what we offer

Style Appointment & Pull

As a member of stylehaüs, each customer calls ahead and reserves a half-hour window for a style appointment. Members arrive to be greeted by their personal stylist and fashion expert who has a style identity dossier on every aspect of their person and purchase history. The stylist has already pre-pulled an entire selection of clothes catered to the customer’s fit and style preference. After the appointment, the customer is free to shop the store with any of the stylehaüs style team, while enjoying a refreshing beverage from the fully stocked bar. In addition, any member may call the stylehaüs membership line at anytime and request a custom clothing pull. A stylehaüs stylist will assemble a selection of clothes and accessories based on the member’s dossier and ship them to the member’s home, or any location where they are currently vacationing, shooting or otherwise, and they will have 48 hours to review the pull, keep what they want, ship the rest back to the store, and we will charge the selections to the member’s account.

Hand Picked Merchandise Selection

The proprietors of stylehaüs have special relationships with some of the most important stylists, designers and emerging brands in the business. Each piece of stylehaüs’s exclusive merchandise mix is pre-selected to have the best fit, quality and style characteristics. From one-of-a-kind runway pieces to vintage, accessories, and everyday must have wardrobe staples, the stylehaüs selection comes from all over the world and is guaranteed to accommodate every type of fashion fetish.

At Home Closet Consultation

Each member is provided two at-home closet consultations per year. A member of the stylehaüs team will come to your home or apartment and:

– Help you mix and match outfits from your current wardrobe
– Determine which pieces are outdated or unflattering for your body type
– Teach you how to incorporate pieces into your wardrobe and pair looks
– Determine which pieces you have too many of and which staple items you need to make your looks come together
– Suggest alterations or approaches to existing pieces that have been overlooked to make them wearable and fashion friendly

The Red Carpet Collection

This special collection is exclusive to stylehaüs and intended for our roster of celebrity clientele and available to our most discerning of members. We work in conjunction with the hottest brands to acquire custom styles and designs, in order to ensure that the buyer can claim they are the “first and only”.

Buying What’s Next + “Look Ahead” Newsletter

One of the biggest problems with retail today is that shopping only deals with what is now, not what is next. The most important person a fashion-conscious shopper should be greeted with in the store is the buyer, but buyers are usually tucked away in offsite corporate offices, leaving clients to deal with sales people tasked with hitting their numbers at any costs. The stylehaüs buyers office is onsite, and as part of your style team, offer you insight into the lines and looks they are buying for next season. Members will be given the chance to pre-order a season ahead and interact at a personal level with those most knowledgeable of the style-scape. In addition, each member will receive the “Look Ahead” newsletter. Written by the buyers and with the members in mind, “Look Ahead” will keep the stylehaüs clientele in-the-know of all the latest happenings worldwide on the fashion front, and up-to-speed on all upcoming collections and products for stylehaüs’s next season.

Celebrity Stylists and á la Cart Services

Celebrity stylists make up a significant part of stylehaüs’s membership base. These stylists’ only job is to make sure Hollywood’s biggest celebrities are setting trends and looking their best. stylehaüs has intimate relationships with these stylists and secured them as a resource for an additional menu of services above those stylehaüs offers with membership.

Exclusive Member Events and Services

Members will enjoy numerous exclusive benefits including:

– Designer Trunk Shows: Members will be the first to see and purchase pieces from designers’ new collections.
– Sample Sales: Members will be invited to shop at private members only events held at our flagship location at The Grove.
– Perks w/ stylehaüs Partners: Members will receive discounts from top salons, hotels, eateries and spas.

Fashion First Customer Service

stylehaüs has one mission: Ensure our members are always fashionable and feeling good about themselves. The membership only structure of stylehaüs creates an environment of “fashion first” versus solely pushing our own product to meet sales goals. stylehaüs has relationships with stores and boutiques across the city and are well versed on inventories and styles carried at all levels of retail. During a style appointment, should a stylehaüs stylist feel pieces could be better paired with others from another store, we will arrange to have the items brought in or held at the location.