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Throwback Thursday: Weekend One of Coachella

If you’re like any other Instagrammer, you’ve seen every Vanessa Hudgens and Alessandra Ambrosio photo possible from last weekend’s Coachella festivities. The fashion and music and, well fashion, had some shocking moments like Vanessa’s new long blonde locks and Kendall Jenner’s giant nose ring. For us, the bull-like jewelry was a little too much but the ladies of Coachella rocked our socks off.

Coachella_Sunset_2010_by_cuzinmank-1via capturexp

Of course it wasn’t always like this and at the very beginning, Coachella 1999 was only a two-day event. Skipping 2000, the festival started back up in 2001 with just one day. The festival quickly grew and in 2002, the festival went back to a two-day format. Soon it would become a three-day event in 2007 and most recently, a second weekend was added in 2012.

coachella-18x24-1999-768x1024via how 2 COACHELLA

Woodstock ’99 riots caused a no on-site camping rule for Coachella till 2002. This, of course, did not stop the festival goers from enjoying the sounds of big artists like Beck, Moby, Tool and more. Thanks to Pearl Jams’ boycott against Ticketmaster in 1993 and 25,000 fans, their performance at Indio’s Empire Polo Club shined some much-needed light on the desert location and soon became Coachella’s birth place.

elle-00-street-style-coachella-opener-hvia ELLE

With no real understanding of how Coachella fashion became Coachella fashion, we all can agree that it’s made a giant statement with its Woodstock inspired vibe and free spirit. If you walk down the Venice boardwalk, you’ll get a pretty good idea of just what to expect this upcoming weekend.

If you haven’t already, get 15 last minute tips and tricks for Coachella here.



There is literally nothing more classic than a white blouse.  A crisp white button down, a drape-y white silk top, a plain white tee- they go with anything and everything, and look great on anyone of any age.  No one has pushed the power of the white blouse more than ‘70s supermodel Lauren Hutton.








Known for her All-American charm and classic, preppy style, Lauren Hutton made a name for herself in the 70s and hasn’t stopped making headlines since.  She’s one of the world’s most revered style icons, and could give us all a lesson in “less is more.”  Her outfits typically included a white blouse, typically worn in a super-simple way: with a denim skirt, a blazer, or blue jeans.  Classic & chic!



Available at stylehaus!

Our newest white blouse reminds us of Lauren Hutton SO much!  The draped, v-neck fit is all Lauren, giving off a sexy-but-secretarial vibe.  The ¾ length sleeves, perfectly cuffed, absolutely make the shirt.  We’d wear this with everything:  a leather skirt, printed pants, cutoffs, you name it.

If you can’t get over the Lauren Hutton look, either, you can grab this blouse for $174 at stylehaus- just call 323-655-5900 to order!



Did you know that stylehaus is home to quite a few vintage pieces?  In addition to our extensive archives of designer goodies- discontinued pieces from Balenciaga, Etro, Dolce and Gabanna, and more- we stock some expertly curated vintage pieces dating back to the 1960s.  Our favorite vintage items, though, are from the 80s and 90s.  Luckily, both these decades are back style this season!



This Escada tee shirt is classic 80s.  The oversized fit, the outfit on the screened model- everything about it reeks of the decade.   To make it more modern, pair it with skinny jeans like Bethany does! $199 at stylehaus.




Of course, if you want to go all-out 80s, then add a little more flair.  This beaded jacket ($109) that Bethany is wearing is such a versatile piece: when wore over this tee, it dresses up a casual look; but it’d be equally at home over a classic black dress for a cocktail event.




More of a 90s girl?  Don’t worry about- stylehaus has the BEST 90s piece you’ve ever seen.  This floral number ($80) looks like a minidress- but it’s actually long shorts.  So cool, right??  Wear this classic 90s piece with little black boots for a full-on throwback look.

If you’re not into the 80s or 90s, you can still enjoy our vintage collection.  We have little mod 60s swing dresses, printed tops from the 70s, and some early aughties archive pieces that you can sift through.  Call 323-655-5900 to set up an appointment!




Is there any fashionista more iconic than Audrey Hepburn?  We think not.  High-fashion ladies love her for her elegance and simplicity, and those who aren’t fashion-minded are Audrey fans for the same reason!  Her “little black dress” style is universal;  we’re constantly inspired by her.




In one of our favorite Audrey movies, How To Steal A Million, she plays the daughter of a renowned art collector who’s been forging famous art works and selling them off as originals.  After discovering her father’s criminal activity, Audrey’s character Nicole becomes part of an elaborate scheme to protect her father’s name, and falls in love along the way.  Her best look is undoubtedly her fancy LBD- a lacy number paired with lace tights and a lace mask.  So gorge!



After watching How To Steal A Million for the millionth time, stylist Jessica discovered how similar our lace tiered dress is to Audrey’s!  The long sleeves and poufy skirt are spot-on, although the lace pattern on stylehaus’ version is a bit more modern.




If you want to get in on Audrey’s iconic style, this dress is perfect piece!  Not only is it gorgeous, it’s also half-off.  Originally $1300, this baby has been discounted to $650!  We’re considering it for Valentine’s Day…what about you?  E-mail Jessica@stylehaus.com for purchasing details!


Throwback Thursday: Bruce Springsteen


Best album cover ever


Bruce and Jimmy in Bruce’s classic 70s style

Bruce Springsteen’s recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon (watch it here) got us thinking about his classic style.  He was featured singing a parody of “Born To Run,” released in 1975, and got dressed up in his old-school duds for the occasion (as did Jimmy Fallon):  denim vest to show off his ridiculously toned arms, tight jeans, red bandana, aviators.



The Boss’ best style moments

While we can’t endorse that full mix for 2014, there are so many elements of The Boss’ style that are still inspiring us!  He wore denim like no other, cuffed the sleeves of his button-downs like a pro, and loved a good leather jacket.  He favored simple mixes with a fun twist, like a plain tee with jeans and a bandana or wide-leg pants with a screened tee and a beanie.  All of these outfit ideas feel right at home in 2014.





Even almost 40 years after “Born To Run” came out (wow), Bruce’s style is super relevant.  Jeans and tee never gets old!  To get his look at stylehaus we mixed vintage Levi’s cutoffs with a studded Prada belt ($588) and added a classic white tank ($64).   Stylist Jessica’s American Flag jeans are a nod to the “Born in the USA” singer; adding a blue leather jacket was a no-brainer Bruce move.  The quickest way to get the Springsteen style is to grab your tightest jeans, tuck in a crisp white button down, and roll the sleeves just so.

Once you’re dressed a la Bruce, watch this live version of “Born To Run” and try not to fall in love.


So cool

Throwback Thursday: Edie Sedgwick


Edie Sedgwick…the It Girl of the 60s, Andy Warhol’s muse, the reason girls think it’s OK to wear leggings as pants.  Unfortunately, Edie Sedgwick was only person in the world who could pull that look off and look stylish- though that hasn’t stopped us from trying to emulate her!


Pre-Pixie cut Edie

Pre-Pixie cut Edie

She came from the ultimate American family: her great-great-great grandfather signed the Declaration of Independence, but her American roots reach all the way back to 1635, when her seventh-great grandfather was the 1st Major General of one of the first settled colonies.  Edie got sick of being seeped in all that tradition though, and set out to make a totally unique name for herself in the early 60s.


Her signature makeup & mole; hanging with Andy Warhol

Her signature makeup & mole; hanging with Andy Warhol

In 1965 Edie met Andy Warhol and became his muse- she was an actress in many of his avant-garde films.  She was rumored to be dating Bob Dylan, and is widely thought to be the inspiration behind his hit song “Just Like A Woman”.  She quickly became one of the most famous socialites of the decade, although that took its toll: Edie was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and managed to spend her entire inheritance in just 6 months.  Her wardrobe during this time was positively inspirational, though!

A shot of Edie from Vogue

A shot of Edie from Vogue

Her famous fashion looks- no pants!

Her famous fashion looks- no pants!

Edie’s  short bottle-blond haircut, mod eye-makeup, and thick eyebrows have become iconic.  She was even known to draw on a mole a la Marilyn Monroe everyday!  Edie wasn’t fond of pants, and dared to wear black opaque tights or black hotpants in lieu of proper bottoms.  Graphic stripes, giant chandelier earrings, and big fur or feathered coats were staples in Sedwick’s wardrobe, and to this day these items scream “Edie!”






Since the Swingin’ 60s are back in full swing for Spring 2014, the signature Edie look is easy to recreate.  Our disco-ball statement earrings are 100% Sedgwick, and we know Edie would die over our perfect black leggings.  Paired with a striped top and black and white blazer, they’re right on trend.  Edie loved chunky sweaters, too- our neon knit mixes modern-day trendiness with 60s flair!

If you want to get Sedgwick’s style, minus the no-pants thing, try our green shift dress!  The cut is all 60s, but it offers a little more modestly that Edie’s traditional fare.  Want more Edie inspiration?  Check out the movie Factory Girl, starring Sienna Miller (with a cameo appearance by Mary Kate Olsen, for all you fangirls out there).

All items available at stylehaus- call 323-655-5900 to order!


Throwback Thursday: Joan Jett


Today we’re throwing it back to Joan Jett, rock and roll goddess from the late 70s/early 80s.  Joan rose to fame with her band The Runaways (you might remember them from their bio-pic The Runways, featuring Kristen Stewart as JJ), but soon broke off and launched her solo career in the 80s.


Joan wearing her own concert tee.  Love.

Joan wearing her own concert tee. Love.

With hard-rocking songs like “I Love Rock & Roll” and “Bad Reputation”, Joan made a name for herself as the female of rock.  Something of a feminist, Joan was passionate about securing her place in the music industry and refused to be told she couldn’t do anything just because she was a woman.  There are all sorts of quirky quotes from Ms. Jett about women in rock:  “Girls have got balls.  They’re just a little higher up, that’s all.” is a favorite.



In addition to a killer sound and a powerful place in the music industry, Joan Jett had style.  Jeans, leather, and rock tees were staples in her wardrobe, but she wasn’t afraid to be more adventurous.  She popularized the multiple-belt look, layering her most badass studded belts on top of one another on multiple occasions; and she was known to rock a lot of sequins.  Some of our favorite Joan Jett looks involve the singer and guitarist covered in pink- we love that she embraced the traditionally-girly hue!

Lucky for us, the Joan Jett look is totally on trend right now and getting it is relatively easy.  Pair your favorite jeans with black boots or Chuck Taylors, and throw a band tee and a leather jacket on top.  Dare to wear two belts at once- our studded and grommetted version at stylehaus are right up Joan’s alley!  Or, go for her pink look and pair leather pants with our baby-pink blazer.  Pretty and punky!

Throwback Thursday at stylehaüs



Throwback Thursday is one of our favorite days of the week as we get to dive into the vintage vaults and explore beautiful creations from different eras. As trends evoke the slogan “what’s old is new again”, we can be reminded that new styles are often interpretations of old styles with a modern-day twist, and fashion is constantly evolving and recreating itself. As the 1960s and ‘70s have been major inspirations on the present day runways for many of our favorite stylists, we decided to play with vintage items from stylehaüs and create must-have retro looks of our own!

We are obsessed with these two different takes on vintage looks from the ‘60s and ‘70s: a retro-glam dress and a retro-chic rocker style, both of which are still very relevant by today’s fashion. This green vintage Miss Melinda dress screams retro-glam, and reminds us of something that would have been worn for a cocktail event out in Hollywood circa 1966. With psychedelic flowers, a green neck bow, and silver stitching, this shift dress would have been the ultimate in hippie-chic paired with go-go boots or silver heels. We kept the theme with these vintage floral clip-on earrings and chunky gold and blue bracelet, and paired with simple gold sandals. We envision this mod dress to be worn for a night out to a restaurant such as Geisha House or Cleo, and it would surely be a show-stopper for a cocktail party as well.

For a more edgy, rocker look we paired this vintage Harley Davidson t-shirt with these blue skinny jeans (new to stylehaüs) and leather studded flats. This ensemble gives off an edgy, rocker vibe, and we love it paired with this vintage leather Chanel cuff and diamond snake studs. Perfect for a concert, day of shopping, or casual-yet-trendy dinner out, this look is a perfect way to add some vintage edge into to your look! Whether you would have been into more folk/psychedelic or progressive rock, both of these outfits would have been perfectly on trend, and we love that they still are today.

For outfit inquiries, contact info@stylehaus.com or come visit our store located at The Grove and check out the rest of our vintage merchandise!