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Top 10 Vivienne Westwood Quotes


Vivienne Westwood is the Grand Dame of punk, Duchess of ginger, Countess of rebel chic, and Empress of edge. Widely recognized as the fashion force who single handedly brought modern punk new wave into the fashion industry, Westwood has evolved into a passionate advocate and outspoken activist determined to keep wit and social awareness in the increasingly white washed industry. Her street cred is impeccable. Westwood got her start in fashion in the 1970s, when she made clothes for Malcolm McLaren of the Sex Pistols at his infamous King’s Road SEX Boutique. Inspired by the political, musical, and aesthetic innovation of London’s new Punk scene, Westwood struck out on her own, opening one popular punk fashion shop after another. Eventually Westwood went global and became the one name Designer legend we know and revere today.

Even Carrie Bradshaw, SATC’s ultimate fashion icon, made a point of selecting Westwood when marrying Mr. Big in the SATC movie. When Westwood goes avant garde bridal, all other designers must bow down.

Over the years, Westwood has taken an increasingly active role in political activism, bridging the gap between fashion and policy with a varied collection of gorgeous pieces for the woman who has no fear.  The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, climate change and the civil rights group Liberty have all benefited from her tireless toil and innovative collaborations.

But don’t deify Vivienne Westwood yet; she’s still very much around and kicking. Here’s 10 of my favorite Vivienne Westwood quotes to inspire you to go bold or go home.

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