the salon. Although some of us have the DIY down to a T, bleach is no joke for the hair. If you’re in the LA area, stop by Carlton Hair to see James, the stylist behind the ever-so-brave Eugénie Grey of Feral Creature. Instagram has served as an impressive portfolio for this guy and his ways with color.

@lateafternoonvia @lateafternoon

Like any other kind of hair coloring, damages are done and we put a beating on our locks. Thanks to all the healthy conscious folks, there are options to give our hair a break but make the changes we want so badly. Manic Panic gives you “guilt free glamour” and we are so all about that. LA girl Liz Cherkasova, from Late Afternoon, knows all about this vegan product and shows what it has to offer. Looking for a one-night look? Try soaking your hair in beet juice for a cool pink tone or using hair chalk. For some great tips and tricks on hair chalking, read this amazing tutorial from the beauty department.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 12.00.57 PMvia @ddlovato

When it comes to dyed hair, pastel or not, aftercare is the most important step. Keeping your strands happy creates an environment for color to last and shine. Follow these simple steps to lock in your color.

1. Wash your hair with cold water as much as possible. This may sound uncomfortable and a little awkward but trust us on this one. Cold water closes your hair cuticles, holding in the color. Don’t be alarmed, your first few washes will rinse out some color but not enough to notice. Your royal blue will still be royal.

2. Don’t wash your hair as often. Not only are your natural oils great for your hair, but the less product you use, the better your color has a chance of lasting. Shampoos can strip away color which of course means a touch-up sooner than you expected.

3. Dry shampoo between washes is the best way to keep your hair looking fresh. No sense in spending a ton of money when Dove has one of the best dry shampoos. For around $5, this little gem will keep your colored do looking new.

4. If your hair doesn’t need it, don’t brush it. Use the “finger combing” technique or go for a bed head look as often as you can. Running a brush through your hair not only damages it, but irritates the hair and can dull your color quicker.

5. Between washes use a leave-in conditioner and an oil, like Moroccanoil, giving your hair much-needed protein for strength. Coloring your hair weakens the strands and we already know we don’t want to constantly wash it. These products are great for after washes as well.

With so many photos flooding our laptops with inspiration, we created a Pinterest board full of every color you can possible think of…just for you!

Sweatshirts: An On and Off Duty Trend

The sweatshirt…an all American staple that has become a worldwide fashion statement in the most comfortable way possible. With a collared button down, under a leather jacket, or strictly on its own, we can all agree that a crew neck sweatshirt is a piece we all need in our wardrobe for those days of not knowing what to wear. The look says “I want to be comfortable yet put together and fashion forward”.


From Balenciaga and Givenchy to Alexander Wang and 3.1 Phillip Lim, the runway was swarming with sweatshirts that everyone had to have. The Givenchy Bambi sweatshirt is a celebrity fashion yes and it’s versatility has been endless, paired with a long sheer dress on the red carpet even. If Bambi can do it, then so can this Clover Canyon “Smokin’ Granny” sweatshirt-like sweater.


With the in-between weather of spring, mixing winter and summer pieces creates new looks like this Avelon Hatchet Mesh Tank under the “Smokin’ Granny”. This outfit is great for running errands and lunch with friends but switches to night by removing the sweater and adding heels. Having a few go-to sweatshirts makes layering easy and effortlessly chic.


Liking what you see? Of course you do. Get both of these tops at stylehaüs as well as other great sweatshirts and sweaters here!

Throwback Thursday: Weekend One of Coachella

If you’re like any other Instagrammer, you’ve seen every Vanessa Hudgens and Alessandra Ambrosio photo possible from last weekend’s Coachella festivities. The fashion and music and, well fashion, had some shocking moments like Vanessa’s new long blonde locks and Kendall Jenner’s giant nose ring. For us, the bull-like jewelry was a little too much but the ladies of Coachella rocked our socks off.

Coachella_Sunset_2010_by_cuzinmank-1via capturexp

Of course it wasn’t always like this and at the very beginning, Coachella 1999 was only a two-day event. Skipping 2000, the festival started back up in 2001 with just one day. The festival quickly grew and in 2002, the festival went back to a two-day format. Soon it would become a three-day event in 2007 and most recently, a second weekend was added in 2012.

coachella-18x24-1999-768x1024via how 2 COACHELLA

Woodstock ’99 riots caused a no on-site camping rule for Coachella till 2002. This, of course, did not stop the festival goers from enjoying the sounds of big artists like Beck, Moby, Tool and more. Thanks to Pearl Jams’ boycott against Ticketmaster in 1993 and 25,000 fans, their performance at Indio’s Empire Polo Club shined some much-needed light on the desert location and soon became Coachella’s birth place.

elle-00-street-style-coachella-opener-hvia ELLE

With no real understanding of how Coachella fashion became Coachella fashion, we all can agree that it’s made a giant statement with its Woodstock inspired vibe and free spirit. If you walk down the Venice boardwalk, you’ll get a pretty good idea of just what to expect this upcoming weekend.

If you haven’t already, get 15 last minute tips and tricks for Coachella here.

Black & White: The Trend That Never Dies

It’s no secret that black & white will always be a forever trend. Neutrals are easy go-to colors that keep us on our toes when last-minute changes are necessary. Whether your style is runway chic, hipster, preppy or grunge, we all have a B&W look that we love and can count on. Two colors, such as these, not only look great when colorblocked but have the ability to create an unlimited amount of opportunity when it comes to mixing prints.

Style Sinners Balenciaga & Ralph Laurenvia Style Sinners

Spring 2014 was made for these gorgeous hues with looks from Balenciaga and Ralph Lauren.

Jasmologyvia Jasmology

A classic B&W menswear look never takes a back seat, even to the bold and over-the-top colorful style of Anna Dello Russo.

POPSUGAR 2014 Golden Globesvia POPSUGAR

Of course the Golden Globes knocks it out and gives us a preview of the glamorous side.

Street Style - Day 2 - New York Fashion Week Spring 2014via The Zoe Report

We can always count on fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni, from The Blonde Salad, to bring a trend to street style life.


At stylehaus, we are no stranger to this color combo. Looking to add new pieces to your closet to complete the look? Check out these pieces and more at here.

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Throwback Thursday: The Days of Woodstock

couple_woodstock_69(photo by Shelly Rusten)

Woodstock was not just a Music & Art Fair, it was a way of being in the world. The 1969 lineup kicked off the three day festival with a bang, including artists such as Blood, Sweat & Tears, Sha Na Na, and Jimi Hendrix. Much like Coachella, Woodstock was an escape into a land full of mingling, dreams, and endless opportunities. After approximately 80 lawsuits and thousands of dollars in debt, we’re sure it didn’t feel that way for the four men who started it all.


With many issues popping up like a last minute location change and demanding refunds, Woodstock would see many issues before finally calling it a free concert. We all know free attracts many and for this first time around, an estimated 500,000 people attended.



When comparing Coachella to Woodstock, we can definitely agree that the similarities are endless from an array of music and food to major fashion statements that are happening. The hippie fashion moment has never died and the California desert has allowed it to live on with too many crop tops, short shorts, and fringed crossbodies to count.


Our Bec & Bridge Celestial knit tank is a perfect addition to a Coachella or Woodstock inspired look. Baring midriff is the festival way to go, so make sure to get yours here at stylehaus.com. Added bonus? It’s on sale!


For more Coachella looks, tips and advice on how to survive the madness, get some good reads in here and here, just in time for the festival weekend.

Trend Report: Psychedelic Spring

In one of my favorite scenes of The Devil Wear Prada, Miranda aka Meryl shreds tired suggestions for the spring issue in one deliciously scathing swoop:


As usual, Miranda’s insightful cruelty is on point. Flowers for spring time have been done up and down every which way since the beginning of fashion time. Yet, it’s undeniable that after months of deep winter hues, we’re ready to break out of the black cocoon and pop some brights in our look. So what’s a cool girl in the spring of 2014 to do? My solution: beachy psychedelics, chrome glow, and nouveau tribals to bring the bright without losing your edge.

Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection includes sophisticated psychedelic prints in shades of burgundy and sumatra that will blend flawlessly with your dark winter leathers for an immaculate transition from winter to spring.




LazyOaf, an irreverent UK-based label popular amongst the hipster hordes, combined psychedelic prints with Shinjuku mania for their Spring 2014 Lookbook. You don’t have to be a 90’s kid to flip over the collection’s eye-catching patterns and crafted construction.




UNIF’s Spring Collection blurs dreamy psychedelic, candy coated color, and DGAF attitude for an assortment that is just so, so good. So. damn. good. Let’s break my 3 favorite LSD trip looks piece by piece. Tie dye is far from my cup of tea, but the flattering yet outré dress design is perfect for walking along a Malibu beach, wind whipping in my hair, jasmine incense wafting through the sea breeze… Hey, it could happen! Look #2 is simple psychedelic with that chrome finish that’s all the rage amongst cool girls from Silverlake to Bed-Stuy. Finally, UNIF’s fringed kimono references Liza Minnelli and Lisa Frank for a new apex of loungewear ideal for informal outdoor brunches or glamorous lazy days.



Mara Hoffman’s Spring 2014 is like a sprinkle of peyote to the eyeball. Her psychedelic patterns manage to be both crisp and complex, with heavily saturated colors accenting geometric patterns and lean, languid swirls. It’s a fashion world cliché to refer to clothes as art, but Mara Hoffman’s impeccably cut pieces are pops of post modern mecca to swath over our mere human form.